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Rock your life to wake up with 12 Step Spirituality and Rev. Jane Galloway

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Rev. Dr. Jane Galloway, author of The Gateways: The Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality to share how to wake up to the great moments in life. Hitting bottom is not an end no matter what your current issue may seem to be and you can rise to enjoy life by releasing that no longer works for you. If it is addictions, past history, or chaos that seemed to rule your life, you can transform yourself with one step at a time. Dr. Jane share a beautiful book that takes you through the...


Doug Carnine writes letters to those in jail creating personal transcendence

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Doug Carnine to share his griping book Saint Badass: Personal Transcendence in Tucker Max Hell that shares stories through letters from men in jail and facing life altering questions to explore how to change their life. What is the mask you wear and how heavy is your bag of secrets? Are you ready to break the chain and stop secrets in their tracks to change the world around you? Is it time to be responsible for life instead of being the victim of it? Did life hand you a...


Melissa Pierce shares her experience as being a Widow and the loss she felt

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Melissa Pierce, author of Filled with Gold: A Widow's Story in which she shares how the abrupt loss of her husband shook her to her core in living a life she always wanted and it stopped in a moment. She had a great life in which she overcame other obstacles and when things just seemed to be working beautifully with love and ease, her husband died. Melissa coaches others who have also had the experience of loss and how to walk through the grief rather than being stuck...


Robb Hill shares his experience with drugs and alcohol and climbing out

Dr. Jeanette is a co host of Highway to Recovery on Pyramid One Network with Bob Opperman. This show is a replay aired this month which deals with addiction, changing lives one ripple at a time, and trauma based childhoods that destroy lives. Today, Robb Hill joins the discussion of how to change the story of your life no matter what challenge you are having today. Robb is a former alcoholic and drug addict and shares his story with us on how he got out of the story that he created. Are the...


Dr. Mary Friedman Ryan on Mental Health and Tibetan Medicine

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Mary Friedman Ryan, author of Healing Anxiety: A Tibetan Medicine Guide to Healing Anxiety, Stress and PTSD, to share her experience with healing mental health. Tibetan Medicine has a completely different way to look at these conditions by evaluating the life force, the environment we live in and the way we take care of our body, mind and spirit to achieve a healthy balance no matter what seems to challenge you each day. Are you suffering with an illness or an...


Amy Charity on pushing the limits of being comfortable to soar to your dreams

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Amy Charity, author of The Wrong Side of Comfortable: Chase Your Dream. Discover Your Potential. Transform Your Life. will be sharing how she pushed her limits to find a life that she could only dream about. Amy went outside her comfort zone and became an award winning cyclist by pushing barriers that she could never dream about. Her life was very successful but it just was not the story she wished to write. By listening to the heart, the journey can take you to a place...


Lynn Reilly on Living a Serendipitous Life, is it possible?

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Lynn Reilly to talk about the little moments of life and how to notice them as guideposts along the highway of living a serendipitous life. Her book is 30 Days to Me: A Work-ing Book to Living a Serendipitous Life. Lynn shares how to walk through fear with grace, to learn what joy and gratitude may mean for you and how to find hope in a busy world. Her book guides you along the path to taking a daily challenge to walk through our beliefs and habits, and to evaluate if...


How to walk through Cancer or other life altering health experience with support

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dara Kurtz to speak about the human condition in the experience of cancer and life altering health conditions. Dara had breast cancer and shares her experience today. From how we look at our health experience to how we wish others could help us are up for discussion with frank responses that many wish they could hear. She is the author of Crush Cancer. If you are challenged by a diagnosis, need support but do not know how to ask for it or just feel like you are...


How can a medical intuitive find energy blocks that may show as illness and pain

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Jan Meryl, a medical intuitive, to share how energy blocks create health concerns in our body. She shares how our light body may inhibit the flow of the life force and it appears as pain or illness. By clearing this energy and supporting the body with healthy habits and environment, we can become well again. Jan is the author of Energy 101: The Key to Understanding Holistic Health which describes the process of how our body works in an energy field. She also has two...


Kendrick Mercer shares what the Whole Self and Consciousness is really all about

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Kendrick Mercer, a world class philosopher and author of Whole Self: A Concise History of the Birth and Evolution of Human Consciousness which is his new book released this year. Kendrick provides a historical explanation of the evolution of human consciousness and its impact on the modern human psyche. He writes of the power and potential of the natural self and its impact on the Earth. What is the whole self and consciousness? How is your world changing around you?...


John David Mann shares two novels that delve into the ingredients of life!

Dr. Jeanette welcomes John David Mann, New York Timesbestseller author to share his new books THE RECIPE: A Story of Loss, Love, and the Ingredients of Greatness and THE GO-GIVER. John David shares these two books that delve deeply into the experience of life and how we interact with those around us. If we have had loss, hardship or pain, it is all about support and how to begin a new life while releasing all the past. John wrote these books prior to the world events that seemed to take us...


Remembering our ancestors stories to learn how to create resilience in life.

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Marc Demetriou to share his new book LesssonsFrom My Grandfather which shows how you can achieve success and fullfillment in life with principles handed down by his grandfather. In a world where fathers are sometimes vacant from kids lives, the stories that our ancestors can share can help inspire kids to take the reigns and create a life that honors the man and the soul. Working hard and going uphill may be the path but generations have done it no matter what the...


Ancient Healing Technique called Gua Sha to release stuck energy on the body.

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Leta Herman, Chinese Medicine practitioner and author of The BIG "Little" Gua Sha Book: Learning and Loving the Ancient Healing Art of Gua Sha to talk about releasing blockages along the meridians. Leta has perfected the technique of opening up the skin by using Gua Sha to help with many common health complaints. While you do not need to know or practice any ancient medicine, you can still use this process to help you feel better on a daily basis. For more information...


Elders, seniors, or over the hill? No way! Power up and get back into life!

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Andrea Brandt, psychotherapist and author of Mindful Aging: Embracing Your Life After 50 to Find Fulfillment, Purpose, and Joy will be sharing how to keep up the power of life rather than declining because a rocker is easier. Dr. Brandt shares tips on how to reframe the 'old' words that we use in reference to aging and create a glorious life that evolves with opportunities that are presented to you as your dreams are in reach each day. Dr. Brandt reminds us to...


ZEGO superfood bar that is 'FREE' from food allergens and toxic compounds!

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Colleen Kavanagh, CEO of ZEGO organic snack bars that stand alone in the marketplace for 'FREE' from many food allergens and toxic components that show up in other foods. ZEGO is the top of the market in fruit and superfood bars that are; plant-based, vegan, paleo, allergy-friendly, gluten-free, grain-free, high fiber, GMO-free and organic. Just what is in your child's lunch box or in your work bag for a snack throughout the day? What are you giving other kids who you...


Do you have enough love to foster children at risk and give them a new life?

Dr. Jeanette and Bob Opperman co host a new show called Highway to Recovery which dives right into the hard topics; alcohol, drugs, heroin and addictions. Today's families and children are fighting to survive the effects of living in a world where anything goes and so have all the ways that life used to look like. We are being pushed to the edge of the cliff and many are choosing to exit via suicide and drugs. Families are crumbling and children are dying. Why? Today's guest is Dr. John...


What is Anti-Aging? How calories, stem cells and telomeres can change your life!

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Stephen Holt, MD is described as a visionary and pioneer of Integrative Medicine; and author of The Anti-Aging Triad: Calorie Restriction, Telomeres, and Stem Cells. Dr. Holt will be sharing his groundbreaking work on researching our DNA, our body function and limits and how we may have the key to improve our life span. What if you could improve your quality of life and increase the years you live on this earth, would you? What is the 'fountain of youth' and do...


Music for the Shakers and Peacemakers to bring forth the New World

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Bob Sima, inspirational and transformational musician who shares music from his heart and soul. Bog sings from his soul; he has his finger on the waves of change throughout the world these days and shares it deeply with his listeners. His music can be heard in concerts, music houses, coffee shops or almost anywhere, you just did not know this was his music. Today we are sharing his new CD The Movers The Shakers The Peacemakers album which is about completing the...


What to do when alcohol takes out a family member and how to survive.

Dr. Jeanette and Bob Opperman co host a new show called Highway to Recovery in which they dig up and ask the hard questions that so many run from for fear of having a discussion that would break their hearts. The show will bring forth experiences from the guests and both hosts as we all have been touched by addiction, alcohol, drugs and suicide these days. Jodee Prouse is today's guest and will share how she did absolutely everything she could for decades to try and save her brother but...


How much alcohol is just too much and what will it take to shake you up?

Dr. Jeanette and Bob Opperman co host a new show called Highway to Recovery which dives right into the hard topics; alcohol, drugs, heroin and addictions. Today's families and children are fighting to survive the effects of living in a world where anything goes and so have all the ways that life used to look like. We are being pushed to the edge of the cliff and many are choosing to exit via suicide and drugs. Families are crumbling and children are dying. Why? Today Scott Stevens is the...


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