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Christine Day and her path as a Pleiadian Ambassador

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Christine Day to share her work as a Pleiadian Ambassador. Christine is the author of The Pleiadian Promise: A guide to attaining groupmind, claiming your sacred heritage and activating your destiny. If you are new to the concepts of life evolving towards a higher dimension, expanding your consciousness and how the earth is truly changing; this is the show for you. We are not experts in the process of humanity and its evolution, but we are witnessing and supporting...

Duration: 00:49:22

Steve Simpson talking to Young Adults and Teens on Survival

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Steve Simpson to discuss the challenges of young adults and teens these days with violence, alcoholism, and how to just survive each day. Steve's book Who Am I? also The Teenage and Young Adult Handbook shares stories from a teen's viewpoint to open the discussion about what is really going on in their lives and how they are feeling about the life they are living. These books are very important for parents and grandparents as the sharing of generational stories may...

Duration: 00:57:55

Dr. Azmaira Maker discussing gun violence and how it affects the children

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Azmaira Maker, clinical psychologist, to discuss gun violence and how it affects kids in this society where guns are everywhere these days. Dr. Maker's book Where Did My Friend Go? Helping Children Cope With a Traumatic Death is designed to help young children after a death in the family, friends or close circle. Why are guns everywhere these days, schools, on the streets, in the homes, in a purse or passed around at the playground? Shootings are on social media...

Duration: 00:57:28

Bruce and Heather Wood Galpert on Where Does My Food Come From a child book

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Bruce and Heather Wood Galpert to talk about helping children ask questions about where their food comes from. The book today is My Pancakes Taste Different Today that is an adventure of discovery about food and what it really is. The discussion also takes the reader on the path from farm to table to the environment. A read circle of consumption that rarely is talked about as we roll so fast in this society. For more information visit: www.ThePancakesBook.com Sign up...

Duration: 00:28:50

Patti Wood discussing Helping your Child to Heal

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Patti Wood to discuss how to help your child heal. Patti's new book Helping To Heal empowers parents to become active partners in their child's healing process from avoiding toxic exposures and encouraging nutritious food. While parents may have grown up with practices that encouraged having a perfect home, grass and life, that may not be the case today as things like pesticides and processed food are now in less favor with parents. A discussion on topics that many...

Duration: 00:55:04

Joelle Casteix on Preventing and Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Joelle Casteix to discuss exposure and prevention of child sexual abuse. Joelle is the author of The Well-Armored Child: A Parent's Guide to Preventing Sexual Abuse which brings this difficult topic out in the open without shame or guilt to create change. We must have the hard discussion and hear what is occuring in our families. We must start to talk to our kids and not fear what they are saying as to deny it is occuring is a form of child abuse in its own right....

Duration: 01:00:00

Drs. Brian Johnson and Laurie Berdahl on Warning Signs to protect your kids

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Drs. Brian Johnson and Laurie Berdahl to discuss protecting children from the violence and perpetrators of this society. Their book Warning Signs: How to Protect Your Kids from Becoming Victims or Perpetrators of Violence and Aggression explores the behaviour of adults and children in uncovering the secrets we hold about how we respect and treat each other. Are you exposing your child to adult conversations and actions without a template and increasing violence and...

Duration: 01:03:07

Nicola Mar discusses bullying and suicide in children and adults

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Nicola Mar for a frank and raw discussion on bullying as adults and children. Nicola shares her book Santa which details the physical and emotional deterioration of a victim of severe bullying after she survives an attack by her classmates. Bullying is NOT acceptable as a child, teen, young adult or adult. Check your behaviour at the door and see how you may be participating in the process. Times have changed and the toughening up process of the past is no longer...

Duration: 00:52:31

Adele Paula Royce shares her Book of Suicide Notes

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Adele Paula Royce to shares thoughts on suicide and spirituality. Adele is the author of The Little Black Book of Suicide Notes which shares what is life's biggest questions and how to delve into getting a different perspective on challenges we are having each day no matter your age. The memoir shares on a much deeper insight on a topic most people struggle to talk about. The book is very raw and an adventure to the core of who we are and finding our path. For more...

Duration: 00:43:13

Vicki Marquez shares her children's book on superhero veggies

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Vicki Marquez to talk about a children's adventure with super hero veggie characters in her new book The Rootlets: Trouble at Plantsy Land. Vickie is a health coach and plant-based chef who brings wellness to all her recipes for adults and children. She shares her stories in schools and on television to reach kids about healthy eating with a light adventure through challenges they may also be experiencing. Children find the adventures bring up the connection between...

Duration: 00:34:21

Veronica Appleton shares children's book on facing fears

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Veronica Appleton to share her children's book on facing fears. Veronica is an educator and author of Journey to Appleville which helps children feel support as they face their fears. The book is for ages 3 to 6 and can help if the child is not ready to express how they feel or if they are not in touch with their feelings which may be new as they venture out to school or day care. A wonderful addition to story time after a new adventure with many confusing new ideas...

Duration: 00:28:04

Anne Deidre explores the Power of Your Intuition and how it guides you in life

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Anne Deidre to explore the concept of our intuition and how can we start to learn what our health and life are telling us; hearing the messages and making life choices to create a great life. Anne's new book Intuition: 7 Basic Instincts to Change Your Life which will softly ask questions to help you explore your inner thoughts and beliefs that control your life. Who is ruling your world, controlling your circumstances and commanding you file in line behind to be doing...

Duration: 00:42:19

Dr. Richard Barager shares a novel on transgender and challenging beliefs

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Richard Barager, M.D. to share his new novel The Atheist and the Parrotfish. Dr. Richard explores the crossroad challenges of religion, medicine and transgender in the world today. Can a transplant patient take on the energy of the person from which the organs may have come from? Is medicine just a cut and dry practice of moving body parts and making sure they work and then moving on to the next patient? What is the spirituality of a soul and how does it show up...

Duration: 00:57:44

Rex Conner explores why Common Sense needs to be Common Practice in Business

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Rex Conner to discuss how and why businesses fail or succeed with even the best people at the helm. What is subjectivity in the workplace and why are we having such great difficulty hearing and working with clear communication? What is the job that everyone is doing and can people be cross trained to help each other or rather to facilitate the smooth work environment with clear agendas for all the employees. Rex's new book is What if Common Sense Was Common Practice...

Duration: 00:52:12

Halley Bock explores the concept of 'Wholehearted Living' with awareness.

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Halley Bock to explore what wholehearted living might be as we incorporate mindfulness, awareness and compassion in all areas of our lives. Could we possibly do more in 24 hours? Does the candle really just have two ends? Grasping for all the fad words so you can appear to have it together as all your friends are seeming to be living the high life? Did you miss the boat? Halley's new book is Life Incorporated; A Practical Guide to Wholehearted Living. For more...

Duration: 00:52:11

Lisa Broesch-Weeks cracks the BLISS code; what is bliss anyway?

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Lisa Broesch-Weeks to discuss what happiness and bliss can really mean if we are overbooked and maxed out on our 'to do' list; just how can we possibly be blissful in such a state of chaos? What is chaos, happiness and a very meaningful life if we are running from one event to the next without knowing if we really are making a difference? Lisa shares how to reflect and maximize our time to include things that are imporant rather than just checking boxes off with time....

Duration: 00:53:40

Craig Caudill on surviving the outdoors from Extreme Wilderness to adventures

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Craig Caudill of The Nature Reliance School and author of Extreme Wilderness to discuss how we have become very reliant on our electronics and what happens when they do not work of 'save us'. Craig teaches us how to connect with the situation we are in and evaluate with a clear head, the options for survival before you. "Are you paying attention to the world around you" so you can take care of yourself and your family when a crisis may arise. Dr. Jeanette "You must...

Duration: 00:56:28

Aurora Juliana Ariel shares her Alchemical Keys with the Global Community

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD, to discuss the Art of Sacred Alchemy. Aurora will be sharing her new book The Sacred Alchemist; Alchemical Keys to the Ascension and her work that has given her a profound understanding of the psyche. She has tools to heal an ailing humanity and now is the time for all to start moving forward in our evolution. "Every issue can be resolved, every pattern healed. You can transform the challenging conditions in your life." Aurora Juliana Ariel...

Duration: 01:09:53

Leonard Perlmutter on the Heart and Science of Yoga and Meditation for Health

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Leonard Perlmutter to discuss the concepts of yoga, meditation and self care for a healthy life. Leonard Perlmutter is one of the Western world's leading pioneers in the introduction of meditation and yoga in his new book The Heart and Science of Yoga: The American Meditation Institute's Empowering Self-Care Program for a Happy, Healthy, and Joyful Life. As we talk today, we expand the concept of learning more about ourself and our place in this world by learning how to...

Duration: 00:59:34

Dr. Rawls on Lyme Disease and how to heal from a tick bite; strengthen your body

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Bill Rawls, MD to discuss Lyme Disease; taking care of your body after the bite and how to enforce your health to improve your vital defenses to resist disease issues. Dr. Rawls has two books; Suffered Long Enough and Unlocking Lyme which detail his journey from tick bite to severe debilitating health problems and back to health. It can be done but it is a journey that you need help and support along the way. Dr. Rawls has the path from diagnosis through to...

Duration: 00:56:18

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