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32: **BONUS** New Year’s in Japan!

Devin and Drew went to Japan! We took a 5 day trip to Tokyo to attend the Rizin World Grand Prix, a two day Martial Arts tournament held every New Year’s at the legendary Saitama Super Arena. It’s a long episode, so buy your plane ticket to Japan now and save this one for the flight!


31: Dragon Ball Z #30

Devin and Drew have returned at last after a brief hiatus, and the time off has seemingly gotten to them in this heavily off topic and all over the place episode! First things first, we apologize in advance to all of our Namekian listeners for any offensive things we may have said in this episode along with all future episodes. Goku decides to change up the battle location in an effort to keep his trash pile of dead homies intact so they can be wished back with the Dragon Balls. Back at...


29: Dragon Ball Z #28

Devin and Drew are gathering the Dragon Balls in anticipation of the events in next week’s episode. In the final moments before Piccolo’s death, he manages to surpass Kami and everyone else in total number of montages. Goku takes a moment of silence to honor his dead idiot friends, and then proceeds to waste his last Senzu Bean on his alive idiot friends. He subsequently threatens the Saiyans with “Kaio Ken Technique” which loosly translates to “Monkey Touch-butt”. We then discuss a ‘what...


28: Dragon Ball Z #27

Devin and Drew rent a street sweeper from Other World to clean up the trash pile on the battlefield, which continues to grow each episode. It looks like that movement coach may have paid off for Krillin, who uses his speed and agility to fluster Nappa, leaving Vegeta impressed by his performance. And Krillin is not the only one finding success as Piccolo lands a shot of his own, along with a sick burn! But just as Gohan starts to finally put together some offense, Nappa retaliates with a...


27: Dragon Ball Z #26

Devin and Drew are balls deep into the FighterZ beta, and so far we’ve made two trips across Snake Way while waiting to connect to a match! In today’s episode, we get a brief intermission as the Saiyans patiently wait for Goku’s arrival for the sole purpose of making him watch Vegeta kill everyone he loves whilst Nappa licks his lips and slowly severs off his ears. Back at Kame House we learn that Oolong is not only a shapeshifting serial child abductor, but also a compulsive panty-thief....


26: Dragon Ball Z #25

Devin and Drew are still in shock after watching Master Roshi get dragged off in handcuffs by the FBI for illegally streaming the Nappamania III Pay-Per-View. In this week’s episode we get another epic montage, so you know what that means… We are only a few short hours into the Saiyan arrival, and the Z fighters are already down two and a half men (if you count Yamcha). Gohan’s year-long training camp is proving to be time wasted as he continues to get the octagon-jitters at critical...


24: Dragon Ball Z #24

Devin and Drew are following the three demandments of Nappamania in an effort to improve the podcast: Crush your enemies, remove their arms, and eat your vitamins! We are faced with many tough choices in today’s episode as we analyze, debate, and determine which was better in multiple head-to-head situations. What’s more effective in combat, eye-lasers or mouth-lasers? Who’s dad-joke was funnier, Vegeta or Nappa? Who wore the explosive backpack better, Nappa or Yamcha? And speaking of...


23: Dragon Ball Z #23

Devin and Drew are dissapointed to find out that in the wake of all the sexual misconduct in Hollywood, Master Roshi is the latest to be accused of harrassment in the workplace, and consequently will be removed from all future episodes of Dragon Ball Super. In this weeks breakdown, we take a look back in the past to the birth of Nappamania! We have some more fun playing matchmaker with another great fantasy bout in Yajirobe vs Mr. Satan! And lastly we savor a beloved moment in Dragon Ball...


22: Dragon Ball Z #22

Devin and Drew are tuned in to the fake news media outlets, trying to make sense of what happened to East City. The Dragon Ball Z universe needs an Alex Jones, otherwise we are just going to have to rely on the reports of so called “scientists.” Luckily Mcgruff the Crime Dog is on the case, and he’s found a reliable source of information in Yajirobe. As we continue to enjoy Nappa’s awesome zingers and brash personality, we decide to start a petition to bring him back to the series! He was...


21: Dragon Ball Z #21

Devin and Drew test out the upcoming game ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’, and much to our disappointment the Spirit Bomburu and Kaio-ken techniques are only available via microtransactions. In today’s episode the timeline is so muddled that the show’s characters are equally as confused as us, causing them miscalculate the Saiyan’s estimated time of arrival. Piccolo reveals that he has freakin’ laserbeams attached to his head, but we argue that another special ability of his may be more effective...


19: Dragon Ball Z #19

Devin & Drew are in attendance at Other World’s Open Mic Comedy Night, but unfortunately the line up is Goku, King Kai, and a random monkey. Judging by the cricket sounds, it isn’t going very well… oh wait, that’s just Gregory. In today’s educational episode we learn that bad jokes in Japanese translate to even worse jokes in English. We also call in primate expert Jane Goodall to aid us in uncovering Bubbles’ origin story. We propose many plausible theories, so let us know which one you...


18: Dragon Ball Z #18

Devin and Drew strap on their tin foil hats and ask the age old question, “Does the moon really exist?” Piccolo proves to be a skeptic as well, destroying the Space-pod projector, along with any chance of the Z Fighters using the Saiyan technology to gain an advantage in the forthcoming battle. And speaking of Space-pods, Drew is still racking his brain over how the Saiyans fit inside of them. Could this be the episode where we finally solve this impossible conundrum?? Well, no… but Goku...


16: Dragon Ball Z #16

Devin and Drew brace themselves for the most irrelevent, nonsensical Dragon Ball Z episode yet! We struggle to find anything worth commenting on in this mundane Lord of the Flies rip-off, though the episode is partially redeemed by Chico’s esoteric witticisms. So please bear with us as we grit our teeth and push onward toward the light at the end of the DBZ-filler tunnel.


15: Dragon Ball Z #15

Devin and Drew open up a full on investigation of the events that occurred in this weeks episode. We attempted to solve all of the island’s mysteries, but we ended up with more questions than answers. Where is the island and how did Gohan get there? Is Gohan dead and the island is purgatory? Is Dick Wilson a real tiger or a product of Gohan’s sleep, food and water deprived mind? Does the Ox King make good pancakes? Who’s timeline is it anyway?? Tune in to find out!


14: Dragon Ball Z #14

Devin and Drew continue to wade through lukewarm DBZ filler with no end to Snake Way in sight. We delve into a moment in the life of an Other World street sweeper, we suffer through all sorts of Snake Palace shenanigans, and we bare witness to what might be the most random/amazing scene in the entire Dragon Ball Z series!


13: Dragon Ball Z #13

Devin and Drew dive head first into HFIL to explore one of the most infamous DBZ filler episodes of all time! Goku competes with Goz & Mez in a mixed bag of physical contests (all of which King Yemma did before it was cool), and we take a moment to reflect on where we were when they built that ladder to Kami’s Lookout.


12: Dragon Ball Z #12

Devin and Drew head over to Tien’s place for some lunch. Launch hired too many cooks, and they have prepared a lovely spread of Dragon Ball Filler. We meditate over who would win a hypothetical telekenetic battle of minds between Tien and Piccolo; meanwhile the planet is falling apart and Gohan is forced to channel his inner Italian plumber!


11: Dragon Ball Z #11

We regret to inform you that in today’s episode someone dies, and *SPOILER ALERT* it’s not Yamcha (…yet)! We could wish him back to life with the dragon balls, but like a wise man once said: “That would be a wasted wish.” Devin and Drew evaluate Gohan’s training progress and assign him an updated Naked & Afraid PSR score. Vegeta and Nappa make a brief stop at Planet Arlia to give us a detailed view of how Saiyans do business, and Nappa gives Yajirobe a run for his money for ’Greatest...


10: Dragon Ball Z #10

Devin, Drew, and Adam are back… and it’s a bee-yooo-tiful day for baseball! The Z Fighters make a stop at the West City Taitans’ dugout to recruit a real benchwarmer, and we finally get The Land Before Time crossover episode we’ve all been waiting for!


09: Dragon Ball Z #9

Devin, Drew, and Adam have ringside seats for the Kaiju battle of the century! In this week’s episode Gohan gives us an unexpected history lesson in Ancient Hindu Sanskrit, Devin reveals his strange affinity toward friendly robots, and we enjoy a three-course meal of: steamed mushrooms, snake & scorpion sandwiches, and… nimbus clouds? Itadakimasu!


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