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Description: Sit down, grab a drink, and lets talk Disney. This is a podcast for the adults in the room who want warm their hearts while destroying their livers. *Disclaimer: We are in no way associated or affiliated with the Disney Company*

Description: Sit down, grab a drink, and lets talk Disney. This is a podcast for the adults in the room who want warm their hearts while destroying their livers. *Disclaimer: We are in no way associated or affiliated with the Disney Company*
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Description: Sit down, grab a drink, and lets talk Disney. This is a podcast for the adults in the room who want warm their hearts while destroying their livers. *Disclaimer: We are in no way associated or affiliated with the Disney Company*




Episode 50: Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and a Bottle of Rum

Much like a zombie pirate, the Pirates of the Caribbean series just keeps on going and going. In this episode, Nick, Mrs. Nick, Jamie, and Phil jump into these ghost shark infested waters to find out if the newest addition to the franchise is full of treasure or if it smells more like something that came out of someone's booty. Come along, won't you?

Duration: 01:04:31

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and... booze

For this show, we watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and then recorder ourselves talking about it while we drank whatever booze we had in our house. It's podcasting people. That's all there really is to it. I'm not sure what more you want me to say. That's it. Seriously.

Duration: 01:05:56

Drunk Book Club: Neverwhere and Moonshine

Neil Gaiman is super popular right now. There's an interesting new TV show out right now based on one of his novels, there's a less interesting TV show out right now based somewhat on one of his comics and he has a new book out as well. So, because we always like to jump on the latest trends, we are discussing his first book, Neverwhere. It's all very exciting. Come check it out.

Duration: 01:10:56

Drunk Book Club: Pride and Prejudice and Pimm's Cups

It's time for our tiny book club to dive head first into a bonafide classic. Come listen to us talk about Jane Austen's most famous book while we drink the heck out of some Pimm's Cups. This one gets deep and kind of long and has a new theme song. Jam out to the rights free sheezat.

Duration: 01:21:41

Episode 47: Valentine's Day Special and drinks to match the day!

Hello all you love birds! Welcome to Episode 47. Start the fire, get your glass of wine and start the romantic music, we are all set to talk about the wilds of love. Disney couples are have always had the happiest endings. Well that may not be the case in this episode! Wait till you hear all the gossip. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:18:44

Episode 46: The Santa Clause and Hot Cocoa

Grab a cup of hot cocoa, a nice blanket and join us for the Drunk Disney Holiday Special! In this episode we're talking about the Santa Clause series: what we love, what we'd change and other hot cocoa fuelled questions. Note: Phil has a minority position in The Disney Corporate (DIS) and is not a licensed stock professional.

Duration: 01:09:38

Episode 45: Moana, Mai Tais and a Blue Hawaiian

Guys! There's a new Disney princess in town and her name is Moana! Listen to us gossip about the new girl and drunk on tasty drinks. Now where did that unicorn go? Sparkles...

Duration: 01:09:17

Episode 44: Dr. Strange and a Shave and a Haircut

Welcome back to Drunk Disney the Podcast. Tonights show is all about the new Marvel film Dr. Strange. Join us for a very ... Strange review. P.S. Roxy and her boy toy Chad join us on this episode. P.P.S. Long Live Capey P.P.P.S. We just said Pee Pee

Duration: 01:28:38

Episode 43: Hocus Pocus and Witch's Brew

Hello! Welcome to Drunk Disney the Podcast episode 43. Today we will be discussing a Halloween staple, Hocus Pocus while drinking Witch's Brew. We hope you enjoy our bewitching discussion.

Duration: 01:22:28

Episode 42: Bronze Age Part 2 and Wine

Welcome back to Drunk Disney the Podcast. In this episode we continue our exploration of the ever-disappointing Bronze Age and films such as The Rescuers Down Under, Fox and the Hound, Oliver and Company and The Great Mouse Detective. Hope you enjoy the show!

Duration: 01:06:17

Episode 41: Bronze Age Part 1 and Ale Pint 1

Hey Everyone ... Remember the Bronze Age of Disney classics? Me neither. Join us as we discuss some of the "great" Disney classics like The Aristocats, Robin Hood, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and the Rescuers!

Duration: 01:17:07

Episode 40: Pete's Dragon and Spicy Libations

Join us as we talk about Disney's latest live action movie, Pete's Dragon. Find a spicy, dragon's breath drink and listen to the magic happen...aka listen to us get drink and swear a lot :) Something different for a change ;)

Drunk Book Club Episode 3: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Butterbeer

Harry Potter is popular once again and Nick and Jamie like talking about things that are popular. This is mostly because it makes them feel more popular. Therefore, in a bid to win your love, they have recorded a show all about Harry Potter and the Philosopher's (NOT Sorcerer's) Stone. You've probably read the book so why not listen to the podcast? I mean, you don't even have to do any homework to enjoy this one. It'll be super easy. What have you got to lose?

Episode 39: The BFG and Frobscottle

Join us as we talk about Disney's latest live action ... animated ... well we don't know what it is. Lets enjoy a bottle of Frobscottle, talk about the finer points of the BFG and make some explicit remarks.

Episode 38: Drinking Dory

In the latest episode of Drunk Disney the Podcast we talk about Pixar's newest film, Finding Dory and drink a FISH BOWL. I know you want to jump into the pool and listen along. So... let's first make sure we aren't operating a motor vehicle or an airplane or something like that... then jump in. Have fun!

Drunk Book Club Episode 2: The Nest

In this episode, Nick and Jamie discuss the new book that everyone, including that slightly pushy Heather person at indigo, is reading - The Nest by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney. Seriously, try walking down the street reading this book without at least two people stopping to talk to you about it. Or maybe don't do that because then you'd have no reason to listen to this podcast which consists entirely of people talking about that book. That would kind of sink this whole endeavour and then how...

Drunk Book Club Episode 1: The Cuckoo's Calling and Brandy

There's a new podcast on the block - Drunk Book Club! As the title suggests, it is a podcast about reading books and having drinks, so come and listen to Nick and Jamie gab about both of those things. The first book they discuss is The Cuckoo's Calling, the detective novel by Robert Galbraith/J.K. Rowling. The first drink is brandy because it seems classy as heck.

Episode 37: Captain America and American Drinks

OMG It's another Marvel film! I know, it's not a true Disney film, but we have to talk about it anyways. So, as any good podcast hosted by a bunch of Canadians, we're drinking the most American drinks we can find; Budweiser Beer,Smirnoff Ice anda couple Martinis to class it up for Tony Stark. Lets get our Civil War on! P.S. Canada has never had a Civil War, we signed a piece of paper and that was that. Sorry, eh?

Episode 36: The Jungle Book and Juice

The Jungle Book is one of the disney classics we all grew up with (at least if you're of drinking age that is). In this episode we're sipping on some Jungle Juice and talking about Disney's latest live action movie The Jungle Book! *Spoiler* This Disney live action film doesn't suck. So grab a glass, find a comfy perch and enjoy the bear necessities of life.

Episode 35: Zootopia: The Fox and the Rabbit

This is a podcast about Disney and drinking. This episode is full of people drinking and talking about Zootopia. In fact, it features people drinking two different kinds of drinks. That's at least one more kind of drink than you're really supposed to have, but we're rebels. We don't listen to the man and what he has to say. Unless what he has to say is about drinking two different drinks. In that case, we listen to every word he has to say. Twice. Thanks for the solid advice, man.
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