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Dubai, United Arab Emirates


From finance to food, culture to cars, Dubai Today has it covered. The show, hosted by Suzanne Radford, is hugely interactive, and thereby constantly sources a range of experts to answer your questions including regulars like cross-cultural psychologist Samineh Shaheem, and the ever popular clinical and forensic psychologist, Dr Raymond Hamden. People, places and personal stories are at the heart of this lifestyle show which acts as your guide to a slice of life in the Emirates, providing you with a glimpse of the everyday as well as roads less travelled. Suzanne immerses herself in every aspect of the community and will act as your veritable tour guide, bridging the gap between communities, breaking down barriers and opening up a whole new narrative on health, wealth, travel and talking points in and around the UAE. Queen Noor Al Hussein of Jordan, marathon Guru Haile Gebrselassie, top international author David Nicholls and legendary war correspondent Kate Adie British are just some of the big names to make appearances on the show. With special guest co-hosts each day sharing their perspectives on the issues affecting Dubai and providing valuable insights on what shapes and impacts the lives of everyone in the community



This show will be available on Sun, Apr 28 at 4AM.