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Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Chef Brian Duffy had his first experiences in the kitchen as a young child with his big Irish-Italian Family. Those experiences introduced him to culinary life and led him to study at Philadelphia’s The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College. Culinary school may have taught him technique, but it was those Sunday nights cooking with his family where he developed his passion. After graduation, Chef Duffy worked under James Beard Award winning Chef Jean Marie LaCroix at The Four Seasons in Philadelphia. From there, he partnered in opening Kristopher’s, a BYOB concept that received widespread critical acclaim. It was through opening his own brick and mortar that Duffy began to realize his flair for refined, modernized pub fare and coined the term “New Celtic” cuisine. Duffy brought his “New Celtic” point of view to the Dave Magrogan Group as their Corporate Executive Chef for their brands. Following his successful tenure with DMG, Duffy joined forces with Seafood America as a consultant and Executive Chef, where he developed fresh and frozen products for grocery chains across the world. Duffy formed “Duffified Experience Group” in 2012, a consulting firm with the realization that most of the smaller restaurant & bar operators that are out there needed someone who spoke their language & worked the way that they do. Through this firm Duffy has been able to work & oversee restaurants, bars & nightclubs around the globe. The motto of “Redefining the economics of foodservice” has given Duffy & all of his clients a new lease on their business and their lives. On and off camera, Chef Duffy works with restaurants across the country updating their menus and coaching them through much needed facelifts. His proven success has made him one of the most in demand restaurant and hospitality consultants across North America and overseas Duffy is currently working on his new concept Flying Fish Crafthouse an 8000 square foot restaurant in the Historic Brewerytown section of Philadelp






Duffified Live: Boxer Chordale Booker

Chef breaks the big news about his place and what recently happened. It’s a passionate chat about being present and not allowing the opportunity for standards to fall but if that’s the case, what are your options? How do you handle it? Chef has a very inspirational chat with the champ Chordale Booker. He was […]

Duration: 01:20:15

Duffified Live: Model Leenda Lucia

Chef Brian Duffy has an AWESOME chat with model & spokesperson Leenda Lucia about the world she lives in, dating, traveling, being a personality, and all that comes with it. It’s a candid chat about just being nice to people and the effects that it could have. Just think…..if everybody stepped back and took a […]

Duration: 01:52:04

Duffified Live: G. Love of G. Love & Special Sauce

Chef chats with Philly native rocker and hip hop legend, G. Love! It’s a great conversation about the beginning, the roots of his music, travel, and creativity processes. G. Love is a quality dude with a great sound and a great vibe! Make sure to check out his music! Chef chats about the importance of […]

Duration: 01:25:16

Duffified Live: Twitter Comedian and Dad James Breakwell

Chef Brian Duffy talks with Twitter Comedian and Dad James Breakwell about his near million followers and his new book “Only Dead on the Inside: A Parent’s Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.” They chat about being a dad, being a dad of girls, being in the public eye, and how he has moved into that […]

Duration: 01:11:20

Duffified Live: Kingdom Come bass player JB Frank

Get ready to ROCK & ROLL!!! This week, Chef chats with legendary bass player JB Frank from the band, Kingdom Come! It’s a very candid conversation about travel, spirituality, conspiracy, and drug use! This is a great episode & we want everybody to use the #brownandwhite to raise awareness to the drug issue that is […]

Duration: 01:14:09

Duffified Live: Extreme Chef Terry French

This week, Chef talks about his birthday and the amazing experiences from the day. We’re talking zip lining, OG Italian, and so much more! Also, Chef Duffy has a long chat with extreme chef Terry french, an old school classic guy! Chef French loves his roots from start to finish, including Chinese apprenticeships and the […]

Duration: 01:33:56

Duffified Live: Flying Solo

This week, Chef chats about a great week in The Outer Banks with his family and does a “current events” episode of sorts. He touches on everything from chef’s sanitation to the recent Chipotle tweet with Josh Williams, who wants everything in separate containers. Follow Chef Brian Duffy on Twitter and on Facebook. Check out […]

Duration: 00:43:35

Duffified Live: Roberta Pepito of Homemade Delish

This week, Chef Brian Duffy recaps his amazing week in the Pacific Northwest with Lone Wolf Harley Davidson & the Crave! Food & Drink Festival in Spokane, WA, a beautiful ride through Montana, Washington, and Idaho, as well as the experiences that came with it!! Also, Chef is joined by Roberta Pepito, founder of the […]

Duration: 01:19:12

Duffified Live: Megan Jean Morris of Ink Masters

This week, Chef talks millennial and hipster employees as well as stifling personalities. Then, the fun begins. Chef gets down and inky with his special guest, Ms. Megan Jean Morris. You’ve seen her all over the tattoo magazines and even on Spike TV’s hit show, “Ink Masters.” She opens up to chat and yet another […]

Duration: 01:40:52

Duffified Live: “Ginormous Food” Host Josh Denny

This week, B-Duff talks about the importance of being present in your business. He recently had a jackass GM who went to jail and then hired a GM with the inability to execute! Adios Muchacho!!!! Then, Chef lightens it up a bit with the always funny host of the Food Network show “Ginormous Food,” Mr. […]

Duration: 01:52:46

Duffified Live: Chef Ahktar Nawab

This week, Chef gets a little heated about the article out of the Washington Post about the white chefs taking over international cuisines. OK….maybe a “little heated” don’t give it enough justice. He also chats with Chef Akhtar Nawab about his run of restaurants like La Esquina, his departure of the fine dining scene, and […]

Duration: 01:12:30

Duffified Live: Loud And Proud

What happens when you put Chef Brian Duffy and two friends in the backyard of a former NFL offensive lineman who also happens to be a radio personality? Insanity. That’s what happens. Pure…..unadulterated…..insanity. It’s Chef Duffy’s final night of a road trip in Tampa so he’s hamming it up with his friends Kathy Suzewits, Monica, […]

Duration: 01:12:21

Duffified Live: Chef Keith Breedlove

This week, Chef Brian Duffy hooks up with his buddy Chef Keith Breedlove, who runs his Culinerdy Cruzer food truck in Sacramento, CA. If you aren’t familiar with Keith, this guy has done a little bit of everything. He’s been featured on TV’s “Bar Rescue,” “Cutthroat Kitchen,” “Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown,” and “Guy’s Big […]

Duration: 01:23:07

Duffified Live: HGTV’s “Design On A Dime” Host Brice Cooper

This week, Chef Brian Duffy starts out with a quick thanks to those in the back of the house and all the ladies of the kitchen. There are times in bar/restaurant industry where they have it extremely tough so it’s time to show some appreciation to those in the trenches. Chef Duffy also chats for a […]

Duration: 01:42:10

Duffified Live: Former NFL LB Keith Bulluck

This week, Chef talks with former NFL linebacker Keith Bullock about football, food, family, and even a little Vegas! Keith, drafted 30th overall in the 2000 NFL Draft by the Tennessee Titans, was a middle linebacker for the team for ten years and finished his career with the New York Giants. After spending his first two […]

Duration: 01:05:14

Duffified Live: Jesse Kage

This week, Chef Duffy hooks up with long time Tampa Bay rock radio personality, Jesse Kage. If you don’t know who Jesse is, you’re in for a treat because this guy’s attitude is infectious. He and Chef Duffy talk strip clubs, the peaks and valleys of the radio business, the service and hospitality industry, rock […]

Duration: 01:28:25

Duffified Live: Melissa Pfeister of Naked Feast & Chef Matt Varga

This week, Chef Duffy chats with Melissa Pfeister, the Gluten free goddess! Melissa owns Naked Feast and has products in Whole Foods as well as other all natural stores. Melissa and Naked Feast is also the featured cake and cookie provider for Delta Airlines. Chef Duffy discusses the process of getting there and what it […]

Duration: 01:16:33

Duffified Live: Chef Kayla Robison of Cincinnati

Duffified Live this week is a bit longer than normal due to a CRAZY week in Vegas! Chef Brian Duffy had the pleasure of working side by side with Chef Kayla Robison of Nation Kitchen & Bar in Cincinnati, OH during The Nightclub & Bar Show at the Food & Beverage Innovation Center, the first […]

Duration: 01:46:42

Duffified Live: Chef Pete Blohme (aka “Panini Pete)

This week, Chef traveled to the city of Ft. Myers, FL for a visit with some of his favorite people, a HUGE St. Patricks Day celebration, and trip home to his staff where he delivers a culture speech! Chef also interviews his longtime friend & fellow Chef Pete Blohme, aka “Panini Pete.” He’s owned Panini […]

Duration: 01:51:22

Duffified Live: “The Vulgar Chef” Kyle Marcoux

Duffified Live goes VULGAR!!!! Chef has been traveling all week between 70 degree Tampa to open the new Features Gastropub, 19 degree Philly for the weekend, and Ft. Myers for his annual St. Patrick’s Day appearance at The City Tavern. Now, Chef has to blow off a little steam and get a little vulgar so […]

Duration: 01:04:07

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