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An irreverent but useful podcast about disaster response, emergency management, mobilization culture, community resilience, and life in emergency operations.

An irreverent but useful podcast about disaster response, emergency management, mobilization culture, community resilience, and life in emergency operations.
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An irreverent but useful podcast about disaster response, emergency management, mobilization culture, community resilience, and life in emergency operations.




Episode 26: How do you solve a problem like Maria? Pro tip: Drugs

The Dukes bring on Nicolette Louissaint, the Executive Director of Healthcare Ready, to talk about the Hurricane Maria disaster in Puerto Rico, the federal response to that disaster, and her organization's work helping the healthcare system to recover. Spoiler alert: It's all about comms and logistics. Plus, Nicolette can do wicked things with bombs and mashed potatoes, Andrew plans to rule IAEM and Mitch realizes he actually has no idea what silicon is (trust us, it's relevant). And, yes,...

Duration: 00:58:01

Episode 25: What the f*** just happened? Harvey, Irma, and their lessons.

The Dukes sit down with Jeff Schlegelmilch, the Deputy Director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University (whew, long title) and basically make him answer the hard questions about what happened in Hurricanes Harvey and Irma - and why. From the Cajun Navy to Florida's massive evacuation, we've got you covered, including evacuation decision making, better forecasting, the joys of prepositioning, early disaster declarations, healthcare response and why the whole...

Duration: 01:01:50

Episode 24: If We're Nuked, The Government Will Save Itself, Not You

The Dukes hold forth with Garrett Graff, author of the incredible (yes, we said it) new book Raven Rock: The Story of the U.S. Government’s Secret Plan to Save Itself--While the Rest of Us Die. The title really sells itself. We cover fifty years of Cold War continuity planning, complete with underground bunkers, massive evacuation plans, overly complicated command/control protocols - and a huge crop of best practices (and lessons learned) that are still valuable today. Plus, Andrew really...

Duration: 01:01:48

Episode 23: Craig Fugate Takes Us to School

Check your egos and grab your windbreakers, folks, because the former headmaster of FEMA goes with the Dukes on a rollicking tour through the last decade of emergency management, with guidance for anyone interested in emergency management, disaster response, or just how to build a great team. Plus, Mitch mansplains Craig's own idea back to him, Andrew designs a new windbreaker, and President Obama really thinks someone is doing a heckuva job. Also, yes, the University of Florida rules at...

Duration: 01:08:56

Episode 22: Lori and Alice Find Their Equilibrium

The Dukes talk the children of Katrina with Alice Fothergill and Lori Peek based on their award-winning research. It's a little heartbreaking, but the lessons are real. Plus, we score SO many points for good questions and Mitch peed with Ira Glass one time.

Duration: 01:07:03

Episode 21: Rafael Lemaitre Brings Snapchat to FEMA

The Dukes talk with the former Director of Public Affairs at FEMA, Rafael Lemaitre, who dishes on communication lessons learned in crises big and small, from the tough messaging during the Flint Water Crisis to the social media campaigns of Hurricane Matthew to - GASP - why Disaster Deductibles are a good idea! Plus, we learn the best way to get Craig Fugate to say something, Andrew can't pronounce SnapCHAT, AND Mitch thinks that mitigation is the sexiest phase in the Emergency Management...

Duration: 00:54:35

Episode 20: We've Seen the Future and It Will Be

We're in a new age, folks, and we need to talk about the future. THE FUTURE of emergency management, from technology to policy to community integration to threats, we cover it all to give YOU a roadmap about where to go from here. Plus, Andrew takes a leak and Mitch can't stop saying Um. Also: Is Marty McFly all he's cracked up to be?

Duration: 01:01:21

Episode 19: Flint, Michigan, really really doesn't drink the water

Mitch and Andrew walk through the Flint crisis with FSU's Brad Skillman. Plus, we find our favorite certificate program of all time (DRONES) and discover why Michael Brown may be the Forrest Gump of Emergency Management. Plus, Andrew loves America and Mitch roots for Lithuania for some reason.

Duration: 00:53:14

Episode 18: The best Defense is Food Defense

Mitch and Andrew break down threats to our food supply with the man with the best title in the world: Pepsico's Senior Manager for Global Food Defense, Jason Bashura. From the Dalles salad bar salmonella to the Michigan salad bar mouse poisonings, from Ikea's horsemeat to the scariest Mexican food in Kansas, we cover where food defense has been, where it's going, and why we may never be able to drink iced tea again. Props to the FDA for the new "Final Rule for Mitigation Strategies to...

Duration: 01:01:42

Episode 16: Our Rash of Active Shooters

Suzanne Blake of MIT joins the Dukes to break down the emergency management response to active shooter incidents. Run hide fight like they do in Texas or run hide tell like they do in England? How do you notify folks in a timely manner? What's it like to pivot to planning major media events right after a massive tragedy? We get into what you need to cover - from Family Assistance Centers to Reunification. Then, a special segment from the Special Libraries Association of New York about how...

Duration: 01:06:34

Episode 15: David Abramson cares about the children

BECAUSE the children are our future - Mitch and Andrew talk Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy and the long term effects of disasters on children and families with David Abramson, the founding director of NYU's Program on Population Impact, Recovery, and Resiliency (PIR2). Warning: It's not pretty. On the bright side: How do you get teenagers involved with disaster recovery? Can Mitch even get his own daughter to talk to him about disasters? Also, where were you when you heard John Lennon died? Can...

Duration: 00:58:38

Episode 14: Emergency Management Everyday

The Dukes are back in the studio with a breakdown of how emergency management can help you survive some of the most stressful times of your life. Whether it's planning your wedding, moving, having kids, traveling abroad, looking for a job or, you know, dying, Mitch & Andrew have got your back with real, concrete strategies to assist. We also take a look at the skills we've learned at other jobs and how those help us as emergency managers. Jump aboard for DJ Drabek, dear Aunt Edna and the...

Duration: 00:54:19

Episode 13: Brandon Greenberg Explains It All

Mitch and Andrew drink Shandies and break down all things tech+disaster with Brandon Greenberg of @disasternet. You may already have had your last avocado, thousands of people are sifting through pictures of Nepal right now, and Facebook urges you to check yourself before you wreck yourself with Safety Check. All this, the worst musical interludes of any podcast ever recorded, and even more in what may be the deepest episode of the Dukes of Hazards so far (which may not be saying much).

Duration: 01:00:52

Episode 12: Nepal, Drones, and 9/11 Mental Health

In this episode, special guest Jack Herrmann joins Mitch and Andrew for a compelling hour that looks at the response characteristics of the Nepal earthquake (including Facebook's new status check), why we suck at cybersecurity and the curious case of the radioative sand in Tokyo. Then, in a special segment, we look at Jack's own experiences coordinating mental health relief after 9/11. Plus, we answer Scott North's questions! All on Dukes of Hazards: The Emergency Management Podcast. Plus:...

Duration: 01:08:58

Episode 11: Four Hurricanes, Six Weeks

Mitch's old (er, youthful) compadre Mark O'Neill comes on the show to discuss the historic Florida hurricane season of 2004. Plus, megacyclone Pam hits Vanuatu, the iWatch tracks us all, you have to believe in climate change to get FEMA money (no word on whether humans had to cause it), and it turns out sometimes you CAN take an elevator in a fire. Who knew? Plus, we tease a future tease of a Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson movie.

Duration: 01:10:20

Episode 10: Trains Derail and Will Forte drinks Margaritas

The Dukes break down the Lac Magantic train disaster (although Mitch can't pronounce it) and compare it to the recent West Virginia train derailment. Plus, Austin in 1960 may be better at civil defense than we are and it turns out Ebola is stll happening. Not to mention the Dukes of Hazards review of The Last Man on Earth! All that plus the one place in the USA you are most likely to die from zombies.

Duration: 00:52:20

Episode 9: Ebola Exports ICS and Aaron Sorkin calls us un-American

We run through the story of Ebola in Liberia, and the latest on modelling trends for the disease. Plus, Loma Prieta cancels baseball and bring class issues to emergency response and the Sony Cyberattack sends an office back to 1992. Also, Andrew continues to be obsessed with drones and Mitch keeps pressing the wrong buttons.

Duration: 01:01:38

Episode 8: #Ebola (Many people will die if I don't find this monkey) #Ebola

The Dukes come back from summer break to take on Outbreak, Ebola, Brooklyn in the 1890s, Disaster Innovation and Earthquake-proofing. Pop quiz: What kind of extreme weather kills the most people? Also, does the fact that Martha Stewart loves drones mean drones are over? And, what were CDC's Top 7 disaster songs in 2011 and, I mean, who does a Top 7 list, anyway? Dukes!

Duration: 00:53:20

Episode 7: Are you a good tweet or a bad tweet?

We play Good Tweet / Bad Tweet with emergency social media guru Jim Garrow and dig into the science of Firenadoes (along with their even scarier horizontal cousin). Plus, Andrew continues to be obsessed with drones, Ikea makes shelters so good nobody wants to go home, hackers smoke weed, and Mitch discovers his tweets are not actually, erm, that important. All that and more on this week's Dukes of Hazards.

Duration: 01:06:18

Episode 6 - The South Korean Ferry, How to get an EM job, and FEMA is funny.

We're back after a vacation (we promise never to leave you again) and we take on Texas fire codes, a minute-by-minute breakdown of the South Korean Ferry Disaster, and Socialist Flood Control. Plus, a listener asks how to get into emergency management, FEMA puts the funny back into the PSA and we watch the drones that are watching us - with special guest Dr. Jordan Pascoe. Go Dukes!

Duration: 01:03:09

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