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Is Cash King When It Comes to Picking Great Stocks?

Why do investors like to see companies that have strong free cash flow yields? Find out why this could be an important metric for investors to watch in this edition of the Dutram Report! Please pick a time stamped topic below: (0:45) - Cash Cow Investing Strategy (2:45) - How To Find Companies With Good Cash Flow Yields (5:00) - Is This Strategy A Replacement For Income Investing? (6:30) - Examples of Classic Cash Cows: Boeing and Oracle (8:40) - Pacer ETFs: COWZ Overview (10:50) -...

Duration: 00:19:55

How to Invest in 50 Undervalued Brands with One ETF

Can focusing on companies with strong brands lead to solid stock performance? Listen to this podcast to find out more about the concept and why brand value is often an overlooked metric for investors. Please pick a time stamped topic below: (0:40) - Brand Value Investing Strategy (3:00) - How To Find The Strongest Company Brands (5:00) - BVAL Overview: Sector Breakdown, Unrealized Value and Market Cap (9:30) - ACSI: Customer Satisfaction (11:45) - What's In The Future For Exponential...

Duration: 00:13:59

Snapchat Won’t Be in the S&P 500, Should Investors Care?

SNAP stock is going to be excluded from major market indexes, this podcast tells you why this is important to all investors going forward. Please pick a time stamped topic below: (0:20) – New Rules for the S&P 500: Why is This Important? (1:45) - SNAP Gets Barred From the S&P 500 (4:00) – Impact on Other Companies and IPOs (5:30) - Ulta Compared to Snapchat: Why Indexes Matter (7:20) - Episode Roundup: Podcast@Zacks.com

Duration: 00:08:45

Shareholder Yield: A Better Approach for Dividend Investors?

How investors can go beyond dividends and consider the entire shareholder yield picture to find some of the best stocks in the market today. Please pick a time stamped topic below: (0:45) - Shareholder Yield: Have Dividends Fallen Out of Favor? (4:15) - Does Shareholder Yield Tilt Towards Value? (5:35) - What Are the Income Payouts For This Strategy? (8:30) - SYLD Overview: Weighting Method and Sector Breakdown (12:50) - FYLD Overview: International Exposure (16:30) - Emerging Markets:...

Duration: 00:21:15

How to Invest in the Internet of Things and the FinTech Revolution

Two important areas of the latest tech revolution in the worlds of the Internet of Things and FinTech. This podcast takes a look at both areas and what you need to know before investing in either one of them. So, check out this edition of the Dutram Report for more info! Please pick a time stamped topic below: (0:45) - The World of Fintech: Where Is The Growth? (4:00) - Global X FinTech Thematic ETF: FINX (8:50) - The Massive Growth of the Internet of Things (13:30) - Global X Internet...

Duration: 00:19:24

How to Build a Portfolio: Have Investors Been Doing It Wrong?

Are investors forgetting about a key factor when constructing their portfolios? This podcast takes a look at this topic and a potentially better way for investors to allocate their assets. Please pick a time stamped topic below: (0:40) - Portfolio Construction: Efficient Frontier (2:45) - New Frontier Advisors: How Do They Optimize Portfolios? (5:40) - ETF Importance to Portfolio Construction (9:15) - New Frontier Advisors: Bond Breakdown (11:20) - Long-term vs. Short-Term, Asset...

Duration: 00:20:27

Can These ETFs Manage Risk and Avoid Black Swans?

How can investors manage their risk with ETFs? We take a look at an approach that allocates between offense and defense in this podcast! Please pick a time stamped topic below: (0:45) - Why Is It Important To Manage Risk Exposure? (3:20) - QuantX Funds’ Risk Management: Macro Risk Indicator (6:35) - QXGG Fund Overview (8:05) - XUSA Fund Overview (10:10) - QXTR: What Kind Of Asset Classes Are Held? (13:35) - The Fund of Funds Approach (14:30) - How Can This Approach Fit Into An...

Duration: 00:20:23

How Kite Pharma Is Revolutionizing the Fight Against Cancer

Immunotherapy is a hot corner of the biotech world. Learn how companies in this sector fight cancer in this podcast which features Dr. David Chang, the Chief Medical Officer of Kite Pharma. Do not miss it! Please pick a time stamped topic below: (0:55) - The Role of a Chief Medical Officer at a Biotech Company (2:25) - Why is the ASCO conference Important To Kite Pharma? (4:15) - Kite's Approach to Cellular Therapy: How a 'T Cell Receptor' and a 'Chimeric Antigen Receptor' Help Fight...

Duration: 00:16:55

Cancer Fighting Companies: What’s New in Immunotherapy?

This podcast takes a closer look at the world of cancer research, and in particular, that of immunotherapy. I have guest Brad Loncar on to discuss this market and a few promising candidates to watch in this area, check it out for more info on this interesting biotech segment!

Duration: 00:23:11

Squeeze the Shorts with This Contrarian ETF

Sometimes, short sellers get a little too greedy and bet against promising stocks. There is a fund that looks to find these securities, and ride a panic wave of short covering, to profits. Find out more about this approach in this week’s podcast. Please pick a time stamped topic below: (0:45) - Short Squeeze Approach (2:05) - Finding Stocks That Could Be Ripe for a Squeeze (4:30) - Brad Lamensdorf's Shorting Experience (6:25) - SQZZ: Short Squeeze ETF (12:25) - How Long Does a Short...

Duration: 00:18:45

What Investors Need to Know About the Robotics Industry

The rise of the machines could be creating a big opportunity for investors. This podcast takes a look at the robotics and automation market from an investing perspective, highlighting what you need to know before jumping into this space. Please pick a time stamped topic below: (0:45) - Has Robotics Reached a Critical Mass? (1:50) - Key Growth Areas in Robotics Industry (4:50) - Rising Wages Accelerating Robotics and Robots Being Taxed (7:00) – Robotics Index Overview (12:00) - How...

Duration: 00:22:17

Merger Madness: How to Invest in a Deal-Heavy Market

Merger and acquisition activity is soaring. Find out why this is the case and how investors can tackle this market with the merger arbitrage strategy in ETF form. Please pick a time stamped topic below: (0:30) - Is the Merger & Acquisition Market More Active in 2017? (2:10) - Cash Repatriation, Trump’s Impact and Popular Sectors for Deals (4:45) - Merger Arbitrage Strategy (8:05) - IQ Merger Arbitrage ETF: MNA (12:15) - MNA's Short Exposure: Why Bet Against the Market? (14:50) - How...

Duration: 00:18:39

Are 4x Leveraged ETFs a Good Idea?

People are worried about the possible SEC approval of 4x leveraged ETFs, but you should not let 400% leverage concern you. In this podcast, I explain why quadruple leverage is no better or worse than plenty of other funds already on the market in the leverage ETF world. Please Pick a time stamped topic below: (0:30) - ForceShares: Quadruple Leveraged Funds? (2:45) – 3x Funds With Big Swings Right Now (4:40) – Are the S&P 500 4x Funds the Limit? (6:55) - Why is There So Much Concern...

Duration: 00:09:15

The Guide to REIT Investing in a Rising Rate Environment

Many assume that rate hikes are bad news for REITs, but is that always the case? Today’s podcast takes a look at some areas in the REIT world that could be winners despite an increase in interest rates.

Duration: 00:19:11

Connor O’Brien and Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary: What are the Keys to Long Term Investing?

The team at O’Shares, which includes Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary, talks to Eric Dutram about why they jumped into the ETF market, and what they look for when investing for the long term. Check it out in today’s podcast! Please pick a time stamped topic below: (1:00) - The Birth of O'Shares: Kevin O'Leary (5:25) - What Factors Does O'Shares Use? (8:40) - Equal Weighted Metrics and Dividends (13:45) - O'Shares International Exposure (19:25) - What's Next For O'Shares? (22:00) - Kevin...

Duration: 00:26:30

Why Schwab Will Dominate the World of Low-Cost ETF Investing

Many ETF providers are focusing on low costs, but Charles Schwab seems to be better than most in this respect. Find out why they might have an unbeatable advantage to keeping costs low in today’s podcast. Please pick a time stamped topic below: (0:30) - ETF Trend: Low Cost Battle (1:45) - Why Is Charles Schwab Focused On Low Cost? (3:50) - Charles Schwab's Commission Free Trading Program (5:00) - How Are These Funds Able To Have Costs So Low? (8:20) - Episode Roundup: Podcast@Zacks.com

Duration: 00:09:53

Are These Bond ETFs the ‘Next Generation’ in Fixed Income Investing?

Many of the fixed income ETFs on the market today are great, but BulletShares could be the next step in their evolution. Find out why these ETFs might be better choices for some investors in this week’s podcast. Please pick a time stamped topic below: (0:45) - BulletShares Lineup (3:05) - Use The BulletShares Approach In Your Own Personal Portfolio (6:10) - What Happens When a Fund Closes Down? (9:35) - How Much Does Sector Breakdown Change From Year to Year? (11:45) - What's Next For...

Duration: 00:16:12

Sustainable Investing: What Is It and Why Is It Hot Now?

Sustainable investing is a buzzword in the ETF world lately, but what is behind this trend? We talk to Conor Platt of Etho Capital for information about this trend and how it might fit into a portfolio. Please pick a timed stamped topic below: (0:40) - Sustainable and Socially Conscious Investing (6:35) - ETHO: Fund Overview (8:50) - Fossil Free Investing Trend (11:20) - How does ETHO Find the Climate Leaders? (14:45) - How Are Stocks Chosen For ETHO? (17:50) - How Can ETHO Fit Into...

Duration: 00:23:02

Health Care and Technology: A Perfect Combo for Stock Investors Now?

Although changes might be coming to the world of health care, this industry could be the spot for investors to focus on regardless of what Washington decides. Please pick a time stamped topic below: (0:40) - What is Health Tech? (3:10) - Is Health Care Behind with Technology and What is the Future With Obamacare? (6:50) - Pure Funds ETF: IMED Overview (10:40) - IMED: International Exposure and Diversified Market Caps (14:20) - How Does IMED Fit Into An Investors Portfolio? (15:30) -...

Duration: 00:17:47

Smart Beta Investing: Fad or Future of the ETF Industry?

Everyone knows about value and growth investing, but should investors also consider factors such as low volatility, yield, and momentum for gains? Find out in this week’s Dutram Report! Please pick a time stamped topic below: (0:45) - Factor Investing Trend: Smart Beta (3:15) - Top Factors: Value & Growth (8:15) - Three New Factors: Low Volatility, High Yield and Momentum (12:45) - Multi-factor Investing: RAFI System (16:45) - Are There New Factors To Look Out For? (19:20) - Episode...

Duration: 00:20:57

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