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DDFLP 012: Bryan Entzminger on How to Follow Jesus in the Workplace, the Importance of Community, and Fascinating Stories from Missionaries

Bryan Entzminger is a logistics analyst with a great story of how Jesus has worked in his life. Bryan shares what its like to be in a season of waiting, the importance of community, and fascinating stories from missionaries he has interviewed. If you are struggling to see how your faith can connect to your job or season of life, Bryan provides some great and practical encouragement. Guest Links Bryan on Facebook Bryan on Twitter EngagingMissions.com Engaging Missions Podcast on...

Duration: 00:42:00

DDFLP 011: Tony Luparello on Kidney Failure, Dozens of Surgeries, and Life as a Double Amputee

Tony Luparello has an incredible story hope in the midst of kidney failure, dozens of surgeries, and living life as a double amputee. In this episode Tony shares his story, the challenges he has faced, and the role his faith has played through all of it. Guest Links Tony on Facebook Kingdom Mobilization on Facebook KMOB.org The Podcast releases every Wednesday morning Subscribe for free and never miss and episode! Appreciate the podcast? Please leave a rating and review! You can also...

Duration: 01:03:53

DDFLP 010: Caleb Sigmon on being an Illusionist, Santa Claus, and Stories From the "Big Chair"

Caleb Sigmon is an illusionist, actor, and Santa Claus (for real!). In this episode he shares what it is like to do those things, how his faith plays into what he does, and also a few really neat stories from his work as an illusionist and playing Santa. Guest Links Caleb Sigmon on Facebook Caleb Sigmon on Instagram Caleb Sigmon on YouTube CalebSigmon.com The Podcast releases every Wednesday morning Never miss an episode! Subscribe to the podcast for free on iTunes. You can also...

Duration: 00:47:42

DDFLP 009: Tommy Brown on Finances, Getting out of Debt, and the Seven Money Types

Ever wonder what role or impact faith can play into how we handle our money? In this episode, Tommy Brown talks about finances, getting out of debt, the seven money types, and the role faith can play in how you use your money. Guest Links Tommy Brown on Facebook Tommy Brown on Twitter Tommy Brown on Instagram TommyBrown.org Purchase The Seven Money Types today! Personal Resources My post on How to Save Thousands of Dollars a Year My post on Telling Your Money Where to go: How to...

Duration: 00:50:22

DDFLP 008: Rhonda Stoppe on Motherhood, Raising Children in a Digital Age, and How to Live Lives of No Regrets

Rhonda Stoppe is an author, speaker, and mom. Rhonda is passionate about helping building lives without regrets. In our conversation, Rhonda shares about the challenges of motherhood, gives encouragement and advice on how to raise children today, and how faith can play into our everyday lives. Guest Links Rhonda on Facebook Rhonda on Twitter Rhonda on Instagram RhondaStoppe.com Rhonda's free resource on how to help you build a no regrets life The Podcast releases every Wednesday...

Duration: 00:56:12

DDFLP 007: Jay Jennings on Storytelling, Following Jesus in the Workplace, Being Part of the Media, and what he has Learned as a Documentary Photographer and Editor

Jay Jennings has been a part of the media in various roles for many years, and not works as a documentary photographer and editor. In our conversation, Jay shares about how his faith influences his work, some of the really neat people/events has been able to cover, and what he has learned over the years interacting with so many different people. Guest Links Jay on Facebook Jay on Twitter Jay's Blog You can also find Jay's work at WRAL: On Facebook On Twitter WRAL's Documentary...

Duration: 00:44:28

DDFLP 006: David Underwood on Forgiveness, Faith, Marriage, and Life as a Firefighter

In this episode, David Underwood talks about his faith journey, the forgiveness of God, marriage, and what it is like being a full-time firefighter. Guest Links Email David Awesome Marriage The Podcast releases every Wednesday morning Never miss an episode! Subscribe to the podcast for free on iTunes. You can also subscribe via TuneIn Radio. Appreciate the podcast? Please leave a rating and review! You can also like my Facebook page and watch the video version of the podcast as well.

Duration: 00:36:52

DDFLP 005: Rebekah Hathcock on Joy, Jesus, and Bringing Passion to the Workplace as a Teacher

On this episode, Rebekah Hathcock shares some of what it's like to be a teacher, as well as how we can bring joy, Jesus, and passion to our lives and the places where we work. Guest Links Rebekah on Twitter Rebekah on Instagram Rebekah on Facebook ABRO: Serving the Children of Belarus The Podcast releases every Wednesday morning Never miss an episode! Subscribe to the podcast for free on iTunes. You can also subscribe via TuneIn Radio. Appreciate the podcast? Please leave a rating...

Duration: 01:00:48

DDFLP 004: Keith Butler Jr. on Character, Race, and Following Jesus as a Musician

Keith Butler Jr. is a musician in Washington D.C. In this episode, Keith talks about the importance of your character, race, and how his faith has influenced him personally and as a musician. Guest Links Keith Butler on Twitter Keith Butler on Instagram Keith Butler on Facebook Keith Butler on YouTube Keith Butler's music on Soundcloud Here are some podcasts and and resources Keith recommends for more on blackness in America and in the Church: Pass The Mic (Reformed African...

Duration: 00:48:53

DDFLP 003: Dr. Kim Kimberling on Marriage, Faith, and Loving Others in Practical Ways

Dr. Kim Kimberling is a counselor, author, and founder of Awesome Marriage, a ministry all about equipping couples to experience marriage the way God intended. In this episode, Dr. Kim shares how faith influences his life and work, how we can improve our marriages, and how to love others in practical ways. Guest Links Awesome Marriage Awesome Marriage on Facebook Dr. Kim on Twitter Dr. Kim on Instagram Awesome Marriage Podcast

Duration: 00:39:37

DDFLP 002: Mary Ann Sibley on How We Can Love and Serve Others in Tangible Ways

In this episode, Mary Ann Sibley shares about the importance of being available, and how big of an impact we can have when we serve others. Guest Links Matter Spark Mary Ann on Twitter Mary Ann on Instagram

Duration: 00:39:24

DDFLP 001: Ron Klabunde on How Building Relationships Leads to Conversations About Faith

Welcome to episode 1 of the Dylan Dodson Faith and Life podcast. In this episode, I interview Ron Klabunde, founder and CEO of Generosity Feeds. In this episode, Ron talks about the importance of building relationships with others, and gives practical tips on how to go about doing so.

Duration: 00:42:01