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#Thisismylane– Episode 14

#Thisismylane– Episode 14 If you work in the ED, you’ve likely seen your fair share of victims of gun violence. Though mass shootings have brought this issue into the public eye, firearm violence has been a public issue in our country for decades. In this episode, you’ll hear some powerful stories from providers about their experiences with people killed and injured by firearms. Then, we talk with researcher and expert, Dr. Garen Wintemute, about trends he’s seen, and discuss how we, as...


Bonus Episode: 2018 in Review

2018 In review. Some of our favorite episodes.


Last Stand in Santa Rosa – Episode 13

Last Stand in Santa Rosa - Episode 13 Imagine you’re working a shift in the Emergency Department when a fast moving wildfire hits. What would you do if you found out your home was burning? Or your family was in danger? And how do you react when the Fire Department tells you they are making a last stand a block away from your hospital? This situation is all too real for many physicians and providers affected by devastating wildfires in California. In this episode, we follow the story of the...


Camp Fire medicine

Camp Fire medicine What are the medical needs when your WHOLE town burns down? What is it like to walk into a shelter with over a thousand friends and family still missing? What if the evacuees you are caring for are your neighbors? The California wildfires have been huge part of our personal and professional lives at UC Davis. In this Heartbeat we spoke with an EM resident who volunteered at a shelter in Chico, CA. Dr. Molly Hallweaver discusses what she saw, treated, and learned taking...


Toddlers Will Sell Their Souls for Stickers – Episode 12

Toddlers Will Sell Their Souls for Stickers - Episode 12 Caring for kids in the ED can be challenging - they often can’t (or won’t) tell you what’s wrong or where it hurts; they may have trouble sitting still during an exam or procedure; and their screams put everyone on edge. But let’s think about it from their perspective. It must be pretty confusing and frightening at times. Did you ever have to go to the ED as a kid? Do you remember what it was like? We ask some kids to share their...


The Price of Beauty

Heartbeat: The Price of Beauty As Emergency Physicians, we pride ourselves on recognizing and treating life-threatening conditions. But what if we’re missing important diagnoses and we don’t even know it? In this Heartbeat, we explore acute and chronic silicone syndromes, two potentially serious conditions caused by injecting liquid silicone into the body. Dr. Nick Gorton, previously featured on Episode 8: Don’t be a Jerk! and the LGBTQI, MD Heartbeat, joins us again with advice on how to...


These Are Our People – Episode 11

These Are Our People - Episode 11 If you have ever worked in an ED, you have taken care of a homeless patient. In fact, you’ve probably taken care of many patients you didn’t even know were struggling with homelessness. As providers, we know these people well. They are often labeled “superusers” and, in addition to sometimes acting as their primary care physicians, we often find ourselves trying to sort out their myriad social issues. In this episode, we talk with a homeless patient,...


A cool tool.

A cool tool. In this episode Dr. Nate Kuppermann (@nkuppermann) discusses another amazing article on the PECARN TBI decision rule just published in JAMA Network Open. The article, Effect of the Head Computed Tomography Choice Decision Aid in Parents of Children With Minor Head Trauma: A Cluster Randomized Trial, and this episode explores shared decision making in the ED and a cool tool we can use to aid this process. Send us your questions and continue the conversation on social media...


Excuse me, Your Bias is Showing – Episode 10

Excuse Me, Your Bias is Showing - Episode 10 We all have biases lurking in our unconscious mind. These are our implicit biases, and they affect how we relate to patients and, in turn, how they relate to us. But if these biases are unconscious, how do we identify them? And is it possible to change them? We share our own experiences with implicit bias, and we hear Dr. Rupa Marya’s story that went viral on social media. Then we dive a little deeper with researcher and pediatric emergency...


It’s all about Tommie

It’s all about Tommie. Way back in March we discussed how “The Game has Changed” with Dr. Dr. Gail D’Onofrio and Dr. Josh Elder (https://twitter.com/joshuawelder). They discussed how emergency departments can be a positive part of the opiate epidemic by offering buprenorphine (suboxone). In this episode we find out how the program is going and how the human element (aka Tommie, our substance use counselor) is helping it succeed. Send us your questions and continue the conversation on social...


Thriving not Surviving – Episode 9

Thriving, not Surviving - Episode 9 Are you well? In this episode we tackle the issue of physician wellness. What does that mean? Why is it a problem? And what can we do to thrive, not just survive, in medicine? We discuss strategies with EM physicians of all levels, including Cal ACEP President, Dr. Aimee Moulin, and Dr. Katren Tyler, Vice Chair of Wellness for the UC Davis Department of Emergency Medicine. How do you define physician wellness? What is your personal recipe for THRIVING, not...


If it Hurts, Don’t do it!

If it Hurts, Don’t do it! Let’s revisit concussion and return to play with UC Davis Head Team Physician, Dr. Jeremiah Ray. This Heartbeat was originally recorded as a Facebook LIVE for the UC Davis Health page. We first talked about concussion in May’s episode, “Breaking Out of Concussion Jail". This Heartbeat is a little more casual and offers some practical information for how to recognize and manage concussion in athletes - plus, it provides a little spaced repetition to help us remember...


Don’t Be A Jerk – Episode 8

Don’t be a Jerk - Episode 8 Dr. R Nick Gorton and Dr. Kara Toles are back to talk about transgender care in the Emergency Department. Did you know you already have the skills to advocate for and care for transgender patients? You do! Let’s sum it up in four words: DON’T BE A JERK! Treat your patients like you’d want your family member to be treated. We’ll explore some of the challenges and concerns specific to transgender patients — JM Jaffe shares a very personal account of their...



LGBTQI, MD Happy Pride, everyone! June is coming to an end and we’ve enjoyed celebrating all the diverse and beautiful people in our communities. In the spirit of Pride month, this Heartbeat explores what it’s like to be an LGBTQI physician. For those unaware, LGBTQI stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (or questioning), and intersex. Many people also add an A for asexual, or allies. Dr. Kara Toles and Dr. Nick Gorton graciously share their stories with us, as well as their...


DKA: It’s Not About the Fluids! – Episode 7

DKA: It’s Not About the Fluids! - Episode 7 Hot of the presses! We are thrilled to speak with the amazing husband and wife research team of Dr. Nate Kuppermann and Dr. Nicole Glaser, on their practice changing paper that was just, and we mean JUST, published in the New England Journal of Medicine. DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) is a potentially life threatening condition that can be complicated to treat, especially in children. First, we’ll hear from 9-year-old Whitley and her mom, Amanda,...


Catching Pee in the ED

Catching Pee in the ED In this Heartbeat we go over two alternatives to cathing that infant in your ED. If you had an infant who needed to be cathed, ever seen an infant cathed, or even heard a child cathed, you know it is less than fun. Here are two different, published methods that we attempted, back to back, on an infant…then we ended up doing the cath anyway! Join the conversation on Social Media @empulsepodcast or at ucdavisem.com Host: Dr. Julia Magaña, Assistant Professor of Pediatric...


Breaking Out of Concussion Jail – Episode 6

Breaking Out of Concussion Jail - Episode 6 Suffering a concussion can make you feel like a prisoner, especially if you’re a student athlete. Cameron Wright, a division I water polo player who suffered a concussion last year, knows this first hand. In this episode, he shares his experience with concussion, and how he finally returned to the sport he loves. Dr. Roger Zemek, one of the leading investigators studying concussion and return to play, discusses how recent research is changing our...


Anchors Away

Anchors away In this Heartbeat we talk with a child abuse pediatrician who has seen what happens when we can’t see past a single diagnosis. She defines anchoring bias, how it can trip us up, and how to see past it. Join the conversation on Social Media @empulsepodcast or at ucdavisem.com Host: Dr. Julia Magaña, Assistant Professor of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at UC Davis. Guest: Antoinette “Tony” Laskey MD, MPH, MBA Professor of Pediatrics and Division Chief University of Utah Pediatrics....


Not so FAST – Episode 5

Not so FAST - Episode 5 Should we be doing FAST exams on all pediatric trauma patients? In this episode, we hear about a case where the FAST may have saved a child’s life. Then we talk with peds trauma experts, Drs. Nate Kuppermann and Jim Holmes, about their recent study on the utility of the FAST exam in stable pediatric trauma patients. Ultrasound expert, Ken Kelley, shares his thoughts on the paper and the role of the FAST exam in kids. Do you FAST all of your pediatric trauma patients?...


A safe place to come – Heartbeat

A SAFE PLACE TO COME - HEARTBEAT In this Heartbeat we get a fresh perspective on how you can identify and help victims of human trafficking on your next shift and we revisit a few principles learned in episode #2 - Sold for a Chrysler 300. Join the conversation on Social Media @empulsepodcast or at ucdavisem.com Host: Dr. Julia Magaña, Assistant Professor of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at UC Davis. Guest: Dr. Hanni Stoklosa, emergency medicine physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital with...