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Move Over FANGs, FinTech ETF is Hot Now

Here is an ETF to access high growth potential of the emerging FinTech industry (0:45) - What Is Fintech and What Is Behind The Growth? (5:10) - How Big Is The Fintech Industry? (7:20) - Global X FinTech Overview: Company Selection and Weighting (FINX) (11:00) - The Growing Popularity Of Thematic Investing (14:05) - Episode Roundup:


Profit from Retail Disruption with These ETFs

Online sales continue to soar while brick and mortar sales are slowing down. We discuss ProShares ETFs designed to profit from this trend. (1:00) - What Has Caused The Disruption in the Retail Industry? (3:15) - What Are The New Growth Trends In Retail? (5:00) - ProShares Online Retail ETF: ONLN (9:50) - Weakened Brick and Mortar Retail (12:55) - Pro Shares Long Online/Short Stores ETF: CLIX (14:05) - How Can Investors Benefit From These Products? (17:00) - Episode Roundup:...


New SEC Rule and Exponential ETFs

We discuss the proposed SEC rule for ETF approval process, an upside down ETF and a customer satisfaction ETF (1:30) - New Rules For The ETF Process: What Will Be The Impact? (9:30) - Exponential ETFs: Reverse Cap Weighting (16:40) - American Customer Satisfaction Investable Index: ACSII (19:50) - ACSII: Weighting and Holdings (22:55) - Episode Roundup:


How GICS Changes Will Impact Hottest Stocks and ETFs

Many high-flying stocks and ETFs will be impacted by the coming sector changes. Find out what it means for your portfolio. (0:20) - Breaking Down The New Communication Services Sector (2:45) - What Stocks Will Be Impacted and How? (5:20) - Will The Communication Services Sector Provide Big Growth? (8:00) - Communication Services Select Sector SPDR: XLC (11:00) - Will This Sector Have Cyclical Growth? (14:40) - Major changes and Rebalancing To XLK and XLY ETFs (17:20) - Episode...


ESG ETFs: Making Money While Doing Good

These ETFs help investors build a well-diversified portfolio with “best in class” ESG leaders. (1:30) - Can Investors Influence Companies To Be More Responsible? (5:30) - The Evolution and Approach To ESG Investing (9:10) - Is ESG Investing Possible Without Sacrificing Returns? (13:30) - Takeaways on Nushares Approach on ESG


Here’s Why This FAANG Powered ETF Can Keep Outperforming

QQQ is one of the top performing ETFs of the nine-year bull run and we discuss why it could continue its outperformance (0:45) - Invesco Trust ETF QQQ: Company Selection and Weighting (6:15) - What Kind Of Exposure Does QQQ Provide? (11:20) - What Contributed To QQQ's past Outperformance? (14:00) - How Will Slowed Earnings Growth Impact QQQ? (16:10) - Disruptive Technology Exposure (20:20) - Developed Tech Stocks vs. New Tech Stock (23:30) - Episode Roundup:


Time to Play the Video Game ETF?

This ETF is poised to benefit from video game industry’s explosive growth (0:45) - GAMR ETF Overview: Will The Growth Continue? (3:15) - Stock Selection and Weighting (5:45) - E-Sports Fast Pace Growth: How Will GAMR Benefit? (7:10) - E3 Conference: Electronic Entertainment Expo (9:35) - Long Term Growth Trends To Watch (12:00) - Episode Roundup:


An Oil ETF to Invest Like T. Boone Pickens

This ETF assumes a more comprehensive view of energy investing and aims to better risk-adjusted returns (BOON) (0:40) - Oil Prices On The Rise: Is This The End Of The Rally? (3:00) - The Pickens Oil Response ETF: BOON (9:10) - How Does BOON Provide Better Risk Adjustment (11:50) - Company Selection and Weighting In Portfolio (15:00) - Why Does BOON Have A High Expense Ratio? (16:30) - Takeaways On The Oil Industry (18:20) - Episode Roundup:


Profit from the Commodities Rally with These ETFs

Here are what investors need to know about the commodities rally and related ETFs. (OIH, FRAK, GDX, MOO, RAAX) (0:45) - Commodities On The Rise: Will This Continue? (3:00) - Surging Oil Prices: What Is The Best Way To Invest (5:30) - 2018 Gold Outlook: Gold Metal Or Miners? (8:00) - VanEck Vectors Agribusiness ETF: MOO (9:45) - Real Asset Allocation ETF: RAAX (11:40) - Episode Roundup:


Disruptive ETFs to Buy: Blockchain and Online Retail

In this podcast, we highlighted the ETFs targeting two very hot investing trends—blockchain and online retail. (BLOK, IBUY, AMZN) (0:30) - Why You Should Be Investing In The Blockchain Technology (4:05) - Overview of BLOK: Actively Managed ETF (8:15) - How Does BLOK Manage Risk? (10:20) - Online Retail Growth Trends: IBUY (18:00) - Weighting and Holdings For IBUY (22:15) - Takeaways on IBUY and BLOK:


Here’s an AI Powered ETF That Uses IBM’s Watson & Google Deep Mind

Learn more about the world's first AI Powered ETF and a leading white label issuer behind many innovative ETFs. (0:30) - Investment Process of EquBot: AIEQ (3:45) - Data Analysis: How Does It Determine Relevancy? (5:30) - Why Being Actively Managed Is Important (7:10) - AIEQ Performance and ETF Managers Role (12:00) - The Future For ETF Managers: Upcoming ETFs


Worried About FANGs? Consider This Hot Tech ETF

This ETF provides exposure to Israel’s booming economy and its innovative tech sector. (ITEQ, DOX, CHKP, NICE, CYBR) (1:00) - How Did Israel Become A High Tech Hub? (3:00) - Risk Exposure In Israel (5:20) - BlueStar Israel Technology ETF Overview: ITEQ (9:30) - Why Should You Be Looking Past Silicon Valley (13:50) - Popularity Of BlueStar Israel Indexes (15:15) - Episode Roundup:


An ETF to Tap Explosive E-Commerce Growth in Emerging Markets

This hot ETF is a convenient to way to profit from rapidly growing e-commerce industry in emerging markets (EMQQ, BABA, TCEHY, BIDU, JD). (0:40) - Fast Growing Emerging Markets: Why You Should Be Watching (7:10) - Emerging Markets Internet and Ecommerce ETF Overview: EMQQ (14:45) - Why Did EMQQ Perform So Well In 2017? (20:00) - International Exposure: Who Will Lead The Way? (25:05) - Takeaways on Emerging Markets and EMQQ


Forget Bitcoin, Consider Blockchain ETFs

Here's how investors can profit from the transformative potential of the blockchain technology. BLCN, IBM, NVDA, BABA (0:45) - What Is Blockchain Technology? (3:50) - Reality Shares Nasdaq NexGen Economy ETF: BLCN (8:30) - Blockchain Hype: Screening Out Fly By Night Stocks (11:00) - International and Sector Exposure (17:35) - Current Performance of BLCN (20:10) - Takeaways on Blockchain:


An ETF to Invest in Self-driving & Electric Cars

Here’s why you should invest in the future of mobility. (1:00) - Investing In The Future Of Mobility (4:30) - Key Growth Areas and Whose Leading The Way (8:00) - Innovation Shares NextGen Vehicles & Technology ETF Overview: ECAR (13:30) - Self Driving Car Concerns (16:10) - Episode Roundup:


Here's Why You Should Invest in Robotics & AI ETFs

Robotics and artificial intelligence industry is growing exponentially, here’s how investors can capitalize on this trend. Tickers-ROBO, NVDA, ROK, IRBT, ISRG (1:00) - AI and Robotics: Top Growth Sectors (6:25) - Robo Global Index ETF Overview: ROBO (12:00) - What Is The International Exposure? (14:45) - Are Mid-cap Companies Driving The Robotic Revolution (17:00) - Long Term Impact Of AI and Robotics (19:50) - Performance of Robo Global Index ETF (22:00) - Episode Roundup:...


Here’s an ETF to Invest in Immunotherapy--the Game Changing Cancer Treatment

CNCR ETF is up about 30% this year; here is what investors need to know about immunotherapy and the ETF (CNCR, IBB) (1:10) - What Is Immunotherapy? (4:25) - 5 Types Of FDA Approved Immunotherapy ((7:50) - What Kind Of Cancer Does This Treat? (9:45) - Loncar Cancer Immunotherapy ETF: CNCR (17:00) - Cancer Research Institute Partnership (20:45) - What Is Driving The Positive Performance? (25:00) - Launch Of China Biotech Index (27:10) - Episode Roundup:


Here’s Why You Should Buy Dividend Growth ETFs Now

Dividend Growth ETFs hold high-quality companies that have outperformed the market over the long-term and also provided downside protection during market downturns (NOBL, EFAD). (1:00) - Pro Shares Dividend Aristocrats ETF: NOBL (4:00) - What Is The Long Term Performance Through Volatility? (7:20) - What Happened During The Recent Correction? (9:45) - Interest Rate Concerns: Are Dividend Growth Stocks Safe? (14:30) - International Performance For Dividend Growth Strategy (17:40) -...