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Volatility ETFs: What You Need to Know

Here is what investors need to know about the market’s fear gauge or the VIX and ETFs that benefit from volatility. (1:30) - What Is The ViX Index and Implied Volatility? (3:20) - What Are The VIX Future Contracts? (5:30) - The Impact of Contango On The VIX (7:00) - Pro Shares VIX ETFs: SVXY, UVXY, VIXY, VIXM (9:15) - How Should These ETFs Be Used In A Portfolio? 12:40) - Episode Roundup:


How to Profit from Market Volatility Using Inverse & Leveraged ETFs

Market volatility is back. Here is what investors need to know about using inverse & leveraged ETFs to make money from wild swings. (1:00) - Inverse and Leveraged ETFs: How To Handle Market Volatility (3:30) - How Long Can You Hold A Inverse Bear ETF? (6:40) - How Do Leveraged an d Inverse ETF Work? (10:00) - Should Investors Expect A Santa Clause Rally This Year? (13:10) - 2019 Positioning For Your Investment Portfolio (17:20) - Newly Launched Direxion Funds: WANT, LACK &...


Profit from the New Economy with These AI Powered ETFs

SPDR Kensho ETFs provide exposure to companies in cutting edge industries that are driving the new economy. (1:00) - The Fourth Industrial Revolution and The New Economy (3:40) - Company Selection and Weighting Strategy (6:50) - SPDR Kensho Final Frontiers ETF: XKFF (9:30) - Kensho Intelligent Structures ETF: XKII (11:00) - Kensho Future Security ETF: XKFS (13:00) - Kensho Smart Mobility ETF: XKST (16:15) - Kensho Clean Power ETF: XKCP (17:50) - Kensho New Economies Composite ETF:...


How to pick the Best ETFs and Mutual Funds

Here is what investors need to know before investing in funds. (1:10) - What Factors Are Important When Picking An ETF or Mutual Fund? (6:45) - How To Choose Between An ETF and Mutual Fund? (11:10) - Do Actively Managed ETFs or Mutual Funds Perform More Consistently? (14:30) - How Can Smart Beta ETFs Benefit Your Portfolio? (17:00) - Top Picks When Building Your Core Portfolio (18:50) - Episode Roundup:


Beat the Market with Pure Style ETFs

Pure style ETFs offer focused exposure to stocks with strong growth and value characteristics. (0:45) - What Are Pure Style Indexes? (3:50) - Invesco’s Strong ETF Performance: RPG & RPV (8:00) - What Are The Risk and Returns With These ETFs? (9:40) - How Can RPG & RPV Benefit Your Portfolio? (14:15) - Are Investors Moving Away From Growth? (16:30) - Episode Roundup:


Fidelity’s ETF Strategy in Focus After Zero-Fee Funds

We discuss Fidelity's ETF plans and some of their most interesting products. (1:15) - Overview of Fidelity’s ETF Strategy (4:00) - What Should You Base Your ETF Buying Decision On? (7:30) - Current Investing Trends With Current Market Conditions (11:35) - Increased Interest In Low Volatile ETFs: FDLO & FVAL (16:00) - How Can These ETFs Fit Into Your Portfolio? (17:50) - Fidelity International ETFs: FIDI & FIVA (20:00) - Fidelity Low Duration Bond Factor ETF: FLDR (21:55) - Episode...


ETFs vs. Mutual Funds, Rising Rates, Market Volatility & More

We discussed how to choose between ETFs and mutual funds, zero fee funds, staying focused during market volatility and strategies for rising rates. (1:00) - How To Choose Between VOO & VFIAX: What Is The Difference? (4:10) - Why Investors Should Not Time The Market (6:20) - How To Protect Yourself From Rising Rates (9:00) - When Could We See A Zero Fee ETF? (12:05) - Episode Roundup:


Best ETF Strategies for Q4 & Tech Reshuffle

We discuss what's at stake heading into mid-term elections, best strategies for Q4 and the new FANG focused ETF (1:00) - Current Market Outlook For Q4 (3:45) - Will XSW and XHE Continue To Outperform (7:00) - What Are The Major Impacts From The Reclassification (12:15) - ETF Strategies For Q4 (15:00) - Changes In Consumer Discretionary (17:05) - Episode Roundup:


Invest Like Warren Buffett with These Stocks & ETF

Moat investing, popularized by Buffett, looks for attractively priced companies with sustainable competitive advantages. AAPL, AMZN, DIS, PFE, AGN, CMP (1:15) - What Is An Economic Moat and The Different Kinds? (5:25) - VanEck Vectors Morningstar Wide Moat ETF: Company Selection and Weighting (9:00) - How Do These Companies Create Value Long Term? (13:50) - Does Healthcare have the Best Economic Moats? (16:45) - MOAT ETF Performance: Is This A Long Term Investing Strategy? (22:00)...


Nobel Prize for Cancer Immunotherapy & Biotech ETFs to Buy

2018 Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded for immunotherapy research. Here is what investors need to know about stocks and ETF focused on this innovative area. (1:00) - What Is Immunotherapy? (3:45) - The Different Kinds of Immunotherapy (8:00) - What To Watch For In Immunotherapy Industry (15:20) - The Developing Biotech Industry: Is It More Risky? (19:45) - Loncar China BioPharma ETF Overview: CHNA (25:00) - Big Takeaways on Immunotherapy:


Crypto Experts on Bitcoin, ICOs, Blockchain ETF & More

Here is what investors need to know about investing in bitcoin, ICOs and the blockchain ETF managed by crypto guru Brian Kelly. (1:00) - Should Investors Be Buying Into Cryptocurrencies? (3:10) - Bitcoin Evaluation and Initial Coin Offerings (7:30) - When Will We Get A Bitcoin ETF? (11:20) - REX Shares BKCM ETF Overview: BKC (14:30) - The Importance Of Active Management (17:35) - Big Takeaways On Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology


Top Performing Active ETFs & Tesla’s Best-Case Scenario

Neena Mishra talks with COO of ARK Investment Management, the firm behind most innovative ETFs that have consistently delivered excellent performance. (ARKK, ARKG, ARKW, TSLA, GBTC, EDIT, AMZN, SQ) (1:00) - ARK Invest’s Outperformance: What Is Their Secret Sauce? (6:10) - The Research Process Of ARK Invest (10:20) - Genomic Revolution Multi-Sector ETF: ARKG (14:00) - Next Generation Internet ETF: ARKW (18:45) - 2017 ETF Of The Year: ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK) (23:15) - How Can These...


Marijuana Stocks and ETF: What Investors Need to Know

Pot stocks are hot but also very volatile, here is what investors need to know (1:00) - Growth Expectations for Marijuana Industry (3:45) - Is Canada’s Legalization A Game Changer? (6:00) - Alcohol and Tobacco Giants Interests In Cannabis (8:30) - Alternative Harvest ETF Overview: MJ (10:45) - In Depth Look At Canopy Growth Corp and Tilray Inc (17:30) - Regulatory Risks and Long Term vs. Short Term Investment (25:10) - Takeaways On The Alternative Harvest ETF


Tech Guru on FAANGs, AMD, a New Disruptive ETF & More

Neena Mishra talks with tech expert Gene Munster about a new ETF to invest in disruptive technologies, outlook for FAANGs and more. (0:45) - 5 Themes Driving Technology (2:30) - Loup Frontier Tech ETF (LOUP) Overview: Company Selection and Weighting (8:15) - Are Smaller Companies Poised For Better Growth? (12:20) - Is The FANG Party Over? (15:50) - Episode Roundup:


Leveraged FAANG ETFs: What Investors Need to Know

These ETNs provide 2x and 3x, upside and downside exposure to the hottest tech stocks. (1:10) - What Is The NYSE FANG+ Index? (3:30) - How Should ETN Products Be Used? (6:45) - What Is The ETN Structure and Who Should Be Using Them? (10:30) - Upcoming Products and Big Takeaways On ETNs


Leveraged ETFs: How Do They Work and What's Hot Now?

Leveraged and Inverse ETFs are among the most misunderstood products. Here is what investors need to know. (1:00) - What Are Leveraged ETFs and How Do They Work? (7:50) - Who Should Be Using These Products And How Should They Be Used? (13:15) - Portfolio Plus ETFs (16:45) - How Does The Index Get Selected For A Product? (18:30) - Will The Tech Trend Continue To Outperform? (21:40) - Retail and Healthcare ETFs: RETL & CURE (25:20) - Gold ETFS: DUST vs. NUGT (28:00) - Episode Roundup:...


Move Over FANGs, FinTech ETF is Hot Now

Here is an ETF to access high growth potential of the emerging FinTech industry (0:45) - What Is Fintech and What Is Behind The Growth? (5:10) - How Big Is The Fintech Industry? (7:20) - Global X FinTech Overview: Company Selection and Weighting (FINX) (11:00) - The Growing Popularity Of Thematic Investing (14:05) - Episode Roundup:


Profit from Retail Disruption with These ETFs

Online sales continue to soar while brick and mortar sales are slowing down. We discuss ProShares ETFs designed to profit from this trend. (1:00) - What Has Caused The Disruption in the Retail Industry? (3:15) - What Are The New Growth Trends In Retail? (5:00) - ProShares Online Retail ETF: ONLN (9:50) - Weakened Brick and Mortar Retail (12:55) - Pro Shares Long Online/Short Stores ETF: CLIX (14:05) - How Can Investors Benefit From These Products? (17:00) - Episode Roundup:...


New SEC Rule and Exponential ETFs

We discuss the proposed SEC rule for ETF approval process, an upside down ETF and a customer satisfaction ETF (1:30) - New Rules For The ETF Process: What Will Be The Impact? (9:30) - Exponential ETFs: Reverse Cap Weighting (16:40) - American Customer Satisfaction Investable Index: ACSII (19:50) - ACSII: Weighting and Holdings (22:55) - Episode Roundup:


How GICS Changes Will Impact Hottest Stocks and ETFs

Many high-flying stocks and ETFs will be impacted by the coming sector changes. Find out what it means for your portfolio. (0:20) - Breaking Down The New Communication Services Sector (2:45) - What Stocks Will Be Impacted and How? (5:20) - Will The Communication Services Sector Provide Big Growth? (8:00) - Communication Services Select Sector SPDR: XLC (11:00) - Will This Sector Have Cyclical Growth? (14:40) - Major changes and Rebalancing To XLK and XLY ETFs (17:20) - Episode...