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Earache Radio No 25

Earache Radio No 25 Playlist The Chrome Cranks - “Way-out Lover” MAD3 - “Astro Commando” The Armitage Shanks- “Dutch Cap” the Gibson Bros - “White Nigger” Rocket From the Crypt - “On the Prowl” The Leaving Trains - “Temporal Slut” The A-Lines - “Heidi’s Head” Jeff Dahl - “Suicide City” Poison Idea - “Getting the Fear” The Kings of Oblivion - “Gotta Love Me” The Honeymoon Killers - “Vanna White (Goddess of Love)” Pussy Galore - “Happy” The Cynics - “Dancing on the Wall” The New...

Duration: 01:01:22

Earache Radio No 24

Playlist Napalm Beach - “Last Big Heartache” The Honeymoon Killers - “Get it Hot” The Leaving Trains - “Rock N’ Roll Murder” Helmet - “In the Meantime” Mudhoney - “Baby Help Me Forget” Urge Overkill - “(I’m on a) Drunk” Hole - “Retard Girl” Pussy Galore - “Die Bitch” Penetration Moon - “Fifth a Day” Poison Idea - “The Badge” Whopping Big Naughty - “Your Not Coming” Black Flag - “Damaged I” The Dwarves - “Here’s Looking at You” / “Down and Dirty” Born Loose - “Bright Light...

Duration: 01:02:20

Earache Radio No 23

Earache Radio No 23 Playlist L7 - “Lost Cause” U-Men - “Freeze Bomb” Die Kreuzen - “Land of Treason” The Jesus Lizard - “Deaf as a Bat” Helios Creed - “The Warming” Urge Overkill - “Head On” Mensen - “Man From Outerspace” Helmet - “Primitive” Mudhoney - “Dig Those Trenches” Silver Salute - “No Clue” The Melvins - “I Can’t Shake It” Girls Against Boys - “Bulletproof Cupid” The Dwarves - “I’m a Man” The Splatterheads - “Destroyer” The Angry Samoans - “Heroin” Guzzard -...

Duration: 01:04:38

Earache Radio No 22

Earache Radio No 22 Playlist Dead Moon - “Parchment Farm” The Cows - “Slap Back” The Melvins - “Night Goat” The Onyas - “I’ll Be the Judge” Lollipop - “Gotohell” The Strangulated Beatoffs - “Lick My Butthole” Big Black - “Things to do Today” Tar - “Solution 8″ Qui - “Freeze” Guzzard - “Glued” Arcwelder - “Raleigh” Vertigo - “Burnin’ Inside” Silver Salute - “The Shit” Surgery - “a.k.” Estrella 20/20 - “Red/Green” The Sleez Sisters - “Sleez Sisters Theme” Right On - “Buried...

Duration: 01:06:25

Earache Radio No 21

Earache Radio No 21 Playlist Lecherous Gaze - “Animal Brain” Lonely Moans - “Rockinerd” Ich Bin Ein Esel - “Big Picture Man” The Onyas - “Live for Rejection” The Stooges - “1969″ Vertigo - “Murder By Guitar” Bl’ast - ”School’s Out” Saccharine Trust - “Disillusioned Fool” Lollipop - Half-dead Half-gone” The Flesheaters - “The Divine Horseman” The Psyclone Rangers - “Little Man with a Gun in His Hand” The New Bomb Turks - “Good On Ya Baby” The Pleasure Fuckers - “Los...

Duration: 01:05:26

Earache Radio No 20

Earache Radio No 20 Playlist Gallon Drunk - “The Last Gasp” The Psyclone Rangers - “Jack Kennedy” Tar - “Hand” Gnomes of Zurich - “Dispenser” Greenhouse Effect - “Setting Suns” The Jesus Lizard - “Mouthbreather” Vertigo - “Shut Up and Sit Down” Monroe’s Fur - “Roast” Gear Jammer - “Horsepower 2000″ Rapeman - “Hated Chinee” Daddy Hate Box - “Close As Death” Casus Belli - “Punishment” Tumor Circus - “Swine Flu” Olivelawn - “Beautiful Feeling” Lollipop - “Bastard Son of...

Duration: 01:08:54

Earache Radio No 19

Earache Radio No 19 Playlist Poison 13 - “Ain’t Superstitious” The Crows - “Crow Bar” Drive Like Jehu - “Bullet Train To Vegas” Kandi Coded - “Basement Lagoon” Alice Donut - “Demonologist” Gear Jammer - “Two Types of Chrome” Pigmy Love Circus - “Beat on the Brat” Killdozer - “The Pig Was Cool” Icky Joey - “Marron Marron” Mudhoney - “Need” The Holez - “Circle 1″ The Kings of Rock - “I Like Drugs” Electric Frankenstein - “I’m a Rock N’ Roll Kamikaze” The New Bomb Turks - “Snap...

Duration: 00:57:41

Earache Radio No 18

Earache Radio No 18 Playlist Laughing Hyenas - ‘Here We Go Again” Bottle of Smoke - “Tits & a Beard” The Sinister Six - “Movin’ On” Olivelawn - “The Cat’s Meow” Big Black - “Il Duce” Killdozer - “Sonnet ‘96″ Surgery - “Feedback” Lubricated Goat - “Play Dead” Tractor Sex Fatality - “Dialtone” The Bags - “Hide & Seek” The Red Aunts - “Big Cans” The M-80’s - “That Ain’t All” Antiseen - “Two Headed Dog” The Humpers - “Sarcasmatron” Gluecifer - “The Year of Manly Living” The...

Duration: 01:02:11

Earache Radio No 17

Earache Radio No 17 Playlist The Cows - “Cow Island” 64 Spiders - “Potty Swat” The Cosmic Psychos - “Thanks Mum For the Rabbits” King Snake Roost - “More Than Love” The Jesus Lizard - “Wheelchair Epidemic” Lubricated Goat - “Meating My Head” Bushpig - “Felching the Cat” Surgery - “Little Debbie” Vertigo - “Going to Pieces” TAD - “Pig Iron” The Night Kings - “Bug Weed” The Dwarves - “We Must Have Blood” The Sinister Six - “Outta My Way” The Sugar Shack - “Trailer...

Duration: 01:01:49

Earache Radio No 16

Earache Radio No 16 Playlist Plastic Crimewave Sound - Shockwave Rider King Snake Roost - “School’s Out” The Jesus Lizard - “Fly On The Wall” Killdozer - “Short Eyes” Flipper - “Flipper Twist” Poison Idea - “Hangover Heartattack” Steelwool - “Dog That Bites” The Cosmic Psychos - “Crazy Woman” Pansy Division w/ Jello Biafra - ” “Average Men” Zeke - “You Gotta Roll” Sugar Shack - “You Don’t Mean Shit To Me” Calabros - “Gonna Eat Me” The Onyas - “London, Paris,...

Duration: 01:00:22

Earache Radio No 15

Earache Radio No 15 Playlist The Cosmic Psychos - “Lead Me Astray” Vertigo - “You Got Nothing” Killdozer - “Lupus” Gasoline - “Let’s Go Harley” The Vendettas - “Can’t Stop” Flesh Lights - “Bummer Bitch” The Superkools - “Something Tomorrow” The Bottom Feeders - “‘69 Drag Pack” Zeke - “Lords of the Highway” The Buff Medways - “Highway Chile” The Hardons - “I Heard Her Call My Name” The No-Talents - “What’s in Your Bag” The Didjits - “Headless” The New Bomb Turks - “Got No...

Duration: 00:51:48

Earache Radio No 14

Earache Radio No 14 Playlist Sugar Shack - “Don’t Bum Me Out” Bloodloss - “I’ll Be Around” The Melvins - “Leech” The Short Fuses - “Here Come the Warm Girls” OBN iii’s - “Rich Old White Men” Tractor Sex Fatality - “Cage Match” The Kent 3 - “Sleeper” Deep Reduction - “Black Tulip” The Dubrovniks - “Speedway Girls” The Campus Tramps - “Right Here Right Now” Adam West - “Sizleen” The Secrets - “Who’s Walkin’ Who” The Villains - “Villain” The Monomen - “Don’t Know Yet” The M80s...

Duration: 00:54:18

Earache Radio No 13

Earache Radio No 13 Playlist Electric Frankenstein - “Face at the Edge of the Crowd” Mudhoney - “You Make Me Die” The Pleasure Fuckers - “The Saint” The Candy Snatchers - “Bum Me Out” Bloodloss - “Hated In My House” AntiSeen - “Beat on the Brat” Nashville Pussy - “Go Motherfucker Go” Pearl Schwartz - “Stars in the Street” The Dirty Fingers - “Only Perverts Play Rock N’ Roll” The Humpers - “Dead Last” 9 Pound Hammer - “Two Tub Man” The Persuaders - “See My Reason” The Cynics -...

Duration: 00:50:25

Earache Radio No 12

Earache Radio No 12 Playlist Tractor Sex Fatality - “Jungle Pam” The Scientists - “Swampland” The Makers - “I Get Scared” The Mono Men - “Over the Edge” The Carbonas - “Blackout Waiting To Happen” The Ghetto Ways - “Hidden Charms” The Highschool Rockers - “Fun Tonight” The Minds - “We Got the Pop” The FM Knives - “Estrogen” Die Rotzz - “Lo Que Necessito” Blunder Tongue - “Long Tall Willie” BUM - “Weekend” The Flash Express - “Ride the Flash Express” Pearl Schwartz - End of...

Duration: 00:56:29

Earache Radio No 11

Earache Radio No 11 Playlist The Monomen - “Took That Thing” The Problematics - “Bad Habit” The Shop Fronts - “So Sick” The Highschool Rockers - “I Love Anna Kournikova” The Stitches - “You Tear Me Out” The Orphans - “Electric S” The Trashies - “Nude Beach” Skin Yard - “Start At The Top” Haunted Garage - “Brain In A Jar” Steel Wool - “Devil’s Night” Coffin Break - “Noise Patch” Ex-Cult - “Stick the Knif [...]

Duration: 00:46:57

FFOF #15

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight Radio! Episode No. 15 Playlist Dead Moon - “Hey Joe” The Pulses - “The Kinks Say Fuck You” The Cripples - “Normal People” The Wicked Ones - “Back to My Cave” The Earaches - “Don’t Care if I Die” The Devil Dogs - “Hosebag” Arch Hall Jr. - “Konga Joe” The Gonn - “Don’t Need Your Lovin’” Mouse &/the Traps - “Maid of Sugar, Maid of Spice” The Bad Seeds - “Taste of the Same” MC5 - “High School” The Tell-Tale Hearts - “It’s Just a Matter of...

Duration: 01:01:09

FFOF #18

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight Radio! Episode No. 18 - The Primate Five Play List The Primate Five - “Dwellin’” The Primate Five - “Make You Mine” Top 10 NW Rock N’ Roll Songs Courtesy of the Primate Five: The Statics - “Theme” Girl Trouble - “The Skin” Young Fresh Fellows - “Gorilla Time” The Monomen - “Burning Bush” The Wailers - “Mashi” The Sonics - “Psycho” The Exploding Hearts - “Throwaway Style” Beat Happening - “Redhead Walking” The Cripples - “Make Up Break Up or Fake...

Duration: 00:59:56

FFOF #37

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight! Radio No. 37 BUM - “I Wanna Be” Bell - “Viral Love” The Pointed Sticks - “What Do You Want Me To Do?” Dig - “Metropolitan Surfer” The Bill Collectors - “Hole in the City” Gas Huffer - “First You Dream” Sybil - “Olympia” Green River - “10,000 Things” Flathead - “In the Flesh” The Statics - “Pinball Junkie” The Sonics - “Like No Other Man” Rocky &/the Riddlers - “Flash & Crash” GIto Gito Hustler - “Life Goes On” The Victims - “I Want Head” Tyvek -...

Duration: 00:57:57

FFOF #36

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight! Radio Episode No 36 The Bill Collectors – “Gold Medal” The Statics – “No Class” The Screamin’ Furys – “She’s Allright” Sinister Six – “Die For Me” The A-Frames – “Complications” The Gloryholes – “Pickled Eggs” Fuck Knights – “Kristina!” Dalai Lamas – “I Want You” Gloo Girls – “Barbie USA” The Fink Bombs – “El Cucuy” Jimmy Jukebox (Kim Fowley) – “Motorboat” The Titans – “Speed Queen Mama” The Havenot’s – “Go Away” The Raydios – “Are You...

Duration: 01:00:21

FFOF #35

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight Radio! Episode No. 35 Mudhoney – “She’s Just Fifteen” (Milkshakes) The Monomen – “Wrecker” The Invisible Eyes – “Long Way” Ape City R & B – “Oh Lil’ Girl” Brother Buzz – “Dynamite” The Meices – “He’s Waiting” The New Bomb Turks – “Summer Romance” The Creamers – “You’re So Square” The Motards – “Unhappy” Pink Swords – “Shit on You” Loli &/the Chones – “I’ve Gotta Gun” Crime – “Baby, You’re So Repulsive” Gino &/the Goons – “Big Boy” The Dwarves –...

Duration: 00:57:17

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