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Vancouver, BC


人居溫哥華, 離不開 "食色" 二字, 我們的目標是透過 "吃 喝 玩 樂” 的主題來為周末畫一個完美的句點, 用不同的主題帶出 “吃喝” 部份及“玩樂”部分, 也可以分成 “食色” 及 “男女” 部分, 內容將緊密的與 “LOCAL” 做連結, 帶入本地主流文化. 單元包括: 消夜不能忘: 介紹本地餐廳, 飲食文化 吃貨特派員: 利用身邊的人脈取得餐廳現場feedback 中國傳統飲食文化: DJ Gladys 帶大家溫故知新 小手拉大手: 關於你的我的感情話題 Vancouverites, as the main stream media calls it, is known for the diversity of it's culture. It is also known for the "foodies", which in a way is part of the diversity of food culture that gave us that title. Eat Play Love is the perfect conclusion to the week before Monday comes by. We devote our focus on two separate topics on "eat" and "love", we also connect our audiences to local trends and news with this platform.



This show will be available on Mon, Dec 24 at 1AM.