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This is the musical world of Eban Schletter, award winning composer/songwriter and Theremin virtuoso. He is best known for his work on TV shows such as "Mr. Show with Bob and David", "SpongeBob SquarePants" and "Drawn Together", as well as film scores for "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" and "Run Ronnie Run". He is also the co-producer of "The Pod F. Tompkast" and musical contributor to "The Thrilling Adventure Hour". Fantastical Musicorium presents an eclectic array of all original music with each episode, in addition to other surprises and special segments.




Episode 10: Audio-Autobiography Pt2: Young & Dumb

Hawaiian Tide; Sea Star; Jaws at 8; Cassette Recorder; Punk Bands; The Greatest Technological Invention of Post-Modern-Pre-Distopian Times; The Most Socially Accepted Mental Disease; Euphoria; Conventional View of Love; Following Bliss; Three Payments

Duration: 00:36:45

Episode 9: Audio-Autobiography Pt1: Young

First Theme; Petaluma; Fishing Trip; Imagined Sweetheart; Nine; Cinema Influence; Bad Boys; Super 8 Epic; Forever Friends featuring Paul F Tompkins.

Duration: 00:31:35

Episode 8: Dissent Through Distraction

All that's happened; Hollywood Free-For-All; Good Morning World; My Opinion; Swearing!; Theremin Jam; My Ukulele; I Can't Find a Toy for My Baby; Kissing Queen; White Summer Bonnet featuring Crissy Guerrero; Wash your mouth out!

Duration: 00:33:43

Episode 7: We're Back!

Bringing the podcast back; Advice from a legend; Songs of human evolution(?): Ape Man 2000, Boots On the Ground (featuring Sara Watkins) , I Wonder Why; Hymn of the Defeatist; How to lighten the mood (with a "Stan Against Evil" Easter egg); Kris' Turn (All of Those Sunshine Days); Someplace To Go.

Duration: 00:35:23

Episode 6: George Bailey It Is

Inner George Bailey in the Christmas Present! A Holiday Greeting from a Christmas Past! A Cosmic Future Christmas!

Duration: 00:45:29

Episode 5: Kiddie Coup

The Inner Child gets his way; Demos from the SpongeBob Musical; Bubble Bath; The return of Sprinkles the Studio Pixie; Rudeville; Bongo Magongo; Real Life Fairy Princess; "The Kings Grudge" starring Paul F. Tompkins, Mike Phirman and Kris McGaha, narrated by Daamen Krall.

Duration: 00:43:31

Haunting Sounds of the Spooktacular Phantasmagorium

Fantastical Musicorium presents a bonus album of spooky moods, sounds and melodies, inspired by the "Spooky Sounds" LPs of yesteryear. A sonic journey through original music and sound design by Eban Schletter. Eerie spells, monster lessons, and trick-or-treating goblins. Featuring the voices of Kris McGaha, Daamen Krall, Crissy Guerrero, Traci DeNisi, Ron Lynch and Zoe & Dash McGaha-Schletter. Plus musicians: The Section Quartet, Probyn Gregory and Jay Work.

Duration: 00:30:25

Episode 3: A Sponsor?

Brought to you by "The 21st Century Doomsday Spectacular"; "Do you see why I have a hard time marketing this schmuck?"; The Forgotten Score;Ronnie Butler Jr. and Kris Mcgaha in Technical Support;"I told you! You are not allowed to play any tracks from that record!"

Duration: 00:44:21

Episode 2: The Future

An exploration of the future through music of the past; rare Battlebots CD singles featuring Olivia Olson ("Phineas and Ferb", "Adventure Time") when she was 9 years old; the score to the Joel Hodgson short "Statical Planets"; Eban discovers his future fate; where do all the picks go?

Duration: 00:43:20

Episode 1: The First Episode

What sonic art does Eban Schletter create when he isn't writing music for TV shows like SpongeBob SquarePants, Mr. Show, Drawn Together and Comedy Bang Bang? And what is it that makes a podcast "real"? And will there be Theremin somewhere?

Duration: 00:43:33