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Warrington, United Kingdom


Dj Edz-Gon started Dj'in back at the beginning of 2006 after meeting close friend dj no-name. Having really got into the hardcore scene, with him going out raving and soaking in the atmosphere nearly every weekend he could not help but want to be a part of the scene. Edz went out and got sum decks, after this his love for music has just gone from strength to strength an so he went on to promote his own night called Hardcore Underground in his home town of Warsop, Nottinghamshire. Also running another night in Nottingham with a close friend 'Scott Potential' called rush hour, with slight success of these nights unfortunately had to end hardcore underground as there was a change of management at the club he used to use an the new management did not agree to a rave at there venue, an then not long after he had the opportunity to start his own business, as he started the record shop he was putting an extreme amount of hours to get the shop up and running and had to drop out of rush hour also, but now with the shop running nice and smoothly he will be looking for a new venue to bring his forthcoming event of energize to. Keep a close eye out for energize in 2008.As from now Mr Edz-Gon is working very hard putting in practice every day of the week to push him self to learn new tricks an scratch techniques and is also aiming for a much higher number of bookings this year.



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