Embedding luciferism into Military-logo

Embedding luciferism into Military

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LIVE NOTES FOR THE RAGGED EDGE RADIO BROADCAST WORLDWIDE JANUARY 20th to 24th Theme: NON-HUMAN INSPIRATION The ship sailing into and the shaping of final history of humanity The Devil speaks, assimilates and then acts. He is breathing down the brains and into the hearts of billions …where satan has his throne R2:13 An active dark thread through the systems of human history can be seen…if looked for by those who know. This supra-dark inspiration has stalked, drawn, assimilated and is shaping final human history. Humanity is being enticed, steered, directed, embraced and corralled into a ‘collective that is the final interface of the nonhuman with the human. They walk among us or should I say they rage against us……. they have since the beginning when they got the right to do so. Humanity who is being eaten alive by this dark menace has done this, we opened the door to the hounds of hell, and they are running circles around the best of fallen humanity. They have an agenda and that agenda is: Radically evil, focused on the whole earth (the sum total of humanity R 12), supernaturally powerfully and with unprecedented growth is bleeding into everything. They are supra human with powers; they are upon and attached to this broken human race and its very future. They are seeking, inspiring, seducing, tempting, lying to billions with a goal for……. the ‘sum total of human population. WWW.THE RAGGED EDGE RADIO .COM LIVE NOTES © RUSS DIZDAR