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Get ready to get focused! Essential tools and need-to-know information for anyone who has a disability or interfaces with someone who has a challenge. From the latest on assistive technology, to Adventures with Velda – her guide dog, plus the news you need to know from legislation to medical breakthroughs, Judy will bring it. Not just a road map, this program will provide a compelling soundtrack for your journey with colorful stories and anecdotes from people who are making it across the finish line.




Embrace Your Vision – Dora and Gary were happily married with two young children. Then one day…Dora began loosing sensation in one side…she was dignosed with multiple sclerosis.

40 years later, Dora Grider shares with us the incredible story of their journey together. Join host, Judy Redlich for Embrace Your Vision and be encouraged.… Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:32:09

Embrace Your Vision – Do you sink or swim in transitions?

Click here for tips on how to swim through transitions; Ray and Judy Redlich share about transitioning to their new house; Join Host, Judy Redlich www.judyredlich.com as she talks about other transitions; If you have more than one transition going on right now.. be encouraged and glean valuable tips for surviving.… Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:30:15

Embrace Your Vision – Tips For Turning Disappointment into Opportunity

Judy Redlich www.Judyredlich.com talks with speaker and author, Debbie Taylor Williams DebbieTaylorWilliams.com about her books: “a Plan A woman in a Plan B world; and, “Plan A Mom in a Plan B World—How to raise Faithful kids in a Flawed World”. They’ll offer tips for you on how to handle disappointment; how to guard one’s heart against land minds; and … Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:30:59

Embrace Your Vision – Serving others helps in the healing

Imagine living for nearly thirty years with the knowledge that your daughter’s murderer was never held accountable. Click to listen to Embrace Your Vision as host, Judy Redlich talks with this mother, Yvonne Pointer. www.yvonnepointer.com Even though a DNA match and an arrest was made only a few months ago, Yvonne spent the past 29 years bringing hope to families … Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:29:50

Embrace Your Vision – Dogs to the Rescue

Click to listen to this edition of Embrace Your Vision as host Judy Redlich introduces you to four-footed friends who daily come to the rescue of others. Judy interviews author M.R. Wells who shares stories of service dogs, therapy dogs, and personal pets who have made an amazing difference in their beloved humans’ lives. Judy and her four-footed friend are … Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:29:36

Embrace Your Vision – Remember Valentine’s day is more than just sending a

It only officially happens one day a year… but what do you do for your Valentine year round? Host Judy Redlich www.judyredlich.com of Embrace Your Vision and her husband, Ray offer tips for keeping your marriage alive and growing; also learn about the origin of Valentine’s day. And what is Judy up to with her four-footed friend? Click here to … Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:29:31

Embrace Your Vision – Silent Barriers

Could you be suffering from a very common, but very under diagnosed medical problem? Does it annoy you so much that you are becoming less confident? Is it stopping you from going after your passion? Click to listen to Embrace Your Vision; discover and see… with host Judy Redlich www.Judyredlich.com as she and Melissa Rodriguez talk about this topic. ww… Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:31:27

Embrace Your Vision – Employing the Blind

Even with all of today’s technological advancements, only about 12 percent of blind persons in the U.S. are employed. On today’s Embrace Your Vision Host, Judy Redlich introduces you to a blind couple who both work for large companies. Find out how they got their jobs, what resources they use to do their job efficiently. If you are looking for … Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:30:05

Embrace Your Vision – Don’t let a bully steel your child’s bright hope for

If your child dreads going to school because he or she is being bullied… Click here to listen to Embrace Your Vision. Host, Judy Redlich and her guest, Derek Randel stoppingschoolviolence.com, offer invaluable tips and insights for devastated parents and kids. Derreck, a former math teacher shares from firsthand experience. Click here to listen—help your kids be prepared. Email this … Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:31:09

Embrace Your Vision – Hard work and persistence pays off

Karen Keninger is the first blind person to become the director of the National Library Service For the Blind and Physically Handicapped. Find out about the unique ways in which this library serves its patrons; Karen’s amazing story might be the boost that you need to pursue something you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. Join host, Judy … Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:29:48

Embrace Your Vision – Dream Vacations make lifetime memories

Host, Judy redlich and her husband Ray tell yu about their recent 30th anniversary vacation. It may help you remember one of your favorite dream vacations. Learn some history… also find out how voting for everyone, including persons with disabilities, might soon get a little easier. … Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:34:45

Embrace Your Vision – Tips for searching to buy a home when you have a disa

Buying a home is a challenge; But when you have a disability, what additional challenge do you face? Click here to listen to today’s Embrace Your Vision where Judy Redlich www.judyredlich.com chats with others with disabilities about home buying. Great tips for the smart realtor, too. … Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:29:46

Embrace Your Vision – Tips for getting through tragedy

When the 9/11 tragedy struck, people in the U.S. and around the world were stunned. Many wondered how could they ever begin picking up the pieces of their lives. Click here for Embrace Your Vision where Judy Redlich www.judyredlich.com shares with you an interview she did two days after the 2001 tragedy. Both guests, a prominent psychiatrist and also a … Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:34:41

Embrace Your Vision – Do generational differences often cause misunderstand

Explore uniquenesses of generations now and in the past to discover why you think differently from your parents or children. Despite our generational differences, are our basic hopes and aspirations the same? Click here to Join Judy Redlich www.judyredlich.com and Kathy Hicks for a thought provoking conversation–on Embrace Your Vision.… Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:27:26

Embrace Your Vision – Tips for getting through the pain of childhood abuse

Why was I victimized? Where was God? Why are my emotions so confusing? Judy Redlich www.judyredlich.com, host of Embrace Your Vision talks with Cecil Murphey www.cecilmurphey.com co-author of the book “Not Quite Healed; 40 truths for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. They address these and other questions like: Why is childhood sexual abuse so difficult to conquer? Should … Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:30:48

Embrace Your Vision – Adapting to change

In college, Ryan lost most of his vision forcing him to reevaluate his career choices, and change his major. If you’re having problems adapting to change, Ryan’s story might spur you on to accept changes that are before you, adapt, and find yourself going through new doors and finding a passion you never knew you had. You might be surprised … Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:30:33

Embrace Your Vision – Determined to succeed

While driving his sales route, Deon’s sight suddenly started to fade. Pulling off the road, he tried to call his company from his cell phone whose face he could no longer see. Determination over the past 3 years drove him to get new skills; start a new journey. Join Embrace Your Vision Host Judy Redlich www.judyredlich.com as she chats with … Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:29:42

Embrace Your Vision – 052713

052713… Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:30:37

Embrace Your Vision – Hope remains even when your life seems like it’s fall

How do you keep from falling into despair when pain and suffering weighs so heavily upon you? How can you put your life together again after a disappointment or shattered relationship? Author Margaret Wills has been there. Today on Embrace Your Vision, Judy Redlich introduces you to Margaret, author of “Pressing into thin Places” information in today’s show … Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:29:22

Embrace Your Vision – Infertility: Dream breaker or new direction taker

Statistics indicate 1 in 13 women are unable to bear children; 1 in 6 couples deal with fertility issues. Author Lesli A. Westfall www.dancinguponbarrenland.com joins host Judy Redlich www.judyredlich.com To give listeners tips on how to be an overcomer through their heart break. She knows; she’s been there! Wonder how to help friends dealing with fertility issues? Click here now … Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:26:22

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