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Searching for the truth. Two different views, best bet we'll argue. An alternative new source for views on politics, corruption, conspiracy theories, and news.

Searching for the truth. Two different views, best bet we'll argue. An alternative new source for views on politics, corruption, conspiracy theories, and news.
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Searching for the truth. Two different views, best bet we'll argue. An alternative new source for views on politics, corruption, conspiracy theories, and news.






Emergency Exit 58 Fermi Paradox

This one's a doosie. First Jackie Ellison hangs out while Nick give us the rundown of the Fermi Paradox. Jack also helps keep the peace when Nick and Los go at it about terrorism. What are your thoughts? EmergencyExitPodcast.com

Duration: 01:39:29

Emergency Exit 57 We Got The News

Emergency Exit 57 We Got The News by Emergency Exit

Duration: 01:37:46

Emergency Exit 5

Emergency Exit 5 by Emergency Exit

Duration: 01:36:32

Emergency Exit 54 Can I Get A Ride To Adelbert's With Myk O'Connor

This week on the program we talk to a Kick Ass Person! Myk O'Connor from Can I Get a Ride Podcast and Whisker Wars joins us as we play Germany or Florida and the What Am I Game and do a very Special Brew World Order. All of this LIVE at Adelbert's Brewery! This episode is packed! EmergencyExitPodcast.com canigetaridepodcast.com

Duration: 01:40:09

Emergency Exit 53 #TIMEMONTH

Emergency Exit 53 #TIMEMONTH by Emergency Exit

Duration: 01:20:17

Emergency Exit 52

Emergency Exit 52 by Emergency Exit

Duration: 01:23:45

Emergency Exit Podcast 51 Monsanto's Red Pill

This week, we chat with the winner of infowars song contest, Vince and we play his song "Red Pill" . Later we play the What Am I Game. But first, what do you know about MONSANTO? We dug deep and found shady employment, suppressed information, lies, and straight up bribes. Are GMO’s EVIL? Are they GOOD? Do they save LIVES? With more money than the pope, Monsanto remains the GMO giant with no stop in sight. We will tell you what they’ve been up to over the years and you decide…

Duration: 02:07:24

Emergency Exit 50 Getting Beard with Jimmy Preston

This week we are LIVE at Austin Daily Press! Jimmy Preston joins us with stories of life and death and having grow operations. He sticks around to play the What Am I Game. We aslo talk about the last 49 episodes! EmergencyExitPodcast.com Twitter @ EmExPod See Jimmy ! twitter @JimmyPreston

Duration: 01:27:44

Emergency Exit 49 Gangsters In Tiaras and Clarity

Tonight we hang out with Krysti Subieta! We discuss influences, astrology, and she sings and plays her guitar LIVE! Later we will explore the claim that death of the People’s Princess, Lady Diana, was not what we were told. We have scoured the internet for clues that will make you ask, “Was Diana’s death really an accident?” And if so, “Why would anyone want her dead?” This is a tale of Gangsters in tiaras, leaping Lords a’ Lying, and Monarchy Malarkey.. Tonight we discuss the possible...

Duration: 01:25:16

Emergency Exit 48 Winning The War On Drugs

Tonight we are going to war! No, not with North Korea, at least not yet. We are talking about the “War on Drugs”. Is it an actual war, if so can it be won? Are we winning now? How has it shaped our society since its modern day implementation in the 60’s by President Nixon. We play “Guess that Song about Prison by the Guitar Solo “ Game.

Duration: 00:59:44

Emergency Exit 47 My Thing Can Pod Your Pod

Emergency Exit 47 My Thing Can Pod Your Pod by Emergency Exit

Duration: 01:16:08

Emergency Exit 46 Hollow Earth and Dick Byrds

Tonight we GOT THE NEWS and we go FLEARTHIN! But first, we go back and reexamine the theory known as Hollow Earth. Last time we got in a little over our heads and got more than what we could handle and it left a lot of questions unanswered in addition to more questions. We sit down with a follower of the Hollow Earth Model, Marvin Johnson as he breaks it down.

Duration: 01:16:20

Emergency Exit 45 LIVE At HI SIGN BREWERY!

Emergency Exit is live at Hi Sign Brewery for the 2nd stop on the Brew World Order Tour! We chat with one third of the masterminds behind the new brewery HI Sign! We discuss the what where and whens with Andrew, the head BrewMaster General. Later we talk about fad diets and play idiot or idiom for the golden jazzmaster!

Duration: 01:29:08

Emergency Exit 44 Time Cube Wisdom

This week on the program. We got the NEWS. But first, did you know that for every 1 rotation of our earth is actually 4 days? Confused? Don't worry, we will be discussing the Time Cube Theory when we go in the mystik .

Duration: 00:53:21

Emergency Exit 43 Deeper into the Grove

Emergency Exit 43 Deeper into the Grove by Emergency Exit

Duration: 01:39:01

Emergency Exit 42 The Cremation of Care

Emergency Exit 42 Bohemian Grove Part 1: The Cremation Of Care In this in-depth report, we dive into the details on the Bohemian Club. How did it get started? How would one be so lucky to be a member of this club? and most importantly, What's the Cremation of Care? Later, we Roll the Dice. facebook.com/Emergencyexitpodcast Twitter @EmExPOD SOURCES: http://www.ocweekly.com/news/bohemian-grove-exposes-itself-6370855 http://wideshut.co.uk/cremation-of-care/...

Duration: 00:53:21

Emergency Exit 41 Brew World Order LIVE! At ADELBERTS Brewery

Emergency Exit 41 Brew World Order LIVE! At ADELBERTS Brewery by Emergency Exit

Duration: 01:02:28

Emergency Exit 40 Alex Jones And Dutch Ovens

Emergency Exit 40: Tonight on the program, Alex Jones Battles Megyn Kelly. Lord Bucket Head runs for office. A Doctor decapitates then REcapitates mice. We discuss a local BigFoot sighting in Round Rock and a Raccoon gets whats coming to it. Facebook.com/emergencyexitpodcast Twitter @EmExPOD

Duration: 01:28:18

Emergency Exit Crazy Cospiracy Theories Proven To Be True

The words Conspiracy Theory bring to mind a crazy idea based on almost nothing. Anyone who spews this nonsense is obviously mentally unstable and therefore shouldn’t be trusted. Over time facts are revealed, maybe someone who was in on some government cover up on their deathbed wants to clear their conscience, or classified documents get released. However it comes to light, some of those crazy theories become crazy fact. What events happened in history that were once considered a crazy...

Duration: 02:15:23

Emergency Exit 38 Dive Into The Deep Dark Web

As we travel in the world wide web, some find comfort. Others find paranoia. Big Brother is watching what you do in the world wide web. What can someone do if they want to enjoy the interwebs without the threat of prying eyes, taking notes on your WEB-tivites? We the simple folk enjoy the Light Side of the web. Today we will take a look into the SHADOWS of the Internet. They Shed some light on the Dark Web. We play idiot or Idiom for the golden Jazzmaster! Finally, Los has Lotsof things to...

Duration: 01:34:07

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