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What Happens When A Landfill Is Full?

A listener has been watching a landfill grow as she commuted from Cedarburg to Milwaukee. "I’m Helen P. I commute along I 41/45 on a regular basis and I’ve been noticing over the last several years this ridge that was growing on the east side of the freeway and I’ve come to learn that it’s a monster landfill. So I always wanted to know, well how did it all get started, how big is it going to get and what’s it going to be after it’s completed," she says. The landfill Helen asked about does...

Duration: 00:02:47

Advocates Worry About Future of Small Park Along Milwaukee River

Pleasant Valley Park is nestled along the Milwaukee River’s western shore in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood. Long ago, the 23-acre parcel was home to one of Milwaukee’s most popular beer gardens with restaurants, a band shell, steamboat docks and “extravagant” landscaping. Today, Pleasant Valley falls within the Milwaukee River Greenway .

Duration: 00:07:52

Plans Afoot to Restore Small Wetland Within Milwaukee’s Evolving Harbor District

Before the City of Milwaukee was the Milwaukee we know it was a massive marsh and wetland system. The Milwaukee, Menomonee and Kinnickinnic Rivers fed it. By the 1850s the wetlands were filled in and replaced by factories and foundries. By some miracle, one small bit of wetland – now called the Grand Trunk - survived along the harbor’s south central edge. Despite the sheet piling-edged Kinnickinnic River just to its west, endangered garter snakes and other native critters are still found...

Duration: 00:04:36

Proposed Golf Course Along Lake Michigan: Economic Success Or Environmental Debacle?

The Kohler Company wants to create a world-class golf course adjacent to Wisconsin's Kohler-Andrae State Park. The proposed golf course along Lake Michigan would butt up against the northern edge of the park the Kohler family helped create in the 1960s. If all goes as planned for Kohler, the 18-hole golf course would occupy 247 wooded acres already owned by the company. However, some neighbors aren't happy about the plan. Claudia Bricks, who lives a couple of stones’ throws north of the...

Duration: 00:05:17

New Report Explores Issues Facing The Great Lakes & Proposes Solutions

A special commission representing Canada and the United States released a report this morning efforts to restore and protect the Great Lakes. The group, called the International Joint Commission , or IJC, has been around for over a century and is tasked with preventing conflicts between the two countries over shared waters. The Great Lakes swallows up a lot of the commission’s attention. U.S. commissioner Lana Pollack says the IJC's new report looks at progress made over the last three...

Duration: 00:03:35

Fresh Food Served From A Vending Machine

There’s something new on Milwaukee’s food scene. A vending machine that doesn’t spew out candy bars, instead it serves up from-scratch meals. Farmer’s Fridge is the brainchild of Chicago-based entrepreneur Luke Saunders. Within the sleek machine is a collection of colorful salads and snacks. Selections shift with the seasons. Saunders says the fridge customers see today looks nothing like his initial prototype. “The first-ever fridge was actually in my apartment. I went to Best Buy and...

Duration: 00:03:54

Wisconsin Republicans Target State's Clean Air Regulations

Wisconsin could soon eliminate all clean air regulations not mandated by the federal government. On Tuesday, the Assembly Committee on Federalism and Interstate Relations held a public hearing on legislation that would allow for those additional regulations to be removed. Lawmakers and the public were split over whether the change would be good for Wisconsin. The state of Wisconsin regulates nearly 300 more air pollutants than required by the federal government, according to Republican...

Duration: 00:02:36

Advocates Hope Resolution Will Better Inform Milwaukeeans About Lead Risks

UPDATE: After this story aired, the City of Milwaukee Health Department contacted WUWM to share this information about the department's lead education efforts: Among local communities with lead service lines, Milwaukee is the only one to initiate a filter distribution program ( ) The City of Milwaukee Health Department promotes, communicates, and educates the community about filter use, including the use of NSF/ANSI Standard 53 certified filters. This...

Duration: 00:03:47

Milwaukeeans Support Protests in 'Standing Rock, Take Me from the River'

More six months of protests over the Dakota Access pipeline ended in February following a law enforcement crackdown on protesters . A federal court also denied a final request to block the last link of the pipeline. The pipeline is now operational, carrying oil from North Dakota to Illinois. Some landowners and area tribes, including the Standing Rock Sioux, opposed the pipeline’s development, on environmental and religious grounds. The protests brought people from around the country and...

Duration: 00:14:04

Does Army Corps Invasive Species Strategy Go Far Enough To Protect Great Lakes & Mississippi Basins

The Army Corps of Engineers is proposing a plan to stop silver and bighead carp from the Mississippi into the Great Lakes. Cheryl Nenn with Milwaukee Riverkeeper calls the proposal a starting point, not a solution, because aquatic invasive species are threatening both the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River basin. The Army Corps plan aims to addresses risks heading toward Lake Michigan. According to The Nature Conservancy , there are ten species lurking in the Mississippi that threaten...

Duration: 00:03:28

Wisconsin Businessman Creates Fund To Help Nonprofits Go Solar

Cal Couillard has been intrigued with solar energy since the 1970s. But, it wasn't until this year that he took the plunge, and had solar panels installed at his Edgerton-based business. He also created a fund to help others "go solar."

Duration: 00:09:23

Three Efforts That Showcase Wisconsin's Solar Energy Expansion

Pewaukee-based developer Matt Neumann admits he might appear to be an unlikely advocate for solar energy. His political roots are deep, and conservative. “When I got into solar, I found myself in the extreme minority of Republicans or conservatives who thought solar was a good idea. As a matter of fact, a lot of people thought I was crazy," Neumann explains. "Now we’re cost-competitive, and Republicans and Democrats agree that they want to do the right thing for the environment.” Tyler...

Duration: 00:04:08

Senate Vote Sends Controversial Mining & Hunting Bills to Gov. Walker's Desk

Wisconsin's state Senate took up key pieces of legislation Tuesday. Two of the most controversial bills are now headed for Gov. Walker's signature. One bill eases regulations allowing companies to mine for copper and zinc, and the other opens up hunting to kids of any age.

Duration: 00:04:31

Wisconsin Coalition Hopes Its Message Builds Public Concern About Mining Bill

This afternoon the Wisconsin State Assembly will vote on a bill designed to encourage mining. The proposal would put an end a stringent law passed by lawmakers almost 20 years ago.

Duration: 00:03:47

Milwaukee Replaces Oak Creek in Waukesha Water Deal

Oak Creek had been on tap sell Waukesha Lake Michigan water to replace its contaminated well water. But Monday Waukesha announced that instead, it will purchase the supply from Milwaukee. Before he toasted over glasses of water with Waukesha mayor Shawn Reilly on Monday, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett acknowledged the road to their agreement had been a bumpy one. “What you had was a policy disagreement, and it was an honest policy disagreement, that fortunately the leaders of Waukesha and of...

Duration: 00:03:47

Local Performance Experiment: How Movement & Mindfulness Shape Our Connection to Nature

Writer Jeff Grygny has long been interested in how philosophy, culture, science and spirituality intersect. His latest work, The Performance Ecology Project , factors in the natural world. “I did some academic work in contemplative performance and I always Thought there was ecological connection between what happens between our mind and our body and our connection with the natural world,” Grygny says. He says after 20 year of stewing about it, The Performance Ecology Project was born. “Our...

Duration: 00:08:36

Environment Not Top Of Mind Of Many Attending Foxconn Public Meeting

The parking lot outside Veterans Terrace in downtown Burlington was packed as the informational session started at 5 pm sharp. This was the third public information meeting for area residents and business owners hosted by Racine County. I chatted with people who turned out, and heard mostly these sorts of comments: “I’m excited for the Village of Mount Pleasant and for the whole region. This will be a big shot in the arm for this whole 5-county region here. A lot of people needs jobs,”...

Duration: 00:03:55

Shorewood Student Takes Terrarium Startup To College

I first met Cole Compton four years ago, when he was a high school freshman. He had just started interning with a program called Teens Grow Greens , and was sharing his vision to sell terrariums with plants with fellow students. “I loved the idea of having this living thing that I can almost make a home for. I can make this little environment of my own,” Compton says. He was the youngest in the program, and the first to come up with a business plan. Compton says the program helped him...

Duration: 00:03:45

How Milwaukee County's Parks Came To Be

Milwaukee County is home to 15,325 acres of parkland. 158 unique parks are rooted across the region – from Joseph Lichter Park in the north to Oakwood in the south; from tiny Pompeii Square nestled beneath a tangle of downtown freeway spurs to 262-acre Whitnall Park. But, why is Milwaukee home to so many parks? That’s the question Beth Van Gorp had on her mind when she reached out to WUWM’s Beats Me series. To get to the why, WUWM’s environmental reporter Susan Bence had to start at the...

Duration: 00:05:48

Bill Nye Documentary Goes Beyond 'The Science Guy'

The TV show “Bill Nye: The Science Guy” was a staple for countless kids raised in the 90s. He turned on a generation to science, demonstrating the way the natural world works in a way that kids young and old could understand. Now Nye - both his science guy persona, and the man himself - is the subject of documentary being featured in the 2017 Milwaukee Film Festival. Bill Nye: Science Guy is directed by Jason Sussberg and David Alvarado. Alvarado, now 33, grew up watching the show. "On TV...

Duration: 00:15:20

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