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A podcast about being brown in America hosted by two friends, an Iranian and a Syrian, telling you what's up.

A podcast about being brown in America hosted by two friends, an Iranian and a Syrian, telling you what's up.
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A podcast about being brown in America hosted by two friends, an Iranian and a Syrian, telling you what's up.




We Are Nuts

In episode 34, the girls get into the Austin bombings, the Armenian genocide, Gina Haspel & the torture of Abu Zubaydah at a CIA black site, & more.


We Are Historical

In episode 33, the girls talk about their weeks, the Bin Laden family, the history of Syria, Middle Eastern beauty standards, & more.


We Are Over Trash Dictators

It's episode 32 & the girls discuss Bashar Al-Assad's attack on the Syrian city of Ghouta, the Iran-Contra affair, listener shoutouts, & more!


We Are Alaa Khaled

In episode 31, the girls are joined by special guest Alaa Khaled to discuss growing up with immigrant parents, acting, his brother DJ Khaled, & more!


We Are Ahed Tamimi

In this weeks episode 30 the girls discuss the charges against Netanyahu, the case of Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi in Israel, birthdays & more.


We Are Into Michael Keaton

It's episode 29, the girls get in to the Shah of Iran, African immigrants deported out of Israel, their first white celebrity crushes, & more.


We Are In Protest

It's episode 28 & the girls discuss Egyptian actor Omar Sharif, the protests going on in Iran with women, the history of the hijab, religion, & more.


We Are Sexual Beings

In episode 27, the girls discuss a blog declining an award from Revlon, WOC who write about sexuality, their own experiences with sexuality, & more.


We Are Sexual Beings

In episode 27, Anna and Shereen start the show by catching up about their weeks - Shereen met Nathan Fielder, Anna sold bitcoin to pay rent. Then Anna does a little segment called 'Anna's Investment Corner' which may or may not be helpful. Then they get into the recent news over the founder of turning down an award from Revlon due to Gal Gadot's involvement in the company and her love of the IDF. Shereen then discusses sexuality as it pertains to the middle east and shouts...


We Are Dreamers

It's Episode 26 and the girls are back to talk DACA with guest Ali Torabi, one of the many "Dreamers" living in the US. They start with Anna giving a break down of the US withholding money from the UN and Palestinian refugees cause they petty. Anna then ties that into a story she read about a man named Fathi Shaqaqi who started a militant group to combat Israel's occupation and had a very mysterious death. Then Ali tells the girls all about his experience coming to America, struggling with...


We Are Brownface

Wow episode 25! The silver anniversary! That's right, yes? No idea! Anyway the girls are back at it again! Woohoo! In this episode the girls share their stories one by one to each other. Shereen discusses Aladdin and the weird brown face thing they're doing with extras, and that leads her to talk about representation of Middle Easterners in video games like Call Of Duty. Shereen also shouts out Jenna Jihad for all her work as a young journalist in Palestine! Then Anna discusses Benjamin...


We Are Mentally Ill

We are back baby! That's right episode 24 is alive and well and kicking it. The girls discuss some big news and how things are changing in the new year, including the show's format (a little... not really.) Anyway Anna starts by telling the history of Iran's former prime minister Mohammad Mosaddegh and how America basically created a monster in Iran by interfering way too much. Then Shereen get's in to the stories of young activists in Palestine, namely Ahed Tamimi and her family, and the...


We Are Wearing Wrists

In this Episode 23, Anna and Shereen truly start to lose their minds as they try to figure out what this podcast episode is really about. They decide to go the casual-personal-talk route instead of getting deep in to the news; since it's the holidays they've decided to keep it light as much as they can. They talk about how Josh Brolin and Daniel Day Lewis are basically the same person, the Goofy movie and how great it is, how Anna's father is always laying on the ground, Shereen missing...


We Are Our Mothers

Episode 22 is here! This one is all about our lovely mamas. The girls sit down and gush over their amazing moms and their experiences with the American holiday season. Then they each call their moms - one of them is friendly and one of them is sassy as fuck - who is who? You'll have to listen to find out! #weloveourmamas


We Are Marcella Arguello

It’s episode 21 and the girls get their drank on finally! Just kidding, kind of. Special guest Marcella Arguello joins the show this week to talk about being a woman in comedy, growing up Salvadorian in California, how her parents met, representation of women of color on television and stage, and so much more. They talk a little politics at the beginning but then really get in to the meat of it all. It’s a damn good time. Shereen allows Anna to drink a beer in studio as well! It’s a real...


We Are Petty Jealousy

This is episode 20 and it's been two centuries since this show started, just kidding that doesn't make any sense hehehehe. Anyway the girls break down the a documentary they saw on Al Jazeera about the hundreds of thousands of people who have disappeared in Syria, then go on to discuss what a bully Saudi Arabia is to Qatar, and now Lebanon. They try and figure out what really happened to the Lebanese prime minister during his time in Saudi Arabia even though he declines to state. They then...


We Are Thankful

This is episode 19 and the girls are thankful. That's right this episode they get into some Saudi Arabia news AKA how they're totally funding a bunch Silicon Valley start ups, a possible Syrian congress by Iran, Russia, and Turkey, Greece's refugee situation, a writer for Lena Dunham's Lenny Letter quitting for obvious reasons, a look at 50 years of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land, and more. They end with a nice conversation about their household traditions when it comes to...


We Are Palestine

It's episode 18 time! The show is an adult now. The girls go over some recent new stories including the white nationalist march in Poland and a NY Times investigations into US-led airstrikes against ISIS. The girls then go over every country in the Middle East and where their alliances lie when it comes to the Saudi Arabia and Iran. Very informative! Then they discuss some beautiful Middle Easterners social media posts and how influential they are. Wow! Please rate and review the show!


We Are Miles Gray

Oh damn it's episode 17 and the show is a teen now. That's right, you don't know us! *door slams* - okay anyway, the girls do a quick round up of the wild news that's been coming out of Saudi Arabia, an update on Qatar, Syria signing the climate change agreement, & look at Trump's relationship with Kim Jong Un. The girls also have a special guest by the name of Miles Gray - that's right, one of the co-hosts of Anna's day job podcast The Daily Zeitgeist. The go through Miles's upbringing in...

We Are The Djinn

The girls recorded this episode on Halloween so while it's coming out a week later they still wanted to make it a spo0o0oky one. They cover the NY terrorist attack and some other quick news updates (*cough* Manafort *cough*) and then go on to talk about some creepy creatures from Middle Eastern lore and tell some ghost stories from the region. Then to cheer things up, they go on to many, many, many excellence minutes including the first Arab and Indian women wrestlers, the most...


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