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National Forest Serial Killler - Gary Hilton - Episode 20

Investigates the National Forest Serial Killer - Gary Hilton. Hilton was unique amid the serial killer lexicon. He began his killing spree at age 61. This episode follows the life and crimes of Hilton who murdered his way across three states and terrified the hiking community throughout the South.

Duration: 00:15:15

The Atlanta Spree-Killer Mark Barton - Episode 19

Discusses the day-trading Atlanta spree-killer, Mark Barton, who murdered 12 people within 72 hours - including his wife and two children. Also, looks at the mysterious deaths of Barton's first wife and mother-in-law who were murdered six years before his killing spree. These were slaying where he was the chief suspect.

Duration: 00:16:08

The Assassination of DA Floyd Hoard - Episode 18

Discusses bootlegging operations in North Georgia, the Assassination of District Attorney Floyd Hoard, and the arrest and conviction of Cliff Park - the seventy-year-old Dixie Mafia leader in Jackson County, GA.

Duration: 00:14:32

New Mexico Prison Riot of 1980 - Episode 17 Part 3

Episode 17 Part 3 is the final installment of the New Mexico Penitentiary Riot of 1980. It covers negotiations between inmates and officials that led to the end of the riot.

Duration: 00:15:40

New Mexico Prison Riot of 1980 - Episode 17 Part 2

Part 2 of the NM Penitentiary Riot discusses the unimaginable horrors that occurred in Cellblock 4, further events of the riot, and the beginning of the negotiations process. *Episode describes scenes of disturbingly horrific violence - Listener Discretion is Advised*

Duration: 00:15:37

New Mexico Prison Riot of 1980 - Episode 17 Part 1

This series looks at the most deadly prison riot in American history. Part 1 provides a brief overview and investigates the lead up, overtaking, and inmate control of the New Mexico Penitentiary.

Duration: 00:15:07

The Dunn and Howland Murders - Episode 16

Episode discusses the William Dunn and Howland Brother's disappearance and murders in 1869. The three men left the Powell expiditon of the Grand Canyon and walked off into the desert never to be seen again. What happened to Dunn and the Howland Brothers remains one of America's best and little known unsolved mysteries. This episode will cover the events of their disappearance and provide possible theories for what happened to the doomed men.

Duration: 00:17:50

Ghosts of Appalachia - Episode 15

Podcast lives up to its name. Episode tells five ghost stories from the Appalachian Mountains.

Duration: 00:19:58

Episode 14 - Salem Witchcraft Crisis Of 1692

Investigates the Salem Witchcraft Crisis of 1692. Details the events and provides several explanations for its causes and why came to an end.

Duration: 00:17:00

Episode 13 - Sash Weight Murder Case

Highlights the Sash Weight Murder Case. The most infamous murder case of the 1920s. It was the used as the central plot device for James Cain's Postman Always Rings Twice and Double Indemnity. These were made into movies that created Hollywood Film Noir.

Duration: 00:13:35

B.A. Women in History - Deborah Sampson - Episode 12

Looks at Deborah Sampson, a Bad Ass Woman in American History, who served in the elite light infantry regiment during the Revolutionary War.

Duration: 00:25:36


Suzy is back this week, breaking down some bits from Episode 4 of The Game of Thrones, The Spoils of War. Not suitable for all listeners - there is a discussion of prostitution.

Duration: 00:19:22

B.A. Women in History - The Brits - Episode 10

This episode looks at six Bad Ass Women in British History. Explores: Boadicea, Aethelflaed, Lady Godiva, Elizabeth I, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Annie Besant

Duration: 00:22:22

Brief Game of Thrones Musing

Brief musing about Season 7, Episode 3. Next week will be longer and better!

Duration: 00:13:32

The Knoxville Riot of 1921 - Episode 7 Part 2

Part 2 of the Knoxville Riot of 1921. Explores the ramifications for law Enforcement, the the mysterious note writer and packages, and the release of Frank Martin.

Duration: 00:31:42

Game of Thrones Musings

My absent part-time co-host, Suzy, discusses thoughts and theories about Season 7 of Game of Thrones this week. This is a little bit of the "everything but the kitchen sink" we promised!

Duration: 00:32:41

The Murder Of Mary Phagan And The Lynching Of Leo Frank - Episode 6

Episode explores the Murder of Mary Phagan (1913) and the lynching of her killer, Leo Frank (1915) . This is a story of 2 crimes. The murder of a 13 year old girl and the extra-judicial actions of a mob against the perpetrator. Case highlights many problematic facets of the early 20th Century South. Primarily issues of race, religion, womanhood, and the intense social and cultural changes wrought by industrialization.

Duration: 00:27:37

The Lafferty Brothers - Episode 5 Part 2

Tells the story of Fundamentalist Mormons, Dan and Ron Lafferty, who killed their sister-in-law and niece on "commandment" of God. Part 2 - Describes the night Allen returned to find his wife and daughter killed. The 1985 Trials of Ron and Dan, and the 1991 retrial of Ron Lafferty. Ends with the story of the Strack family who were, for a time, close to Dan. In 2014, Husband and Wife murdered their children and then killed themselves. Resources: Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of...

Duration: 00:23:14

The Lafferty Brothers - Episode 5 - Part 1

Tells the story of the Dan and Ron Lafferty who killed their sister-in-law and niece on "commandment" of God. The brothers were Fundamentalist Mormons who received a "revelation" to kill their youngest brother's wife and daughter. Part 1 - Describes the brother's childhood and life up to the murders. Highlights their change from pious Mormons to religious fanatics. Details the death of Brenda and Erica Lafferty and the arrest of the fugitive brothers in a casino buffet line in Reno,...

Duration: 00:30:31

The Great Cat Massacre - Episode 4

The Great Cat Massacre that occurred in Paris during the 1730s provides a snapshot of life during the Old Regime in France. In the Paris of the 1730s, a group of printing apprentices tortured and ritually killed all the cats they could find - including the pet of their master's wife. Why did they do this? Why did this violent ritual cause them so much amusement? This even highlights the culture and struggle that workers faced in the lead up to industrialization. More information: The Great...

Duration: 00:18:17

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