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Episode 7: Get Your Popcorn Ready

After taking the month of October off to work on a few other projects we are back with a super long November episode. Chris, Tamer and Clint Yeager get together to pretend like they know what they are talking about. I tried super hard to edit out all the political stuff, if something managed to […]

Duration: 02:40:22

Episode 6: Sorry I Called Shenanigans on That Guy

Chris teams up with Tanner “Mouschi” Jones and Original FCB Member Clint “notyomommasclint” Yeager on this episode of the podcast. Subjects include… Tanner’s Customs Some of the nice hits coming out of 2017 Topps products like Triple Threads, Heritage and Gold Label. eBay’s new aggressive fee avoidance policy. Matt Olson’s peculiar stat line. Some of the […]

Duration: 01:03:11

Episode 5: Out-takes, Buster Posey Can’t Hit Triples and is Therefore Bad at Baseball

Sometimes before we start talking about the agenda of the podcast we get off talking about a tangent. Sometimes it’s fit for publication. If politics are involved it’s usually not. This is a case where we get involved in some hyperbole concerning the best catcher in baseball Buster Posey.

Duration: 00:46:39

Episode 5: A Bryce Harper Superfractor, Griffey Piece of History and Brent Williams

Episode 5 with just a Ridiculous Bryce Harper Superfractor listing on ebay. Seriously, that’s a landmark card of this era and there is only 1 of it. A Griffey APOH hits new highs at Huggins and Scott Auction house. Special Guest this episode is mass case buster Brent Williams of Brent & Becca.

Duration: 00:47:57

Episode 4 Baseball America Top 100 List and Panini with Dak Prescott

Tamer and I go through the threads including the Panini Dak Prescott Issue. Particularly something pointed out by 49ers corner Eric Davis on Colin Cowherd’s show. His statement was that his agent contacted him saying that he had 5000 autographs due. He replied that he wasn’t doing that and his agent told him to do […]

Duration: 02:30:50

Episode 3: Group Breaks with Mojo Breaks

Segment 1 Chris and Tim talk about FCB Threads like… Tim Tebow’s Topps MiLB card 2017 Bowman Mega Boxes FCB User BMP1 picking up a 52 Mantle A teaser for episode 4 and 5’s The Creators Edition Podcast episodes And lastly a good chat with Mojo one of the true innovators of the Internet […]

Duration: 01:05:36

Episode 2: Steve Grad From Pawn Stars and Beckett Authentication, Fan Flow’s Chris Crocker

We dig deep into the FCB Threads and talk about… The Junk Wax Era Reactions to BIG HITS in hobby boxes Top Notch Sy’s Jackie Robinson Yearbook Is this Elanor Roosevelt autograph real? 2017 Topps Inception Baseball In segment 2 Chris talks to Beckett Authentication Service’s Steve Grad aka That guy from Pawn Stars. We […]

Duration: 01:36:17

Episode 1: Bowman With Chrome and JP Schwartz, Jeromy Murray Beckett Grading Services

Chris and Tim talk about a few forum threads… The Vintage and Hall of Fame Patch Thread Razor-Z’s Great Perfect Strangers Custom We also talk about restarting the FCB Hot List in a community format with involvement for YOU the forum member. Chris talks with Beckett VP Jeromy Murray who is the main guy at […]

Duration: 00:55:33