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Fabb Femme Radio is an on internet based radio show that is based out of Dallas, Texas. Our goal is to provide a unique and uncompromising platform for female artists,/business owners, and entertainers to promote their works. Our goal is to uplift, support, encourage women of color through music, art, word, and entertainment! We believe that we are able to encourage change in the world by uplifting and building relationships between women, and it all starts with creating positive role models for our younger generations!!!! We believe that there’s nothing wrong with being a strong woman in today’s society that holds many titles. We are Professional. We like Trap Music. We like makeup. We are mothers. We are daughters. We are Women. We celebrate women of all colors shapes and backgrounds, and their accomplishments. We have intenses "Girlfriend Like" conversations about trending topics, politics, religion, economics, parenting, and more. FFRN.