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Exposing Lies & Sharing Truth

Exposing Lies & Sharing Truth
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Exposing Lies & Sharing Truth






Ascension, Censorship & The Turning Of The Age

[YouTube Video Version:] I think it's becoming increasingly apparent that our succession is being throttled. The time period we're in has been prophecized, and now that we're here, the social engineers which seek to keep us under their thumb have developed new ways to control outcomes. The concept of censorship isn't new. Book burning is something even the Nazi's did. The burning of The Library of Alexandria as well is a perfect example of this recurring theme...

Duration: 01:33:00

Spawning Electronic Persons

[YouTube Video Version:] A new proposal from the European Parliament calls for working robots to be classified as "electronic persons," and for their owners to pay social security on their behalf. The draft motion, published online this month, aims to address the new challenges that Europe's robotic workforce will present as robot technology becomes more pervasive and intelligent. The proposal says growing automation will require new frameworks for taxation and...

Duration: 00:28:11

Terraforming Earth: Incursion

[YouTube Video Version:] Terraforming Earth Series: [] If they can engineer the enviornment, they can engineer us. The Terraforming Earth series is self explanitory, to illustrate how indeed, either through nefarious means by wicked people, or some hostile extradimensional force is guiding a multi-level assault against humanity. As insurmountable as this may sound, it should only...

Duration: 01:26:47

Weaponizing The Environment

[YouTube Video Version:] TerraForming Earth Series: [] Without a doubt, I think to everyone it's becoming increasingly more apparent at the fact that we are seeing our environment being turned against us. I'm not talking about the genetically modified mosquitoes they're trying to release, though that is emblematic of what I try to capture in this episode: We are seeing the subtle subversion...

Duration: 00:32:56

Digital Tripping

[YouTube Video Version:] A machine that's capable of inducing hallucinations? Sounds like something out of a science-fiction movie, or as if it's Steven Spielberg's upcoming film "Ready Player One". Well as strange as it may sound, researchers at Sussex University's Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science have chosen a safer option, instead of dosing up volunteers with hallucinogenics, they're trying a method that puts out more reliable data - a virtual...

Duration: 00:33:17

Censorship, Rising Powers & World Governance

[YouTube Video Version:] Seems like the latter part of this year we've been dealing with nothing but censorship and weird hack attacks. I address our most recent event in that episode as well as how they're deleting information in an attempt to control the outcome. This is what it looks like to be in the fight for the minds of people! Outside of our own personal battles, we look at some of the events taking place nationally, I.E. Jeff Bezos' Amazon basically...

Duration: 01:40:24

Hack Attacks, Censorship & Updates

This MiniCast is meant to make people aware of the devastating and ongoing attacks we’ve faced. It was only two weeks ago that our Facebook pages were compromised, and earlier this year Facebook, along with a coordinated attack, was actually successful in taking down our first page! Now we find ourselves being victims of continual censorship as well as this recent hijacking of the Freedom Faction Instagram page. Two of our emails were also compromised during this fiasco, while we were able...

Duration: 00:20:36

Violating Vaccines

[YouTube Video Version:] Could you imagine being threatened by law enforcement authorities over vaccine records as you are waiting with your children for the school bus? This is something that literally just happened to one young mother down in California. One morning she walked her kids to the bus stop and she was approached by an official from the Claremont school district and a police officer. In very intimidating fashion, they began questioning her about...

Duration: 00:25:15

Foresteps Into The Fray

[YouTube Video Version:] Did you know Freemasons celebrated their organization being 300 years old? All of 2016 we talked about Anno Lucis; The Year of Light, and the following year, look at what's happening: These people are trying to restructure the world. Bit-by-bit, different parts of their all encompassing agenda is being enacted. We look at Albert Pike's letter from the 1800's talking about what we're living today and the preemptive moves their making to...

Duration: 01:35:15

Animal Human Hybrids & Chimeras

[YouTube Video Version:] We're certainly seeing the thick of things. Scientists at The Salk Institute and other laboratories around the world are gathering to discuss the efforts of their latest endeavor; putting human brains into rats. That's right, we're going full Frankenstein in this episode. This shouldn't come as a surprise to some, as we've seen scientists already trying to grow Human organs inside of pigs. These are merely developments of the same...

Duration: 00:19:34

On The Wake Up Radio [11/05/17]

[YouTube Video Version:] I was a guest on the show On The Wake Up Radio talking about all kinds of things! In a change of pace, joined by Brother Cam and The Masonic Marine, we talked about a host of issues ranging from Hollywood Pedophilia, to Environmental Issues even touching briefly on our Terraforming Earth series, to future warfare and things like DARPA and much more. Shows like this are always such a pleasure because it's affirmation of our conscious...

Duration: 01:54:55

Smart Cities & Robot Citizens

[YouTube Video Version:] Saudi Arabia has been making waves in the news. They recently announced their plans for the creation of their upcoming expansion: A city fully reliant upon renewable energies and advanced technologies. Seems like a monumental move right? Well, to top that, they've also granted citizenship to a robot. Sophia, a robot created by Hanson Robotics, has become the first of its kind. Strangely enough, Europe earlier this year declared that it...

Duration: 00:18:31

Exposing Hollywicked's Occult Pedophilia

Exposing Hollywicke’d Occult Pedophilia [YouTube Video Version:] We've touched on the wickedness that is Hollywood and their organized pedophilia throughout the entirety of the show, however these new revelations only confirm the depravity practiced amongst those soulless mummies. The sexualization of children is merely one aspect of the things which Hollywood takes part in. The developments with Harvey Weinstein and even Corey Feldman's...

Duration: 00:44:19

The Paranormal Perspective Vol. 4

[YouTube Video Version:] Special Thanks: @DJ_Cue1, @JustChill223, @xJayTheTruthx, @Mrs.JayC, @Olenka4, @Bonnnsssss, @__Jorgee__, @MollyP071, @Kevin_Bengson, @Uncool_Drew, @Kaitlin_Cahoon, @KaleFeaverr, @Mavis.Malone, @Sh1mmyJ1mmy and everyone else who submitted their stories! This particular edition of our Paranormal Perspective series was focused on haunting, sleep paralysis, demonic possession, oppression and a number of other anomalous happenings. Talk about...

Duration: 01:26:40

Russia, Eugenics & Super Soldiers

[YouTube Video Version:] Vladimir Putin has claimed genetically modified super soldiers “worse than a nuclear bomb” could soon become a reality. The strongman Russian President spoke to a crowd of students about the prospect of an army of trained killers incapable of feeling "pain or fear" much like the characters in 1992 action movie Universal Soldier. He revealed that scientists are close to breaking the genetic code which would enable them to create “a human...

Duration: 00:25:45

Demons, Aliens & Robots

[YouTube Video Version:] Susan Schneider is an associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy Cognitive Science Program at the University of Connecticut. “Alien Minds” has been presented at NASA and the 2016 Idea Festival in Kentucky and was published in The Impact of Discovering Life Beyond Earth. It is her response to the question: “How would intelligent aliens think? Would they have conscious experiences? Would it feel a certain way to be an alien?” “I...

Duration: 00:26:07

Building The Matrix on Spoon Of Consciousness

[YouTube Video Version:] I was a guest on the Spoon Of Consciousness show with Sachin talking about the concept of Building The Matrix. Is it possible to digitize destiny or even control the awakening process? Social media's intention is to engage us in distractions, yet whenever people who consciously use these tools to raise awareness, entertain and educate, reveals deeper insights about people. We're in a time of immense change, and those who have provided...

Duration: 01:16:24

Hollywicked, PedoWood & Babylon Americorp

[YouTube Video Version:] Strap yourself in as I try to tackle more than one major crisis in this information packed episode. Tackling the culture war we seeing happening in America, as well as the implosion in Hollywood due to this Harvey Weinstein fiasco and even our duty, as alternative media, to fill the void. That's not all, we're only talking about the glitz and glamour, common sense distraction - We all knew Hollywood was full of old perverts getting...

Duration: 01:30:09

The Las Vegas Shooting, The Days of Noah & Prophetic America

[YouTube Video Version: Continuing the trend of having awesome guests on the show, we have on David of @EndTime.Signs on to talk about all things wild and crazy. Going over all of the curiosities surrounding The Las Vegas Shooting, we try to break down some of the lies mainstream media puts out. We also look at the multiple shooter, multiple teams theory and even some of the Illuminati numerology, occult symbolism and so much more. All the while, as we're...

Duration: 01:30:28

The Ritual Sacrifice for The 2nd Amendment

FactionsIn this minicast, we broke down a number of curioisities surrounding the recent shooting at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Why isn’t the mainstream media recognizing the fact that there are multiple shooters, and possibly even multiple teams involved in this shooting. Not only have reports come out about another attack at Aria, but also at Caesars Palace. On top of all that, we’ve also begun to question whether the body of Stephen Paddock we’ve been shown is even real. Could we be seeing...

Duration: 00:38:40

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