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407 – Creating A Home Where Your Kid’s Friends Want To Hang Out

In this week's episode, Stephanie and I talk about a college visit to Western Kentucky University, Thoughts on the new Justice League movie, and three values that have allowed us to create a home where our kid's friends want to hang out.

Duration: 01:01:15

406 – Four Freedoms That You Experience When You Live Debt-Free

In this episode of Family From The Heart, Stephanie and I talk about how we lived the first 11 years of our marriage living with the weight of massive debt. However, we also talk about how we have lived the most recent 11 years of our marriage with the freedom from any debt, except our […]

Duration: 00:54:53

405 – Fifteen Life Skills We Want Our Children To Have As Adults

In this episode, Stephanie and I share fifteen life skills we want our children to have as adults. 1. Dream Big Dreams. 2. Maintaining Freedom. 3. The Ability To Say No. 4. Good Work Ethic 5. A Great Relationship With Each Other. 6. Playing Well With Others. 7. Taking Care of Themselves. (Rest, Healthy Eating, […]

Duration: 01:02:15

404 – 5 Commitments That Lay The Foundation For A Great Marriage

In this episode of Family From The Heart, Stephanie and I discuss 5 Commitments that we have made that set the foundation for a great marriage.

Duration: 00:56:44

403 – Who Do You Most Admire?

In this episode of Family From The Heart, Stephanie and I each answer the following questions. 1. What's something you've done that surprised even you? 2. Whom do you most admire? Why? 3. If you could be any age for the rest of your life, what age would you choose? Why? 4. In what area […]

Duration: 00:57:13

401 – When You Just Don’t Want To Commit To A Goal

In this episode, Stephanie and I talk about Meagan applying for college, Matthew's new driving milestone, an amazing high school homecoming experience for the whole family, a local business closing it's doors, thoughts on the tv shows, WestWorld and Outlander, and two questions from our random question generator.

Duration: 00:54:34

400 – Forced Family Night

The best part of this episode of Family From The Heart starts at 38.5 minutes, when Stephanie shares why the word “FREE” or “Freedom” means so much to her. So much so, that she had the word tattooed onto her arm. We opened the episode with some talk about entertainment, including a spoiler free review […]

Duration: 00:49:22

399 – Our 2018 Event In Franklin TN

This week, Stephanie and I (okay, I do most of the talking) share about the live event that we are planning to host in Franklin TN on September 7-9, 2018. We also talk about the next major shift in focus of our business.

Duration: 00:59:16

398 – We Are Officially Cord Cutters

In this episode of Family From The Heart, Stephanie and I will talk about some big transitions happening in our business. But first, we open up the show with a focus on “entertainment.”

Duration: 01:05:58

397 – This Little Piggy

Topics discussed in this episode of Family From The Heart. – The Big Leap – Time – The Default Parent – Soul2Soul Take 2 – Senior Pictures – The Little Piggy – Matthew is now 16 – Hitman’s Bodyguard – Ravenscraft Archives

Duration: 00:57:18

396 – Success Principles At An Early Age

In this week's episode, Stephanie and I discuss how our children are being influenced by the success principles that we have learned and have incorporated into our daily lives.

Duration: 01:01:50

395 – Back to School

We are back after our Summer hiatus! Below are a list of topics covered in this week's episode. – We are back, but next week, Cliff is out of town for a business trip. The next episode will be Wednesday August 30th. – We are going to be broadcasting live on Facebook while recording Family […]

Duration: 01:11:35

394 – Summer Hiatus


Duration: 00:34:23

393 – How We Created A Business Around Our Podcasting Efforts

To celebrate the 500th episode of The Cliff Ravenscraft Show (aka Podcast Answer Man), I invited a very special guest, my wife Stephanie, to join me. In this episode, we share our “Origin Story” or “Our Podcasting Journey” of how we turned something that started as a hobby into a very successful online business. We […]

Duration: 01:46:27

392 – Mindless Dribble


Duration: 00:55:59

391 – We Are Doing It Wrong

When another parent heard that we are supportive of our son's passion for gaming and the aspiration of “potentially” becoming a professional gamer, that parent said “They're doing it wrong.” We had fun sharing how and why we support our son, and his dreams, in this episode.

Duration: 00:41:59



Duration: 01:01:17

388 – Rain or Shine

Thanks For Subscribing To Family From The Heart:

Duration: 00:45:52

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