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Show 27 - The thing Myths and Legends are born from!

Show 27 - The thing Myths and Legends are born from! Welcome to the Fan Film Boyz Podcast Show 27 - The thing Myths and Legends are born from! First of all we have a big announcement this Show, Dave of the Super Movie Bros Podcast who has been filling in as co-host for the past few Shows has officially become the new permanent co-host of the show, so welcome Dave! If you did a search on YouTube on Predator Fan Films you will actually find a lot of them. Almost all of them are similar to...

Duration: 00:42:12

Show 26 - Venatus/Hunted (Interview)

Welcome to the Fan Film Boyz Podcast Show 26 - Venatus/Hunted (Interview). Over the space of the last year we have had many amazing interviews with directors, writer and actors, but they have always been for films that have already been released and you can already see the end product. On this show we have something special, a few weeks ago I managed to speak with Stephen Douchette, Laura Vedder and Joey Utah who are all involved with the currently in production fan film Star Wars: Venatus...

Duration: 00:53:44

Show 25 - Who Goes There!

Show 25 - Who Goes There! Welcome to the Fan Film Boyz Podcast Show 25 - Who Goes There! Back on November 25, 2017 the latest Ep 72: 'Movie Cocktail' Podcast (the other Podcast that I co-host) was released and we talked all about 1982's 'The Thing'. On this episode Dave and Jay of the Super Movie Bros, Marc and I went into a lot of detail about 'The Thing' a film I had never seen before doing this episode. Right after we recorded that episode we all stayed and recorded this Fan Film...

Duration: 00:38:07

Show 24 - This is not a Game (Interview)

SHOW 24 - This is not a Game (Derek Taylor Kent Interview) On this Show Fan Film Boy Robert speaks with LA based, Award Winning author, scriptwriter, director and fellow fan film lover Derek Taylor Kent, writer of The Scary School series, and Kubrick’s Game. Kubrick’s Game was published in 2016 and is FFB Rob’s favorite book. Think The Da Vinci Code meets the Goonies. It is about an elaborate puzzle game left hidden by film maker Stanley Kubrick in his films. The puzzles when solved...

Duration: 00:34:58

Show 23 - This is a Nexus! (Interview)

We cannot get enough of Nexus//Recursion. On our last show Super Movie Bros Dave and Fan Film Boy Rob discussed the Blade Runner fan film in detail, well on this all new interview show FFB Rob had the privilege of talking with three of the people involved in creating the film! Brandi Price who is the star of the film, Cameron J. Smith writer and co-director with Jose Quinones join Fan Film Boy Rob and talk Nexus//Recursion, fan films, and a lot other really interesting stuff! So join...

Duration: 00:41:23

Show 22 - What is a Nexus?

The Fan Film Boyz are back! This week FFB Robert is joined is joined by guest co-host, and Podcast Superhero Dave from the Super Movie Bros Podcast, and we discuss the recently released fan film ‘Nexus//Recursion’. This film stars the amazing Brandi Price (Harley Quinn from the fan film Committed, see Show 7 - Committed), and is directed by Jose Quinones and Cameron J. Smith. Nexus//Recursion is set in the Blade Runner universe and is basically a prequel to the Original 1983 film,...

Duration: 00:41:46

Show 21 - Not such a Smoothneck

Hello Gang, its time again for another awesome episode of the Fan Film Boyz Podcast. Show 21 - Not such a Smoothneck is our first ever crossover show with the Super Movie Bros and our collaboration Podcast ‘Movie Cocktail’. On this show Robert is joined by Super Movie Bro Dave and Super Movie Bro Jay and we are talking about the Starship Troopers fan film ‘Smoothnecks.’ On August 12, 2017 the Second episode of Movie Cocktail will be released and in the episode we talk about the actual...

Duration: 00:36:32

Show 19 - Spin to Win!

Show 19 - Spin to Win! Welcome to Show 19 of the Fan Film Boyz Podcast, Spin to Win! In this show we try something a little different than our normal podcast format. Fan Film Boy Michael convinces Fan Film Boy Robert to try the all new Fan Film Wheel (A better name is still being worked on!) On the wheel are eight different and short fan films that we have not seen or reviewed before. What film will it land on! Needless to say, the show notes for this episode are not going to be very...

Duration: 00:19:42

Show 18 - The Fallen

What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions HALO to you? Is it the MasterChief, or the amazing gameplay? After today's show what will come to your mind when someone mentions HALO is the fan film HALO - The Fallen! Set during the events of HALO: Combat Evolved this fan film is about a group of soldiers fighting the Covenant across the Halo landscape. This is one kick butt fan film and with funding from both a Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign's it really...

Duration: 00:33:45

Show 16 - Dare you to tell him, he's fired!

At the beginning of April, 2017 thousands of Stormtroopers, Jedi, Sith, Imperial Agents and other assorted aliens made their way to Orlando for the Star Wars Celebration convention. In honor of this event held every two years we at the Fan Film Boyz Podcast have decided to go back to a topic we covered in Show 1, Star Wars fan films and we are talking about Darth Maul: Apprentice. 'With his training almost complete, Darth Maul must face six Jedi in order to reach his true potential, and...

Duration: 00:28:24

Show 15 - Calling All Browncoats!

It's Friday again Fan Film Fan's, and Show 15 - Calling All Browncoats is going to really make your day (or night depending on when you listen!). On this Show we are talking about the short lived TV series and one time film Firefly/Serenity's feature length fan film Browncoats: Redemption. Released in 2010 this 96 minute fan 'movie' is about the crew of the spaceship Redemption during the second rise of the Browncoats against the Alliance. The Firefly series started Nathan Fillion, Gina...

Duration: 00:32:11