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FTN 76: Riding for Focus, with The Specialized Foundation's Ted Theocheung and Dr. Kimberly Price

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm an avid cyclist. Whether I'm doing leisurely loops around Central Park, or hundred mile rides while training for my next Ironman, if I'm exercising and not running, I can either be found on my Specialized Venge, or my Peloton spin bike. Not only is it amazing exercise, not only is it a bicycle seat a great place from which to see the world, but for me, probably the best benefit of cycling is the massive dopamine hit that I get from ten minutes into my...

Duration: 00:21:12

FTN 75: Hey Boss: I'm ADHD! With Guest Bruce Tulgan

Let's face it - If you're a manager, chances are, you're going to be managing some neuro-atypical employees, if you're not already. Considering some studies are saying that four out of ten new hires in the next ten years are going to be on the spectrum of ADD, ADHD, OCD, or similar, how you start dealing with these employees now will determine how easy it is to get your new hires later. That's where this week's guest comes in. Bruce Tulgan is internationally recognized as the leading...

Duration: 00:19:19

Getting your ADHD Side Hustle On, with Guest Chris Guillebeau

Out of all the fun things about having ADHD, one of the best might be that you see absolutely nothing wrong with setting insane goals and then reaching them. Today's guest has done that and so much more. Chris Guillebeau set out to visit every single country in the world before he turned 35. He did it. He's authored several bestselling books, including Side Hustle, The $100 Startup, and The Art of Nonconformity. He hosts the World Domination Summit every summer in Portland, Oregon, and...

Duration: 00:18:04

FTN 73: ADHD In a Strange Land, with Guest Christopher Walker

Welcome to Faster Than Normal, Episode 72! This week, we talk to Christopher Walker, via a digital connection all the way from Japan! Sometimes, the best way to get a handle on your ADHD is to leave the office, or work from a new place. Christopher took that to an extreme, settling in Kanagawa, Japan, after eight years in the US Military! Originally from North Carolina, Chris opens up in this week's episode, and talks about his experience in the military, handling his ADHD, and trying to...

Duration: 00:14:48

FTN 72: The Re-introduction - With Guest, Well, Me!

So the Faster Than Normal book came out last week, debuting at #1 in multiple categories on Amazon! With that, I want to welcome a TON of new listeners to the FTN Podcast! And I figured, what better way to do that than do to a quick podcast live from a rest stop on the New Jersey Turnpike! Yeah, I’m serious. I want to introduce our new listeners (and reintroduce our current listeners) to the podcast, to me, and to what we stand for. For those just joining us, welcome to the fight, and...

Duration: 00:17:28

FTN 71: Compassionate Parenting, with Guest Brian King

Hey guys! The Faster Than Normal book launches this week! Head over to preorder a copy now! "WILL YOU JUST DO YOUR HOMEWORK? WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAVE TO BE A FIGHT?" What parent hasn't had that conversation with their child at least once? I know my parents did - a lot more than once. With that, say hello to this week's guest, Brian King, known as the master of compassionate parenting! Brian R. King, MSW teaches compassionate parenting to parents raising all kinds of children, including...

Duration: 00:21:31

FTN 70: The Productivity Episode, With Laura Vanderkam

The Faster Than Normal Book launches October 3rd, and we're so excited!! Head over to Amazon now and pre-order a copy, and you'll get a bunch of goodies included if you email your receipt to ftnreceipt at - Let's see it! We're already #1 in multiple categories on Amazon, and the book isn't even out yet! Welcome to episode 70, the productivity episode! Who couldn't use some extra time in their life? Our guest today shows us how to get it, without drama, without giving up the...

Duration: 00:17:54

FTN 69: The Music Episode! With DJ John Michael DiSpirito

Say hey to DJ John Michael! He's the official DJ in Residence at Peloton Cycle (now known as OnePeloton,) he's trained under Junior Vasquez, and knows more 80s trivia than you do. This isn't assumption, this is fact. DJ John Michael gives us 30+ minutes of over the top interview, on topics as wide-ranging as music as a calming influence, "taking back your brain" from the background processes, and somehow, we wound up also touching on the 80s TV Show "The Facts of Life," as well as Game of...

Duration: 00:29:58

FTN 68: Humor, Addiction, and Fear with Comedian Ken Perlstein

First off - GREAT NEWS: The Faster Than Normal Book goes live in less than a month! Won't you help support the launch by sharing this Thunderclap with your social channels? The more people who share it, the more we can help the world realize that ADHD is a GIFT, not a curse! From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Welcome to another episode of Faster Than Normal! We've skipped a few weeks in August, because we were getting the Faster Than Normal BOOK ready for an October 3rd launch date!...

Duration: 00:23:16

FTN 67: ADHD's Secret Fitness and Exercise Link, With Guests Amie Hoff and Wendy Phillips

Welcome to another episode of Faster Than Normal! This one combines my two favorite topics - What we put in our mouths, and what we sweat out at the gym. Simply put, this episode is all about food and exercise, and the tips shared by our two guests will, I guarantee you, change how you look at what you eat, and what you do for activity. From the fitness side, we speak with Amie Hoff, founder of Hoff Fitness, who shares her fitness knowledge as a corporate fitness consultant, personal...

Duration: 00:35:14

FTN 66: How to use your ADHD to Start an Airline, with JetBlue Founder David Neeleman

Every once in a long while, you get an amazing interview with someone you've been trying to nail down for years. Someone you think of as a hero, and someone who has been so bold about how they live their life, all you can do is listen and try and hold on. That's today, as I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing David Neeleman, probably best known for founding JetBlue Airlines. He’s classic ADHD, (enjoy his story of the tree in his yard) but more importantly, he believes, possibly...

Duration: 00:17:58

FTN 065: Doctor's Orders, with Dr. James Greenblatt, MD

This week on the Faster Than Normal Podcast, we're listening to the doctor. Specifically, Dr. James M. Greenblatt, head of medicine at Walden! Dr. Greenblatt is chief medical officer and vice president of medical services at Walden. He provides medical management, leadership and oversight of Walden’s eating disorder programs in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Working with thousands of children, adolescents and adults, Dr. Greenblatt found that each individual has a unique biochemical...

Duration: 00:17:15

FTN 064: More Play = Smarter Students, with Clare Crew

We’ve said it before here on Faster Than Normal: Movement, play, creativity – All things children today don’t get enough of in their daily lives. Yet again, another guest shows us just how detrimental a lack of play and creativity can be, and how beneficial an overdose of it is! Clare Crew is an early childhood and inclusive education teacher who specialises in the brain-body connection. She helps the children the system leaves behind, those with learning, attention and...

Duration: 00:15:20

FTN 063: I'm on a Boat! With Norwegian Cruise Line CEO Andy Stewart

Ever go on a cruise? For someone like me, with massive ADHD, it's awesome - Ooh! The water slide! Ooh! video games! Ooh! Ice cream! Ooh! The ocean! Stars! The horn! You get the idea. But did you ever think what it was like to RUN a cruise company? That's where this week's guest comes in - Andy Stuart is President and Chief Executive Officer of Norwegian Cruise Line, appointed to this position in September 2016. In this role, he is responsible for ensuring that Norwegian excels in every...

Duration: 00:23:11

FTN 060: Perfection is a Fault with Guest Benny Lewis

Benny Lewis is the ambitious Irish lad behind Fluent in 3 Months, the world's largest language learning blog with a million visitors per month. He has published an international best-selling book of the same title, and a series of language courses, been awarded the title of National Geographic's Traveler of the Year, and he speaks almost a dozen languages in varying degrees between mastery and quite well. All of this is despite being a weak student of languages in school, and actually...

Duration: 02:00:24

FTN Episode 62: Taking Chances, with Guest Alan Meckler

What can we say about Alan Meckler? The man has a way of seeing things that regular people won't see for the next ten years, and he's done it again and again and again. A wonderful example of neurodiversity, he was diagnosed with Dyslexia at a very early age, and used, of all things, his love of baseball to help him beat it. Alan M. Meckler, Ph.D. was one of the first media professionals to spot the potential of the commercial Internet (1990). He launched INTERNET WORLD magazine and a...

Duration: 00:25:30

FTN 061: Rocking Raw Food with Barbara Fernandez

Today on Faster Than Normal, we're talking FOOD! Specifically, we're talking RAW food, and how it changes lives! This isn't just for ADHD, it's for everyone! Now, look - I've got a steak addiction. So rare it might as well be raw, but it's still slightly cooked. I don't know if I could go totally raw - But I'm willing to listen. Barbara Fernandez woke up one day and discovered raw food - She also discovered a way to kick most of her health issues, including getting a handle on her ADHD....

Duration: 02:07:47

FTN 058: Understanding Yourself (And Dating the Host) with Dr. Jennifer Hartstein

The Faster Than Normal book is in pre-order! Head over to the FTN Book Website to reserve yours today - It comes with some pretty awesome bonuses! And don't forget - We have the #1 online video course for turning your ADHD into a superpower - The FTN Course is 38 three minute videos, watchable at your own pace, covering everything from work, to home life, to exercise and health. Check it out! _____ This week our guest is Dr. Jennifer Hartstein. Dr. Hartstein is currently in private...

Duration: 02:27:00

FTN 059: More Play = Less Problems?? Dr Debbie Rhea

This week's guest is Dr. Debbie Rhea of the LIINK project, and this episode is going to BLOW YOUR MIND. I discovered Dr. Rhea in an NPR article talking about how she experimented with a school district in Texas, giving the students more recess time throughout the day to have unstructured play. You know what happened? The kids improved in all areas of their educational lives! BOOM!! THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN PREACHING! Exercise and a healthier lifestyle can change LIVES! It's not always...

Duration: 02:15:59

FTN 055: Millennials and ADHD and labels and haters, with Brian Fanzo

This week's guest is Brian Fanzo. Happy listening! :) In this episode, Peter and Brian discuss: Links/Mentions WebsiteFBTwitterSMACtalkFomoFanzapp As always, leave us a comment below, drop us a review on iTunes (PLEASE!) and of course, subscribe to the podcast if you haven't already! Know of anyone you think should be on the FTN podcast? Shoot us a note - We'd love to hear! PS: Don't forget - We have the #1 online video course for turning your ADHD into a superpower - The FTN Course...

Duration: 02:06:09

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