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Overcoming Cyber Addiction w/h ADHD Academic Coach, Author & Multi-linguist, Kevin Roberts

Kevin Roberts has spent a good deal of his adult life coming to terms with his own ADHD and cyber addiction. He has a Master’s Degree in ADHD and Addiction Studies from Antioch University. He has trained therapists, students, physicians, nurses, teachers, parents, and school administrators on the perils of overuse of the Internet and video games, as well as ADHD. He has developed a number of innovative programs, such as Training Your Dragons summer camps that empower ADHD children, including...


Adulting & Helping Women Diagnosed with ADHD -Sarah Snyder-Castañeda

Every once in a while we get to interview people who share some goals with Faster Than Normal. These people have a similar calling- to help, inspire and teach people more about ADHD. Today is one of those days! Sarah is the brains behind, a blog for ADHD women. Along with the blog, she hosts a spin-off podcast and online support group with the mission of bringing self-empowerment and practical tips to her community. A digital marketer by day, Sarah lives with her...


CBD Is Working for ADHD Media and Tech Expert, Corey Herscu

Corey is a media and technology expert who has emerged as the 'always-on' innovation and cannabis publicist. His experience as a journalist for outlets like Global News and The Globe & Mail and his prolific hustle on behalf of his clients makes him the ideal partner for brands looking to connect with journalists and consumers. A frequent speaker at hubs such as Leaf Forward, MaRS and Ryerson's DMZ, Corey has unique insight into the inner workings of the media industry and knows how to make a...


ADHD and Summer Camp- with Director of JCC Manhattan Day Camps, Genna Singer

Genna Singer grew up going to summer camp. She started early in her single digits and only missed one year. She loves summer camp!! In September of 2002 she joined the wonderful staff at the Marlene Meyerson JCC as Director of After School Programs, while maintaining an active role in the summer camps programs as well. In 2006 she became the Director of Camps and continues to help them develop and grow new, exciting programs! My daughter had a wonderful time here this summer and I was so...


Traveling the World, using ADHD as my guidebook, with Travel Expert Mark Murphy

Today we visit with Mark Murphy. He wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD until he was nearly 50. We talk about how he built his company and how being impulsive can sometimes be a huge benefit. Mark is a trusted travel expert, best-selling author, entrepreneur and professional speaker. He is the founder and CEO of travAlliancemedia, the leading travel trade media company in the United States. His company has been recognized 6X (starting in 2008) by Inc magazine, as one of the fastest growing privately...


ADHD Balancing Time & Learning w/h Multi-talented Company Builder Vahid Jozi

ADHD Balancing Time & Learning w/h Multi-talented Company Builder Vahid Jozi Vahid is a serial entrepreneur, having founded several companies in the past that resulted in exits, failures, and everything in between. He has held most of the positions in a company including developer, designer, salesperson, marketer, and investor. His focus currently is on product management, machine learning & AI, and retail. He advises various startups, investors & accelerators. He is currently the founder...


ADHD Studying the Science of Music & Sound to Stimulate Your Brainwaves w/h Brain.FM’s Daniel Clark

This March, Brain.FM received a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to research the effects of music & soundwaves on people who have ADHD, and also those who suffer from difficulty focusing on the job. At lot of neuroscience continues to go into their work. We were happy to visit with CEO Daniel Clark in our office to talk about how it all works, and how his life’s love of technology ultimately called him aboard. Enjoy! In this episode Peter and Daniel discuss: 1:04- Intro &...


ADHD Budding Entrepreneur Collin McDougall on Minding the Details

Collin’s struggle with ADHD has always been a crucial part of who he is. ADHD was almost a mystery to him, and he always felt out of place, wondering why he was “different” from his peers. It wasn’t until he began to research these feelings that he discovered that there were others who felt the same way. Collin then became obsessed with understanding ADHD. Throughout his research, Collin began to feel comforted knowing that there are resources that can truly help people struggling to...


ADHD Managing Impulsiveness & Kicking The Adderall Blues w/h Brian Robinson

Brian grew up in suburban NJ. He was diagnosed with ADHD at six years old. He moved away, graduated from Tulane University with a Philosophy degree and a honed talent for writing. In 2016, he was interviewed by Fox 5 NY about his ADHD memoir & personal experience with Adderall addiction. I actually have Brian’s book on my desk right now! He’s a successful entrepreneur, continues to be very outspoken about society's miscomprehension of ADHD and is helping to change the conversation! Now...


ADHD 17-yr-old Prosthesis Designer Everett Kroll Shares his Experience & Advice

This is a great kid, mature beyond his years. I discovered Everett when someone sent me an article about him competing in the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair, (Bio-Medical Engineering category), and winning out over 1,800 competing students from 80+ countries! He’s brilliant and certainly has a bright future; just listen to how he answered “What do you wanna do with your life”? What were you doing in High School? I’m thankful we got to spend some time with him this week....


ADHD Making Order Out of Chaos w/h Leslie Josel

Leslie has a lot of analog clocks in her house. She has spent many years learning how to become a time management guru, because of her family, clients and life story. She brought “Order Out of Chaos” to life from a very personal mission as her son was diagnosed with ADHD as a young child. She founded the company 15years ago with the goal of providing professional organizing, time management and coaching services; parent and family education, products and resources to families and their...


ADHD Leveraging Fun & Entrepreneurship with Nicholas Sonnenberg

Nick is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for creating companies that disrupt the way people live, (sound familiar)? He is the co-founder of Leverage and the former CEO of CalvinApp. Before making the jump to the startup technology space, Nick spent more than eight years on Wall Street as a high frequency algorithmic trader. What the heck is a “high frequency algorithmic trader” and how did someone with ADD wind up doing that job for eight years before breaking from the pack and bringing...


ADHD From being homeless to earning 65million in scholarships & aid for College Athletes- with Shane Howard

In 2010 Shane started what has now become one of the industry leading college recruiting education and exposure services that educates young athletes around the globe on how to achieve their dream of playing collegiate athletics in the United States. He didn’t even own a computer when he invested in penny stocks and got lucky. He then bought a Macbook and incorporated. Now 7 years later he’s working with athletes in 40 countries. Shane has made and learned from many mistakes and shares his...


ADHD Rollin hard in the school bus with H3 Healthy Hip Hop founder & CEO Roy Scott

Roy Scott is the Founder and CEO of H3 Enterprise, an EdTech company powered by the arts, entertainment and social interaction. Considered by many as the "Sesame Street of the 21st Century". With ten plus years of experience in the music industry, a passion for technology and helping the youth, Scott turned what he loved into a business. H3 was launched in 2013, quickly gaining traction through their live engagement and online content, contracting with such companies as Blue Cross Blue...


ADHD How to keep your Act together with Professional Productivity Consultant & Organizer Ellen Delap

If I’m not well organized, then nothing gets done, not on time anyway. Ellen organizes for a living!! She shares some very important advice, along with some time-honed tips & tricks with us today. You might wanna make some notes so you can remember. Here’s little more about Ellen. Enjoy! Ellen Delap, professional organizer and productivity consultant, launched in 2000. She is an award winning Certified Professional organizer recognized for her contributions in the...


ADHD Dissing the fog with cool counsellor & neurodiversity expert Shawn Smith

Counsellor, Psychotherapist and national award winning entrepreneur are only a few of Shawn’s many accomplishments, but what he does isn't nearly as exciting as the why. Diagnosed with ADHD Inattentive Type at age 30, Shawn struggled through every level of the public education system. Prior to his diagnosis it took Shawn 4 years to finish 3 years of high school, 32 attempts to earn the 18 credits required to graduate including failing grade 10 math 4 times. Shawn has embraced his unique...


ADHD Finding a Way Forward After a Death. Success Story & Former Dropout, Timothy Peers

Currently, as a senior business analyst, he’s been blessed with a job function that is easily described as “it’s hard to explain.” His life-to-date is not an easy or short one to try and explain either; which is part of what makes our visit with smiling Timothy Peers so special today. He’s launched a small side business focusing on personal coaching towards superior interviewing and resume skills (which has helped multitudes of individuals see a collective $200,000 increase in their income)....


ADHD Hello Cleveland! Leading Social Security Disability lawyer, Michael Liner, gives back

Michael is proud to have been selected by his peers as one of the top Social Security Disability lawyers in Ohio and has helped his clients obtain tens of millions of dollars in Social Security benefits. Michael became a disability attorney because he knows what it is like to be “different”. As a child growing up in the Detroit area, he attended a special school for children with attention and behavior problems. His behavior problems were so severe in fact that he was ultimately expelled...


A Very Special Faster Than Normal: Episode 100, with guests Nancy and Ira Shankman!

Welcome to episode 100 of Faster Than Normal! I'm so very excited, humbled, and amazed - We're at 100 episodes! Who ever thought? 100 episodes of any podcast is hard enough, but a podcast about ADHD, hosted by someone with ADHD? That's an accomplishment! This week, to celebrate episode 100, we're interviewing two parents of an ADHD kid. But when this kid was growing up, ADHD didn't exist. "Sit down, you're disrupting the class" did. But through love, determination, and support, this...


ADHD Finding what works! Brand Ambassador, Travel&Lifestyle Blogger, Entrepreneur, Adventurer- Mia Voss

Travel & Lifestyle Blogger, Brand Ambassador, Entrepreneur, Expert Interviewer, YouTube Host; she is the ultimate traveler & people connector. She's currently working with brands such as Lexus, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda and more. Her engaging & energized style showcases businesses with authentic & engaging social content. She is an experience junky and wants to take you along with her. Mia has been building an online audience for years, producing, hosting and being a guest on more than 300...