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Father Teresa's Wine Cellar. This is a place for ideas and entertainment. This is a place for news and comment. This is a place for interaction and sharing. This place... Is the WINE CELLAR. Every episode comes a TRIGGER WARNING by default. Politically, Father Teresa is too far LEFT for the left. Socially, Father Teresa practices Empathy and Altruism. You're in the Wine Cellar. LET'S MOVE IT FORWARD.




Free Show - Sex Workers Rights News

Sex Workers Rights news covered out of Dayton Ohio in this free show. Z The full episode is available on patreon.com/winecellarmediafund. One time donations taking at paypal.me/PhoenixAndWilliam.

Duration: 00:41:57

White On White Crime - Free Half.

Hey gang. This is the free portion of the full episode. The full show is available on our patreon. https://www.patreon.com/WineCellarMediaFund

Duration: 01:24:51

#BeckyLivesMatter - Kathleen Lights Up N-Words On That Table

Phoenix And William spend an unforgivable amount of time on a #BeckyLivesMatter story about white women that talk about make up on youtube push niggas off tables. Then we cover a twenty year old that has committed enough white on white crime to put protestant cults out of business.

Duration: 00:51:13

Bhad Bhabie Becky Bars - Plus News And Comment.

Washington DC police caught dancing at burglary scene | Daily Mail Online http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4824176/Washington-DC-police-caught-dancing-burglary-scene.html Danielle Bregoli is BHAD BHABIE - "These Heaux" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ioilEr3Apw More sex workers being attacked since new legislation3 http://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/ireland/more-sex-workers-being-attacked-since-new-legislation-introduced-claim-sex-workers-alliance-804048.html Mark Taylor:...

Duration: 01:20:01

My White Friends Are Cooler Than Yours

LET'S READ IN THE SHADE WITH PHOENIX CALIDA. Chemical plant explosion near Houston. Illinois bans "gay panic" legal defense. Trump further militarizes police. Kenya outlaws plastic bags. Florida cop resigns after ticket quota scandal.

Duration: 01:08:43

Phoenix And William Extra Episode.

We didn't plan this one. Phoenix was getting an episode together and William didn't have an overtime shift so he showed up. Nonsense ensues.

Duration: 01:12:51

Phoenix Calida Reads In The Shade On Fake News

Phoenix Calida covers fake news that actually matters and should be pointed out. Also. Boy detained for almost 2 years by ICE. Father of Stuebenville rapist shoots judge. Another Victim of R-Kelly (Kells Kult Klan) speaks out. Government stops investigating consequences of mountain top removal mining. Convicted killer gets stayed execution because DNA at crime scene isn't his. ....Did we mention he's a Black man accused of murdering Becky.

Duration: 01:02:27

Becky Lives Round Up - Mayonnaise Cake

#BeckyLivesMatter Round Up. Tina Fey. Uncombable Hair??? Erick Fernandez is getting... Judged And The Trump Hat Troll.

Duration: 00:42:38

P*ssy Fascists - The Phade Wayze Conspiracy Theory

That's right. P*ssy Fascists. We're centering the entire episode on trying to figure what Timothy Bradford wants Black Women to know about themselves.

Duration: 01:05:46

Freedom Of Speeching With William J Jackson

Later in the episode Phoenix Calida pulls up a chair and joins in. Rentboy Verdict Puts Sex Workers at Risk, LGBTQ Advocates Say Civil rights groups and sex workers are raising concerns over the government takedown of Rentboy.com, an escort service that largely catered to gay men. The investigation and prosecution, involving both the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice, ended with a fine and jail time for Jeffrey Hurant, the company’s former CEO, as well as the arrest of six...

Duration: 01:22:24

Phoenix Calida On How To Actually Disrupt

And of course there's White On White Crime. Florida is bout them guns and statues. Nazi Drug Bust. Georgia Judge judges folks. KKKops on that murder game.

Duration: 00:48:26

Phoenix Calida Is Down With Slut Walk And Antifa

Teen charged with murder for saving mother's life. Teenager runs for governor on pot platform. Phoenix Calida was at Chicago slut walk. Actives getting they Trump on. Kentucky talking bout taking down some statues. Daily Stormer gets shut the f down.

Duration: 00:54:09

Phoenix Calida Is Hosting White On White Crime

White On White Crime Mayor goes undercover in an unexpected way. Police find new pen pals. Something, something, sugar... Something, something daddy... Inmates pay homage to George Washington Carver. An interesting Russia story. And... Exhibitionism meets Capitalism

Duration: 00:52:12

Tommy Sotomayor is full of all the sh*t

Phoenix Calida is getting on the job training to host and engineer a live program. We go over this Tommy dude and then she makes William respond to some wack rapper.

Duration: 01:06:06

Phoenix Calida Is Now The Host Of The Wine Cellar

Phoenix Calida will be hosting the show now and bringing on her own guests and the show will be transitioning.

Duration: 01:06:15

The African Voodoo Wizard - And Transphobia Updates

Transgender immigrants need protection, too By Bianey Garcia and Mateo Guerrero-Tabares http://www.amny.com/opinion/transgender-immigrants-need-protection-too-1.13814496 Murderer of trans woman Dee Whigham sentenced to 40 years http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2017/07/22/murderer-of-trans-woman-dee-whigham-sentenced-to-40-years/ This link says 48 years. www.newnownext.com/transgender-murder-biloxi/07/2017 NY Times reporter accuses white women of racism on city sidewalks...

Duration: 01:30:56

R-Kelly Was Gonna Buy Priority Records, Universal And Interscope Records

We Dig into our news and comment. We have an extended 17 minute break and we lean into this R-Kelly story. Elephant out for a swim gets emergency rescue at sea 1:36 7/13/2017 In our NewsHour Shares moment of the day, Navy teams around the globe are often called in to assist in rescue efforts. But this week, one maritime mission in the Indian Ocean helped a unique creature in need. The world of finance has a dark side, but that’s only half the story 9:31 7/13/2017 You could say that the...

Duration: 01:49:55

Bear Naked Jesus Boy And Smug Black Democrats

Hey gang. We go left field twice in this episode. Once for the Lord and once for the Neoliberals. Beyond that, we have trans news, inadvertent #whiteonwhitecrime and Bryan Fischer... of course. We have a show break for ten with minutes with the green news report, the post election rhyme rant, and Jim Hightower. Check us out at Patreon.com/winecellarmediafund or paypal.me/PhoenixAndWilliam

Duration: 01:30:47

Schroadinger's Victim - The Black Podcast Conspiracy

In this one, we just have fun with the bulk of the episode. Ricky Loco linked us to some audio from a few months back that Pennymon did and it was hilarious. We kick back to that and dig into a little news afterward. And of course we tangent.

Duration: 01:05:19

FreeThought Thursday With Phoenix Calida

Pride London: Mayor Not Allowed to Wear LGBT Slang T-Shirt to Parade The Trevor Project Hears Every Day How President Trump is Putting LGBT Teens in Danger Faith, Sex, And Culture: Why LGBT Attitudes Vary Widely Across Nations As Gender-Inclusive Housing Expands at UMKC, KU This Fall, Other Universities Remain in Limbo San Francisco Sex Workers Battle For Rights, Legitimacy CBS San Francisco Bay Area Decriminalization of the Sex Trade Edges Ahead in One State. Also: Australia's Digital...

Duration: 01:19:28

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