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Podfest Multimedia Expo 2018: A Recap Of People, Events And Technologies

A lot of businesses are now looking at podcasting as an effective tool for marketing their brand. What’s cooler about this is more people are starting to listen to podcasts. So if you are an entrepreneur of any level and brand, podcasting is a leveled playing field. This was one of the most important messages […]


Finding Your Confidence, Finding Your Voice with Chelsea Lee Rock

Every podcaster needs to sound confident because they are marketing their show using their voice. Having a “fake it till you make it” attitude can work, but only to a certain degree. Confidence Queen Chelsea Lee Rock’s solution is to find a confidence booster that will help you find the power to get your message […]


Sensory Branding: How To Be Noticed, Remembered, and Desired With Gerry Foster

The brand of a product, service or content delivers a promise to the consumer. It needs to be there from the very beginning so that people know that you are different and relevant and they will choose you over your competition. Expert in sensory branding Gerry Foster believes that once you pinpoint your uniqueness and […]


The Art of Storytelling For Your Business, with Courtney Paige Ray

Keeping your brand in line and sending out your message is essential for every business owner. Having a visual representation of your message can help in attracting your target audience, and it makes for great and inspiring aesthetics as well. Impactful photographs is another faction within the art of storytelling. With Facebook and Instagram, the […]


Podcast Launch PR Boost with Dave Farrow

Getting your business out there and getting it monetized is the main reason why PR has been around for many years. It is considered a necessity. Now that podcasts have become a powerful tool to promote and boost a business, hosts need to learn that it’s not about pitching your podcast, but about pitching you […]


Finding Your Authentic Podcast Voice with Athena Rosette

Podcasts and podcasters have started to move over to that spot where the show doesn’t just entertain, it also influences people to be better and do better. Athena Rosette started her podcast because she wanted to develop a side of her that is internal and thoughtful in a vocal perspective. She was able to connect […]


Radio Podcasts vs. Brand Podcasts

Technology and digital marketing is coming full circle once again with radio podcasts coming onto the scene. Podcasts broadcasting live on the radio is not bad thing, but there are some points that might not fit your digital marketing goals. These radio pitfalls are often not seen readily like the following: the content and the […]


Digital Marketing Strategies That Pulls In with Jean Ginzburg

Podcasters building a business usually don’t have a strategy when followers start to pour in, while there are others who aren’t getting enough customers. A good funnel starts with good communication with followers that will help identify an ideal market. Instead of pushing sales faster, adding value to the campaign is a wiser move. Jean […]


Dealing With Trolls And Podcast Haters

We’ve got a subject that not a lot of people like to talk about when it comes to their own podcast because they want everyone to love their show. I want everyone to love my show too. I'm no different than any of you. There are going to be people out there that don’t like […]


Ultimate Entrepreneur Strategies: Opportunity Gap Marketing with Jay Abraham

Start with purpose, intention and goals. These three can make the difference in any business. Like marketing and advertisement guru Jay Abraham, every business owner’s goal should be to sustain a relationship with his clients with the intention of being the first investor in a relationship. Add this with being authentic to your brand and […]


Do You Need A Podcast Mastermind?

It is always a great idea to get a mentor or a coach once you decide to get on the path of improvement. Business owners and podcasters are the same because they don’t know what they don’t know and one way to improve is letting someone else in to tell you what you need to […]


Podcast Freelancers Unite! with Emily Leach

We have a really fun interview with someone that I really enjoyed being interviewed by her in the past because we share this common trait of being genetically unemployable. That’s the name of her brand. Emily Leach is just one of the most amazing powerhouses. She just goes and is so passionate about the solopreneur, […]


Podcast Replays, Worth it?

The holidays are literally just around the corner now, and you’d think podcast listeners would dial down their media consumption, ironically, they don’t. Listeners will always want new content, but this doesn’t mean podcasters don’t have a breathing space during vacations and holidays. The key is to bank on episodes so you really don’t need […]


Podcast Sales Acceleration with Matthew Pollard

A good brand, product or service by itself can never guarantee success if it doesn't sell on the market. But with strategic sales and marketing, an average product can become the top item. This is how rapid growth expert Matthew Pollard has proven that introverts can outsell extroverts. As a podcaster himself, Matthew shares why […]


Baked In Versus Dynamic Insertion Podcast Ads Really Explained

We'll address an article that came out in Forbes from the Forbes Agency. It’s their own media agency that talks about ad results. They survey and they make an assessment of different ad types and different things like that. They're talking about podcast ads. They called it The Podcast Ad Playbook: Baked-In Versus Dynamic Insertion […]


Background Vetting Speakers & Guests with Justin Recla

Podcast hosts as influencers have a strong responsibility to provide valuable and proven expert guests. Guests become immediately (and permanently) associated with your brand and with you so care needs to be taken with who you invite and you research and vet those associations.Former government counterintelligence agent, Justin Recla explains why background vetting speakers for […]


Keys To Writing The Best Podcast Titles

Podcasts are just one of the handful of ways to consume information in this digital age. And just like news, the title needs to tell the story of the episode at one go. For Tom and Tracy Hazzard, the best podcast titles are short, precise, engaging and educational. Learn the techniques to writing engaging and […]


Promoting A Book? Jill Lublin Advises: Get a Clear Message and Digital Author Platform

To promote and sell your book, you need to have clear messages that work to make people interested and answer the question: why they should invest their time and money? Creating content with global digital impact and appeal is a good way to get a solid author platform. Bestselling author of The Profit of Kindness, […]


Attracting Podcast Binge Listeners For Massive Download Growth

Podcast binge listeners are the hyper consumers you want to attract for massive and fast growth in your downloads and listener base. They make up around 20% of the podcast listener base. There are two special classes of hyper-consumer binge listeners: Podfasters - those that listen at very high speeds so they can listen to […]


Podcasting Your Way to Live Events with Jules Schroeder

Instead of getting all the affiliates and sponsors, Jules Schroeder decided to pave a path of her own while enjoying life, love and career by putting herself in the shoes of her listeners. Podcasting your way to live events can be both scary and fun, but Jules will show you that focusing on value and […]


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