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FA 097 Journaling and Self Reflection

We open this week's show with a reflection of our year. We talk about the show, areas we want to improve in the year to come, and the important highlights in our lives. We find it's important to look at the good moments and find ways to cultivate more of them moving forward, especially in a year that was difficult for many of our listeners. Our main topic is a continuation on our yearly retrospective: journaling and self reflection. We talk about how and why we journal, and detail two...

Duration: 01:29:29

FA 096 Cuckolding and Hotwifeing

We open this week's show with a discussion of social media and health. During the end of the year it can be a time of social anxiety and depression, especially for those of us encountering the cold, dark, winter months. We talk about a recent study that shows how social media can be used as a means of finding support but cautions about what can happen when that support becomes your sole means of communication. Our main topic this week is on Cuckholding and Hotwifeing. While you might refer...

Duration: 01:48:58

FA 095 All Questions Show Vol 8

We open this week's show with a discussion of MFF. We wanted to talk about our panel, our party, what went right, and what the plans moving forward for future conventions will be. As MFF is now the world's largest furry convention we wanted to spend a little bit of time talking about it and having Viro share his experiences in lieu of a serious top of the show. We then dive headfirst into our eighth all questions show. We cover topics from choosing between potential lovers, to divorce, to...

Duration: 05:43:59

FA 094 Sexual Etiquette

We open this week's show with a discussion on a comic concerning cuckholding from Oh Joy Sex Toy! We go over what cuckholding is and why there has been heightened focus on people who are cucks within the past few years. What starts out as a lighthearted discussion almost turned into a full episode's worth of content. Stay tuned for a future show on cuckholding because we have a lot to say on this topic! Our main topic is on Sexual Etiquette. While we've discussed more of the varsity ideals...

Duration: 02:12:40

FA 092 Porn and Self-pleasure in a Relationship

We open this week's episode with a discussion on stoicism. On the show we've often discussed the tenants of stoicism in a general sense, however we recently found an article that we thought would be a great introduction for people who want to learn more about this school of thought. We talk about our lives and how we've grown from being more stoic in our approach to the hardships of life. Our main topic is on porn and masturbation. One of the common pitfalls that relationships can...

Duration: 01:40:11

FA 087 Lifestyling Furry

We open this week's show with a discussion on depression and mindfulness. Conventional treatment for depression and anxiety has worked under the impression that it is due to a skewed view of stressed from the past or present, but recent research shows that we become more anxious or depressed over false visions and fortune telling of what the future might hold. We take a look into an analysis of a book concerning this topic, Homo Prospectus, and what it might hold for future treatment of...

Duration: 01:22:44