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FA 082 Furry Sex! Yiff!

On this week's show we open with a serious discussion on forgiveness in the fandom. After the events in Charlottesville, we talk about the radical, racist elements in the fandom. It's no secret that we at Feral Attraction stand with those who stand against bigotry, racism, and hateful elements within the fandom (and at large), however the question of how to forgive people who were misguided participants in these groups has come up. How do we forgive those who, through misguided judgement or...

Duration: 01:44:43

FA 080 First Times

On this week's show we start with Metriko talking about transparency, politics, relationships, and the honesty and vulnerability required to make your life a more genuine, fulfilling one. We make fun of Scarmucci, Streisand, and the fallacy of transparency equating to absolution. Our main topic is on First Times. Continuing our summer of conversation and introspection we discuss our first times and how they went great (but, really, how awful they were). We also give some advice on what the...

Duration: 02:10:27

FA 079 Murrsuits

On this week's show we open with the segment that Viro had on the Savage Lovecast with Dan Savage. We discuss why Metriko was not involved (it's okay) and what our intended points were. Thanks again to Dan Savage and his team for allowing us to air this content for you to enjoy. Our main topic is on murrsuits. We discuss the practicality and the acceptability of the murrsuit. We discuss the difference between modified fursuits and murrsuits, whether they should be worn in public, and how...

Duration: 01:53:58

FA 078 Sex Mistakes and Hot Takes

This week we open with a conversation on weed. Many people think that it is strictly for relaxation or for creativity, but are there applications for marijuana in the bedroom as an aphrodisiac? We look at a study and try to remove the stigma from sativa. Our main topic is a relaxed show. In response to last year's episode on our relationship mistakes, many people think that we are masters of sex. This is not the case. We talk about problems, errors, mistakes, and negative situations we've...

Duration: 01:44:09

FA 077 Poly/Mono Mixed Relationships

This week we open with a discussion on the nine habits of emotionally intelligent people. On this show we like to talk about stoicism and pragmatism, but healthy relationships also take a good deal of emotional intelligence to ensure that you fight the right fights and cultivate your own integrity and moral compass. While clickbait-y in nature, we go over an article concerning these habits. Our main topic is on Polyamorous and Monogamous Mixed Relationships. What happens when a monogamous...

Duration: 01:30:31

FA 076 - Sensual Touch and Erogenous Zones

This week we open with a longer discussion on Gay Pride and the overall LGBT/Queer movement. After discussions on Twitter, Telegram, and other methods with friends and fellow queer individuals, it came to our attention that a lot of the history of queer people has not been shared, taught, or found important. We talk about the importance of queer history and why we must continue to fight for rights for all individuals who share intersectionality with our community. Our main topic is on...

Duration: 01:48:58

FA 075 All Questions Show Vol. 6

This week we open with a discussion on how to identify ways that your fuckbuddy, roleplay partner, or new romantic interest might not be into you. We look at an article from Grindr's blog (yes, we read it for the articles) concerning five ways to identify how he might just not be into you. We then tack on our own five and give examples from our own lives. Our main section this week is our sixth All Questions Show! We cover a diverse range of topics, from how to decide between two potential...

Duration: 01:58:04