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8. Invasive insects in Antarctica | Jes Bartlett

Jes Bartlett is a polar ecologist based at the University of Birmingham, where she is investigating an invasive species of midge in Antarctica. She's interested in how these little critters survive in extreme polar conditions and the impact that they make on the ecosystems in the region. Jes describes the unique challenges you face when working on remote islands in Antarctica. Have a listen to find out about the beautiful and not so beautiful creatures she came in contact with and what it...

Duration: 00:44:08

7. Mountain building in Bhutan | Eleni Wood & Stacy Phillips

We've turned Fieldwork Diaries on its head for Episode 7 - it's the creators of the podcast being interviewed this week! Matt Kent, star of Episode 1 has been drafted in as our guest host and he is quizzing Eleni Wood and Stacy Phillips, the team behind this very podcast. We both work on the geology of the Himalaya, and were out on fieldwork together this year in Bhutan where we were investigating mountain building processes. We chat to Matt about the amazing people we met, the wildlife we...

Duration: 01:04:38

6. David Pettifer | Chimpanzees in Uganda

David Pettifer is a primatologist and behavioural ecologist at the University of Birmingham where he studies how chimpanzees age and how ageing affects their musculoskeletal health. As part of his PhD research, he recently headed out to the wilderness in Uganda to observe wild chimps and their behaviour. Whilst faced with the challenge of trying to find an elusive group of the primates, David was treated to a series of close encounters with Ugandan forest fauna both big and small. Make...

Duration: 00:48:48