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How to Travel Hack using Credit Card Rewards with Holly Johnson

Travel expert Holly Johnson from about the best ways to travel and the best credit cards. It’s amazing to hear how a real pro travels, how she searches and finds the best deals that allows her and her family to travel the world affordably. While some of this may have sounded like a paid endorsement for Chase credit cards (it wasn’t ☺), they really do just provide the most benefit when used together. Knowing how much Holly and her family travel, it’s quite impressive that...


What you need to know about physician mortgage loans with Doug Crouse

Doug Crouse and I jump into everything you need to know about physician mortgage loans. Doug has nearly 2 decades of experience helping physicians obtain financing for their home purchases and throughout the show helps explain the intricacies of physician mortgage loans, FHA loans, VA loans and conventional financing. We tackle how physicians qualify for physician’s mortgages and if doctors should still utilize conventional loans over physician mortgages. Every wonder how banks price...


Curbside Consult – January 2018

Curbside Consult – January 2018 Today’s show is another curbside consult but with a twist. Instead of hearing listener questions, you will be hearing some of the questions asked in the latest panel discussion that I was invited to be on. I was honored to be an expert panelist for the NEJM Financial Planning 101 series. There were so many great questions that I decided to have today’s show highlighting 9 of the questions asked in the discussion....


What Physicians Should Know About the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act with John McCarthy CPA

The Tax bill is final; did you get a tax cut? The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) that was signed by President Trump on Dec 15 2017, and there has been a lot of confusion around what changed and how that will affect the taxpayers. On today’s show, I talk with John McCarthy CPA, as we do a high level walk through on the tax bill and highlight some of the important things physicians need to be aware of right away. While the list isn’t exhaustive, it would be hard to summarize 1100 pages of...


What's it like to be married to a Financial Planner?

Curious what it’s like to be married to a financial planner? In this episode, Dr. Taylor Inman (my better half) reveals the good and bad that apparently comes with marrying someone who loves to geek out over numbers. Taylor and I also discuss a bit of our backstory, how we ended up creating our own financial life plan and how we have been living out our ideal life for the past few years. Having an open dialogue with each other as well as time to self-reflect allows us to hone in on our...


6 Proven Behaviors That Increase Wealth with Sarah Fallaw

Sarah Fallaw, owner of DataPoints, a technology company that provides financial planners with psychometric assessments based on the data and research from her father, Dr. Thomas Stanley, author of The Millionaire Next Door and The Millionaire Mind. We break down the 6 scientifically proven behavioral factors that influence the likelihood of success of transforming one’s income into net worth. These are the important factors of building wealth on your own and maintaining that wealth,...


The Best Way To Save For Your Kid’s College with Abby Chao

If you want to save for your kid’s education but have no idea how or are confused by all the different plans out there, then this show is a must listen. Did you know that over $1 trillion dollars have been saved for college education and nearly 70% of that is saved in a checking or savings accounts? Wow! With several options out there, it can be overwhelming to understand what is available and how to narrow down the best options for your kiddos. Today we talk with Abby Chao from College...


Curbside Consult - December 2017

4 listener questions ranging from: Balancing payments of medical student loans while saving for retirement and deciding how much income to save each month. If you have a question keeping you up at night and would like to be featured on the podcast, go to and record your question today. Jonathan asks: How do you balance paying off your medical student loans, saving for retirement as a slightly older physician and rewarding yourself and your family? Lara...


How One Resident Saves 60% of Their Income with Future Proof MD

Dr. Bo Liu, physician and creator of talks about the basics of personal finance for young physicians. He is a 4th year radiology resident and his blog tackles topics such as student loan management, retirement planning, investing and he even discusses how to invest without a lot of income and/or with a low net worth. We talk about tools to track your net worth and why it is important to pay attention to your finances. We discuss the idea of paying yourself first which is...


From Negative Net Worth to FIRE with Physician on FIRE

Physician on Fire, physician and creator of, joined me to talk about becoming Financially Independent & Retiring Early (FIRE). He was inspired to create his blog and help others when he realized what it took to retire early. What once seemed like a distant, long-term goal soon became his reality. Together, we talk about what behaviors and steps you can take today to reach an early retirement like him. One day you will realize that work is optional, and you will be able...


Curbside Consult with Ryan Inman

Have a question that’s keeping you up at night? Today I answer 5 listener questions — ranging from saving for a down payment on a home to firing your current financial advisor. Alex asks: Should I pay off my home loan early? Curtis asks: What are your recommendations on investing for retirement, putting away funds for kids college or general savings for your life goals when you have credit card debt? Kerry asks: What do I do with my 403b from my previous employer? Nick says: I’m...


Leveraging Your Medical Degree to Earn Side Income with Passive Income MD

Passive Income MD, physician and creator of, joined me to talk about the many opportunities to create passive income to help you reach an early retirement. We discuss crowd funding, real estate investing and different ways you can use a medical degree to earn extra income. You can even start while in residency, by creating blogs, writing books or participating in peer-to-peer lending. Passive Income MD shares his own story on how he got started and what he has learned...


Why You Need to Have Joint Accounts, with Catherine Alford

Recorded live from the Ally booth at FinCon 2017 in Dallas! Catherine Alford, a family finance expert at and wife of a second year resident, sat down with me to discuss the pros and cons of combining your bank accounts, budgeting and our views on how student debt will affect your view on your finances. There are many different ways to become a master of your family’s finances. Cat and I go behind the scenes a bit to see how her family manages their finances and where...


The Answer to Your Student Loan Problem with Travis Hornsby

Travis Hornsby, founder of, tells us all about student loan debt and offers critical advice on how to manage it. With the average debt of graduating med students surpassing $180k, it is becoming more important than ever to have a solid game plan, and Travis is here to help. Travis became an expert and dedicated his entire career to helping people with their loans after he went through the very same struggles with his fiancé. Every situation is unique and depends...


How to Find A Financial Planner You Can Actually Trust with Tim Baker

Tim Baker, owner of Script Financial - a fee-only financial planning firm. Recorded live from the FinCon booth at the XYPN Conference in Dallas, Tim and I discuss fee-only advisers and how they provide unbiased advice that is truly in the best interest of their clients. Sadly, only 3% of all financial advisers are fee-only, leaving most advisers out there with interests of their own when it comes to your financial well-being. Tim was once a fee-based adviser, and he pulls back the...


You Don’t Really Have a Financial Plan Until You Do This with Chris Burke

Chris Burke is a lawyer who specializes in business and estate planning and he joins us today to discuss the Estate Planning process and how it relates to Physicians. We will examine the four pillars of Estate Planning: Wills, Power of Attorney, Healthcare Directives and Revocable Living Trusts. Our discussion is one that most people want to avoid having, but nonetheless necessary, what will happen to you and your assets when you die. Chris gives advice on how to avoid making critical...


Make Your First Investment the Right Way with Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee, founder of, sat down with me to discuss stocks, bonds, mutual funds and what to look out for when creating your own investment portfolio. We also get into 401k’s and 403b’s and explain why you need to take full advantage of your company match. Similar to his vlog, this is a bite sized episode helping you to understand some of the basic tools necessary for a healthy retirement. For more information, visit


What You Don’t Know About Home Ownership with Mindy Jensen

Mindy Jensen is Community Manager for, a popular social network for the real estate investing community. Mindy is an expert in real estate and was happy to share some of her insight on the process of buying a new home. Together we will take you on the journey step by step, offering valuable tips along the way. From physician loans to how to avoid being scammed, we will take you behind the scenes of buying your first home with confidence. For more information,...


Introduction to the Financial Residency Podcast

You’ve spent decades in school, but did not receive a financial education. This podcast is your financial residency - but without the long hours and sleepless nights! In this episode, I share my story and what you can expect from the Financial Residency podcast. For more information about me and how I plan to help you, visit