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A live broadcast of the service at the First United Methodist Church.




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Newscast: The Week of October 24, 2008

A TV crew finds two homeless alcoholics in the woods. The result is: one life redeemed, one rebounding continuously back to the streets, one ministry highlighted, two TV shows, and a remarkable documentary. This story is about the movie, “Lost in Woonsocket.” Other stories in this edition of United Methodist Audio News include a plea by a Pentagon chaplain for churches to reach out to returning soldiers, to those who are church members and those who are not. The newscast also hears the...

Duration: 00:15:04

Newscast: The Week of October 3, 2008

In today’s edition of United Methodist Audio News, we look at how the current U.S. financial crisis hurts global efforts to deal with hunger. We talk with James Butler and Savaji Pandey, both at the Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome. The United Methodist Church joins in an even greater effort to eliminate malaria. We talk about the work with Bishop Thomas Bickerton. The new president of United Theological Seminary in Ohio, Dr. Wendy Edwards, is proud of the seminary for putting...

Newscast: The Week of September 5, 2008

This edition of the biweekly UMNS podcast features: comments from the Rev. Don Cottrill on the apparent damage from Hurricane Gustav and church efforts to fix roofs and clean debris following the storm; an interview with the Rev. Jin Ho Kang, who teamed up with his wife to give the benediction at the Democratic National Convention; advice from author and pastor, the Rev. Carol Merritt, on the things that make churches inviting to young adults; and the story of Beth VanSickle, who, despite...

Newscast: The Week of August 22, 2008

In this edition of United Methodist Audio News, the Rev. Judy Chung talks about the United Methodist Asian American ministry plan and the need for quality resources and training in many languages in a fast-changing culture; the Rev. Ed Jones describes what worked for a new and growing United Methodist church in Pearland, Texas; we hear about the experiences of 22 young adults from four continents and different faiths who lived and studied together four three weeks this summer in Geneva,...

Newscast: The Week of August 1, 2008

This edition of United Methodist Audio News begins with United Methodists dealing with a tough issue of American society: immigration. We hear the story of Juana Villegas who picked up for a traffic violation, then was shackled to a hospital bed as she waited to give birth. Also in this newscast is the story of the first female bishop in The United Methodist Church in Africa, of the first openly gay pastor to run for the office of bishop in the church, and of a 15-year-old serving as the...

Newscast: The Week of July 18, 2008

In this edition of United Methodist Audio News, we cover some difficult human issues in society. One issue is immigration, as church leaders in Iowa question the treatment of workers brought in to clean up after the floods, and of others rounded up in a poultry plant raid. Another issue covered is slavery in the United States, with a church conference looking into the issue of human trafficking. Also, a local church creates new affordable housing, and The United Methodist Church has named...

Newscast: The Week of July 4, 2008

This edition of United Methodist Audio News covers the United Methodist response to the recent Iowa floods, the failed presidential election in Zimbabwe where many United Methodists live, the recent American banner campaign against torture, and a thank-you from Florida farm workers as they make progress banning inhumane treatment in the fields. Reporters: Linda Green and Mike Hickcox. Length: 13:36.

Newscast: The Week of June 20, 2008

This is final in a three-part series reviewing the decisions and listening to the sounds of the United Methodist General Conference of 2008. This review hears from Bill Gates, Senior on new funding to fight diseases of poverty, from Bishop Mary Ann Swenson on funding the missional priorities of the church, from Bishop Hope Morgan Ward on Katrina recovery, and from Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver on treatment of the poor. This program also recounts some of the decisions made at General...

Newscast: The Week of May 30, 2008

This is a special news roundup – the second of three reviews of the decisions and celebrations of the 2008 United Methodist General Conference in Fort Worth, Texas.

Newscast: The Week of May 16, 2008

This is a special General Conference wrap-up edition of United Methodist Audio News. In this, the first of 3 special audio newscasts, we’ll hear the opening of the conference at the Fort Worth Convention Center, excerpts from the Young People’s Address, from young Katherine Commale – who raised $40,000 for Nothing But Nets - all about the Four Areas of Focus of the church, from an immigration rally and news conference, and news briefs on other areas. This report begins with music, and...