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Banda Aceh, Indonesia


Flamboyant Radio 105.2 FM was established on November 23, 1971. Flamboyant started a radio Wara Wiri in the AM. From 1970 located at Jalan Diponegoro, Banda Aceh. In 1977 the radio Flamboyant increase the frequency of lane AM to FM, then in 1977 became a radio Flamboyant 13th in Indonesia, which is in the FM band. And from that year was also the nickname / greeting to listeners turned into Gaminong (combination of Agam and inong). Until now 'Gaminong' become very familiar in the ears of Aceh. In 2004, Flamboyant participated hit by the Tsunami. Six months off the air. Now Radio Flamboyant still greet kawulanya, "Gaminong". Flamboyant now in Jalan Fatahillah IV number 1 Geucue Iniem, Banda Aceh.




Jl.Fatahillah IV/1, Banda Aceh, Indonesia 23239 (0651) 41840