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Follow the Money Weekly is a radio show hosted by economist, investor, and best-selling author Jerry Robinson. This financial show is dedicated to teaching you to become a better investor and how to create multiple streams of passive income. As a bonus for our listeners, we also have several weekly investing segments including the popular "Precious Metals Market Update" with veteran metals adviser and expert, Tom Cloud.






Bitcoin: The New Wild West

The world's largest digital currency, Bitcoin, has defied the warnings of critics and doomsayers, rising a staggering 600% over the last 12 months. And according to today's guest, Trace Mayer, current price levels are just the warm-up. This week, we also kick off a brand new segment with Christian financial advisor, Mike Mitchell, on how much you should be saving for retirement. And later, a brief update in response the flood of emails we received from last week's controversial interview...

Duration: 00:40:42

Former Neo-Nazi Speaks Out on Charlottesville Terror

Is America on the cusp of a new era of race wars? This week, I am joined by Christian Picciolini, a former neo-nazi and leader of a white supremacist group, who speaks out against last week's tragic racial violence in Charlottesville, VA, and warns that even more bloodshed may lie straight ahead. And later, an conversation with precious metals advisor Tom Cloud on the state of the U.S. economy, the U.S. dollar, and gold and silver.

Duration: 00:40:05

Is the Stock Market Detached From Reality?

With geopolitical tensions reaching a fever-pitch and big investors warning of a coming market crash, is the raging bull market in stocks detached from reality?

Duration: 00:59:12

Follow the Money Live - Aug 2, 2017

The world's leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, just split in two this week. What does it mean and how are we playing it? Plus, Apple stock is soaring after a blowout earnings report. Is it too late to buy?

Duration: 00:47:16

"Pro Wrestling" Politics Sinks U.S. Dollar

Our modern age is one of great delusion, especially in the political realm. In today's broadcast, economist Jerry Robinson highlights two recent examples in the failure of the Obamacare "repeal/replace" and President Trump's recent stamp of approval on the Iran nuclear deal. Later, Jerry explores the downtrend gripping the U.S. dollar in the wake of rising tensions in the Gulf. Finally, precious metals advisor Tom Cloud concludes the broadcast with an update on the latest price action in...

Duration: 00:48:54

How to Trade with the "Smart" Money

Saavy investors and traders know that in order to succeed in the market, they must follow the money. Specifically, the "smart" money. In today's broadcast, served up from our vast archives, Jerry Robinson explains how to follow the "smart" money in your trading and investing. Later, an interview with personal finance author/guru, Robert Kiyosaki.

Duration: 00:46:08

Seven Wisdom Keys for Financial Independence

The road to financial independence is filled with many tempting parking spaces. In this week's broadcast, Jerry Robinson provides seven wisdom keys for those seeking true financial security that will keep you focused on your journey.

Duration: 00:48:59

Bankruptcy of our Nation - One State at a Time

In this week's broadcast, as bankruptcy looms large over Illinois, economist and author Jerry Robinson exposes the underbelly of America's increasing financial woes - and offers us a positive plan of action. Also, Tom Cloud reports on recent news in gold and silver.

Duration: 00:27:11

Five Trading Pitfalls To Avoid

On this week's broadcast, veteran trader and trading coach, Jerry Robinson, shares five major pitfalls that new traders should avoid if their goal is consistent profits. Later, an update on gold and silver with Tom Cloud.

Duration: 00:50:27

Five Trading Rules for Swing Traders

Swing trading is an increasingly popular way for earning profits from the financial markets without the headaches of sitting in front of a computer screen all day. This week, Jerry Robinson shares five trading rules for swing traders to minimize their losses and maximize their trading profits.

Duration: 00:46:56

10 Simple Steps to Starting a Successful Website

This week, learn ten simple steps to starting your own website. Jerry Robinson shares the same simple recipe he has used many times to create several successful online businesses. Plus, an update on the precious metals market with Tom Cloud.

Duration: 00:39:28

Adventures of a Wall Street Legend

This week, economist Jerry Robinson is joined by stock market expert, Jim Grant (Grant's Interest Rate Observer) to discuss the life and times of Bernard Baruch, a Wall Street legend that traded throughout the Great Depression.

Duration: 00:52:51

Strategic Relocation: Tips For Getting "Off the Grid"

In 2012, Jerry Robinson uprooted his family from one of the largest U.S. cities to move into a sparsely populated rural area in the rugged Boston Mountains. In this podcast, listen as Jerry shares his hands-on insights for those with an irrepressible desire to leave the city for strategic relocation purposes.

Duration: 00:49:59

On the Eve of Destruction

As the corporate media beats the war drums, World War III approaches. In this explosive commentary, economist Jerry Robinson rages against the warfare state and the build-up to war. Special interview: John Pilger (The Coming War on China).

Duration: 01:07:02

A Father’s Lessons For Life And Investing

In this week's broadcast, host Jerry Robinson is joined by well-known investor, world traveler, author and devoted father Jim Rogers for a discussion of his book, "A Gift to My Children". Read show notes online at http://ftmdaily.com/ftm-radio-show/fathers-lessons-life-investing/

Duration: 00:33:03

Global Stocks Rally On Fed Rate Hike (w/ Peter Schiff)

Where are stock prices heading in 2017? Listen as Jerry Robinson is joined by popular economist, Peter Schiff, for this answer and much more! View full show notes online at: http://ftmdaily.com/ftm-radio-show/a-conversation-with-peter-schiff/

Duration: 00:43:20

How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosperity

In this week's broadcast, Christian economist Jerry Robinson discusses the limits of economic growth with popular media theorist and author, Professor Douglas Rushkoff. We also discuss his latest book, Throwing Rocks at Google: How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosperity. But first, an update on the upcoming 2016 FTMDaily Financial Liberty Summit.

Duration: 00:57:11

Top Trends to Watch in 2016

On this week's broadcast, Jerry Robinson is joined by popular trends forecaster, Gerald Celente, to discuss his economic and geopolitical outlook for 2016.

Duration: 00:52:37