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23 – Trumpet Noise

This week Suze discovers a school bus scandal and tests the boys’ social etiquette with the return of Miss Manners. Dil goes above and beyond to prove his Australian patriotism and ponders the pros and cons of single sex schools. And Digs uncovers a twisted tale of plastic surgery, ugly babies and Chinese divorce. It’s all in episode 23 of Fools in a China Shop! The post 23 – Trumpet Noise appeared first on Mammoth Audio.

Duration: 01:26:55

21 – Which Pill

This week Digs discovers that the Northern Territory is being flooded with naked European backpackers and Dil learns about the power of random acts of kindness (and contemplates a trip to the Northern Territory). Meanwhile, Suze plays God when she decides who lives and who dies: rats or humans. It’s an action-packed episode 21 of Fools in a China Shop! @FIACSpod The post 21 – Which Pill appeared first on Mammoth Audio.

Duration: 00:49:41

20 – Lucky Adelaide

This week Dil finds an unexpected houseguest asleep on his couch, Suze discovers a new religion and discusses jobs unsuitable for those over 35, and Digs asks the team what went wrong while they were celebrating? It’s all in episode 20 of Fools in a China Shop! The post 20 – Lucky Adelaide appeared first on Mammoth Audio.

Duration: 00:43:48

19 – Can’t Look Away

This week Suze discovers her achilles’ heel – an inability to look away from truly disturbing sights. Dil introduces the team to a risque new game, while Digs challenges the strength of his all-natural deodorant with a surprise smell test. It all happens in episode 19 of Fools in a China Shop! The post 19 – Can’t Look Away appeared first on Mammoth Audio.

Duration: 00:50:10

18 – Happy 18th

We’re 18! Legally old enough to drink, drive and vote – but not at the same time, kids. Grab a bottle of Passion Pop and join us for a little celebration as we look back at some of the show’s best bits. Like the time Digs got arrested. And Suze shat her pants at work. And Dil embarked on a disastrous hot wing chicken challenge. Oh my… The post 18 – Happy 18th appeared first on Mammoth Audio.

Duration: 00:39:35

17 – The Fool of Fools St

Digs spills the beans on his romantic side and stumbles upon a clever toilet trick. Dil becomes an accidental hero and climbs atop his soapbox to deliver invaluable life advice. And Suze discovers 10 surprising things men find attractive about women (spoiler alert: power tools and tears feature on the list). It’s all in the big 17th edition of Fools in a China Shop! The post 17 – The Fool of Fools St appeared first on Mammoth Audio.

Duration: 01:02:02

16 – Sexy Spinach

Listen in as Dil discusses his love of McDonald’s shaker fries and then weighs in for The Dil-est Loser, Suze takes a job she’s grossly unqualified for and discovers Adelaide’s most ridiculous crime, and Digs discusses the Wicked Campervan controversy. It’s all in this week’s edition of Fools in a China Shop! The post 16 – Sexy Spinach appeared first on Mammoth Audio.

Duration: 00:53:14

15 – Strengths & Weaknesses

This week Digs discovers his strengths and weaknesses and stumbles upon an invention that will change the lives of blind people. Suze conducts a social experiment to determine whether men judge women by their jobs, and ponders her own death. And Dil goes to hot yoga in an effort to shed weight for The Dil-est Loser, and tries to live on six dollars for an entire weekend. It’s another jam-packed week of Fools in a China Shop! The post 15 – Strengths & Weaknesses appeared first on Mammoth...

Duration: 00:54:13

14 – Anti-Dentite

This week the guys tackle some of life’s big questions; should rappers write their own lyrics? Do boobs really stop girls from playing sport? And what would you do for a free drink? Plus Dil weighs in for The Dil-est Loser, Suze discovers she has a disproportionately large tongue, and Digs whips out his Urban Dic. It’s all in this week’s edition of Fools in a China Shop! The post 14 – Anti-Dentite appeared first on Mammoth Audio.

Duration: 00:57:57

13 – On The Rocks

This week Digs takes aim at two of the modern world’s greatest superpowers – Google and the Queen. Dil embarks on a weight-loss challenge aided by a system of unique punishments. And Suze talks pregnant women doing weird and wonderful things, and hits her family up for birthday money. Join us for another cheeky, sneaky week of Fools in a China Shop! The post 13 – On The Rocks appeared first on Mammoth Audio.

Duration: 00:44:19

12 – Wild Parties

This week Suze talks getting ugly for sex as the perfect way to deter herself from sleeping with the wrong people. We discover Dil’s bizarre morning ritual and Digs quizzes the gang about their relationship deal breakers. Oh, and the guys debate breastfeeding on airplanes. It’s another big episode of Fools in a China Shop! The post 12 – Wild Parties appeared first on Mammoth Audio.

Duration: 00:35:26

11 – Bitch Slapped

Dil’s rediscovering his roots in Sri Lanka this week, so sadly he misses out on Digs and Suze cutting loose on the subjects of receiving gifts on the first date (is that really a thing?) and which 90s character represents Digs the best. Suze takes a trip to the mechanics and finds out what really goes on behind the roller door, while Digs gets bitch slapped! Just another week on Fools in a China Shop. The post 11 – Bitch Slapped appeared first on Mammoth Audio.

Duration: 00:43:01

10 – Naked in the Chiropractor {Part 2}

Dil is away in Sri Lanka so Fox FM’s Dan Anstey steps in and talks accidental fancy dress and cutting corners with removalists. Suze has started dating her friend’s brother but is unsure of the etiquette, despite engaging the help of a palm reader. Digs gets hit on by a guy in an unlikely place, and talks big nights out and even bigger hangovers. The team also discuss the highs and lows of Adam Sandler and indulge in a quickie game of Urban Dic. The post 10 – Naked in the Chiropractor...

Duration: 00:54:58

09 – Ronald’s a Boss

The team find out if there’s a difference between male and female strippers, Digs has some noisy, naughty neighbors and we find out why Ronald McDonald is a total boss. The post 09 – Ronald’s a Boss appeared first on Mammoth Audio.

Duration: 00:58:38

08 – Taxi Sabotage

In the team’s quest to find out who Digs really is, he shares the story of the time he got arrested. It involves a taxi, floor mats and hundred dollar bills y’all… Meanwhile Dil is keen to find out if cheapskates are a turn off to women, Suze seeks some counsel on her online shopping addiction and we find it out it’s the ‘breast’ of times and the worst of times for female tennis players and advertising. The team also hit upon a question for the ages: what happens to your liver in the...

Duration: 00:48:28

07 – Moist Toothbrush

Digs is complaining about no hot water or hot showers in his apartment when Dil drops a bombshell about his personal hygiene and morning routine before laying down a challenge to Digs. While Jay-Z and Solange are getting into a family feud, the gang share their stories of sibling violence as well as their renting nightmares. Meanwhile, Suze goes to the movies by herself. Naww. The post 07 – Moist Toothbrush appeared first on Mammoth Audio.

Duration: 01:11:53

06 – Naked in the Chiropractor

Suze has quit her job and has never felt better. That might be because of the peculiar relationship she has with the family chiropractor. We find out if Digs has what it takes to be a Big Brother housemate after he visits the auditions, and he shares some minor ‘Jesus Walks’ miracles that he’s experienced this week. Meanwhile, Dil is wondering why he has no best friend. Naww. The post 06 – Naked in the Chiropractor appeared first on Mammoth Audio.

Duration: 00:57:23

05 – Suspicious Note

Dil has just completed his first run of solo stand up comedy shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. He did it all sober, but a trip to the doctor reveals the toll comedy has taken on his body. The team talk alcohol and when you should start drinking. Suze has a moral dilemma when she a note is left on her car’s windscreen and wrangles with her karma balance. The team also discuss the world’s youngest parents after Britain broke their record, the marijuana celebration day...

Duration: 01:19:06

04 – Tongueing Dudes Left, Right & Centre

Suze is receiving her first rejection letters for her new novel and finds inspiration in JK Rowling and Stephen King. She also asks about the tattoos that you now regret and dishes some dirt on drug use in the media industry. Dil talks comedy audience backlash and ticket refunds, while Digs talks public marriage proposals, the royal baby visit and over the top weather reports. The team also discuss sexy underwear and going commando, Miranda Kerr’s revelations about her sexuality and the...

Duration: 01:06:51

02 – Intense Meditation

Digs, Dil & Suze survived the first episode and are back for another one! Dil talks his early AFL experiences and finding the right team. He also goes searching on eBay for the weirdest Kylie Minogue related items in eBay Bandits. Digs talks about the undeveloped film from Kurt Cobain’s house and celebrity deaths that have had a personal impact. Suze talks beauty-related contractual obligations, splitting the bill as a vegan and reveals the very real dangers of intense meditation. Also,...

Duration: 01:06:10

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