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Saugerties, NY


Frankenberry here, weekends and mornings for Bob Miller when he’s downtown answering questions and wondering who’s going to post bail this time. I’m also a production guy who builds a lot of the commercials and promo’s you hear (sorry about the commercials part). Radio for me started at Waynesburg College close to Pittsburgh in 1982, continued in the Grad School days at West Virginia University, also close to Pittsburgh and it made me money for the first time at WDVE and WXDX in Pittsburgh even closer to Pittsburgh (early to mid 90’s). There was one other radio stop after that, Dayton Ohio, before I took a break from radio while doing a wide range of things from tending bar, to checking in guests, or lugging luggage, or serving drinks at a Beachside resort, to wearing tights and a big ass plastic head that afforded quite the view at that same beachside resort, to selling books, baking cookies and scones, pawning a great portion of my CD collection and even a freelance gig where I get the credit of “grip” on the end of broadcast scroll. That’s kinda cool actually. Once back in radio, which was here in Hudson Valley, I worked at a number of stations, from K-104 to WPDH to Mix 97 to The Wolf and now WBPM. I’ve done overnights, afternoons, weekends and a well rated morning show, jocked at multiple formats, ran a station, been fired twice…then I landed here. 14 years and counting here in the Valley, 3 years now with Pamal and WBPM. You might know me. If not. Frankenberry here.



This show will be available on Sat, Jan 19 at 8AM.