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Each week (usually) Chris & Dan get together to talk about music, movies, tv, beer, touring, and everything in between.

Each week (usually) Chris & Dan get together to talk about music, movies, tv, beer, touring, and everything in between.
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Each week (usually) Chris & Dan get together to talk about music, movies, tv, beer, touring, and everything in between.




Trucker J-Manny

In this episode, Chris regales us with the sordid tale of the week he became a trucker, watched a Tetris master work his magic, get told he can't do his job because it's lunch time, and blew his chance to talk to a celebrity. Oh, and got thrown off the Conan O'Brien show (sort of). Plus, Get Happy news, Fresh Talk merch, AOF 20 for 20, and Chris' new jingle!

Duration: 01:33:04

EP 132 - The Thomas Fire

Chris and Dan sit down to discuss the fire that devasted Ventura County.

Duration: 01:32:55

EP 131 - Owen's Brain

Chris comes up with a new jingle, then we talk about Thor: Ragnarok, The Punisher, and Owen's brain.

Duration: 01:10:50

EP 130 - Mike Milligan

Chris and Dan are joined by former and once again current Army of Freshmen drummer Mike Milligan to talk #gethappy2018, the insane California weather, and what Mike has been up to in the last 7 years.

Duration: 01:11:35

EP 129 - Delays, delays delays!s

In this episdode, Chris and Dan bring more Get Happy news including Army of Freshmen band practice, workout routines, and the worst intro ever! Not to mention a classic late 1970s political reference. Join us, won't you?

Duration: 00:52:58

EP 128 - Get Happy!

With the Get Happy 2018 tour annouced, Chris and Dan are finally free to talk about it!

Duration: 00:57:27

EP 127 - Two Belt Milligan

In this episode, Chris and Dan reminiss about summer touring, have a laugh at an old friend's expense, Chris gets a new iPhone, and Dan talks a little about the Experian hack, and what you can do to protect yourself.

Duration: 00:50:13

EP 126 - Game of Thrones!

This week, Chris and Dan are joined by special guest Aaron Goldberg to talk about the culmination of Game of Thrones, Season 7! Spoliers abound, so make sure you're all caught up before listening!

Duration: 00:57:33

EP 124 - Sheeran in the woods

This week, Chris and Dan talk Nerfherder, Dan's birthday, Book of Mormon, Hamilton, The Music Man, and of course - Game of Thrones.

Duration: 01:01:09

Tribute to a Brotha

This week, all of Army of Freshmen comes together to celebrate the wild and crazy life of their late friend and "brotha", Kevin Malloch (1965-2017).

Duration: 01:17:34

EP 122 - Jeepers Keepers

After a rant about politics, Chris and Dan dive into the Netflix documentary The Keepers.

Duration: 00:52:26

Ep 117 - Shipping up to Boston!

This episode brings us the strange tale of an intruder in Dan's yard, Chris' next adventure in Boston, more Redneck Bong drama, and Chris comes clean on a lie from the last episode.

Duration: 00:51:12

EP 114 - Hardcore Fistery

Episode 114 brings us to our first episode under Trump's presidency, so Chris and Dan take to the internets to discuss the post-apocalyptic future that his era will usher in. Also included are recent happenings with us, and picks of the week.

Duration: 01:27:09

EP 111 - Member Berries!

After two depressing podcasts in a row talking about Trump, we decided to lighten it up a bit with a return to topics in our normal purview - Universal Studios, Westworld, South Park, and music!

Duration: 01:05:28

EP 110 - Trumped, part Deux

We continue our discussion of America's election, talking about the President-Elect, his choices for cabinet and advisors. We're terrified. Not to worry, dick and fart jokes will resume shortly!

Duration: 00:49:42

EP 108 - Chris vs Snake

After a brief catch up, Chris and Dan talk about Man vs. Snake - The Long and Twisted Tale of Nibbler. Other topics include polo, Westworld, and Black Mirror.

Duration: 00:57:11

EP 107 - Westworld

Facebook, Twitter, Jessica Jones, and Kai's new addition are just a few of the topics covered before we delve into main topic - Westworld.

Duration: 01:06:03

EP 106 - A smorgasbord of topics

Alcohol, Good Charlotte, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Creepy Clowns, and Dan's experience at a Blink-182 are just a few topics covered this week.

Duration: 00:58:53

EP 105 - The Bet!

This week, we're joined by co-writer of The Bet, Aaron "Goldy 2K" Goldberg, and Reza Riazi, the films producer to talk about what the movie making process was like. We get a bit of background on Reza, where the idea for the film came from, and have some fun at the expense of one less than favorable reviewer.

EP 104 - The Kai Awakens, Part Deux (The Quickening)

Kai joins us once again to finish what we started - a discussion of Star Wars, Episode 7: The Force Awakens. But before we get there, we get side tracked by life, and Kai drops a bomb on us that takes over the whole episode! Join us, won’t you?This show is available everywhere podcasts are - don’t forget to like our page on Facebook to get notified of when we’re recording live so you can join in the conversation!
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