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Alan Johnston with insights into world events from BBC correspondents

Alan Johnston with insights into world events from BBC correspondents
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Alan Johnston with insights into world events from BBC correspondents




Death and Textiles

Why it's far too early to write Silvio Berlusconi's political obituary. Kate Adie introduces stories from correspondents around the world. With a general election in March, James Reynolds finds some familiar faces on the campaign trail in Italy but will the grey men triumph? In Tanzania, it's idle machines and empty buildings that greet Helen Grady as 'mitumba' or cheap, imported, second-hand clothes are destroying the local textile industry. Auliya Atrafi is in northeastern Afghanistan in a...

Duration: 00:27:56

Memorable Moments

The migrants clinging to hope, NATO military manoeuvres and a jungle prince. Kate Adie introduces some memorable moments correspondents have shared on the programme in 2017. Benjamin Zand encounters 'lies, lies and yet more lies" as he follows the treacherous migrant route that hundreds of thousands of people have followed in the hope of reaching Europe from Africa. Shaimaa Khalil recalls growing up in Egypt and her first experience of sexual harassment aged 11 #metoo. Emily Unia watches a...

Duration: 00:27:54

From Our Home Correspondent

In a festive edition for Christmas Eve, Mishal Husain presents pieces by: Ian McMillan on the special pleasures of Christmas Eve; Sarah Oliver on advice for those daunted by the seasonal food extravaganza; Padraig O Tuama on what happened when Bethlehem came to Belfast; Datshiane Navanayagam on the make-or-break power of customer service departments at this time of year; and Jonnie Bayfield on how he fared in devising out-of-the-ordinary gift options.

Duration: 00:27:51

A Bet That Backfired?

Killing time on election day in Catalonia and the bitter experience of applying for a visa. Correspondents share their stories, insights, and complaints. Introduced by Kate Adie. Reporting restrictions on polling day prompt Kevin Connolly to explore Barcelona and take a bit of a gamble. Yolande Knell tries to ignore the tempting local delicacies in Jerusalem and sample public opinion instead. Linda Pressly meets the people hoping the river the Pilcomayo will once again flow through the...

Duration: 00:27:54

Losing Its Sparkle

What next for the ANC as its chuckling, charismatic and divisive leader Jacob Zuma departs? Kate Adie introduces correspondents' stories and insights from around the world. In South Africa, Andrew Harding looks back on President Zuma's time at the top of his party and his country. Joanna Robertson soaks up the seasonal spirit in Rome amid complaints about corruption, mafia collusion, a mangy municipal Christmas tree and a Christmas market with no stalls. Tim Hartley reports from Hong Kong...

Duration: 00:28:07

Turf Wars

Hindu nationalism in India, making money in war-torn Yemen and family drama in Uzbekistan. Kate Adie introduces correspondents’ stories from around the world. It’s 25 years since Hindu mobs destroyed the Babri mosque in Ayodhya; Mark Tully was there and asks whether it really did mark the end of secularism in India, as was claimed at the time. Bethan McKernan finds that business is booming in Yemen for the tribal leaders, arms traders and khat dealers who know where to look. Peter...

Duration: 00:28:33

The Final Indignity

Stoicism, good humour and palpable tension as Rohingya Muslims flee Myanmar to Bangladesh. Kate Adie introduces stories from correspondents around the world. Justin Rowlatt finds mixed emotions among Bangladeshis about the refugees arriving from across the border. Tim Whewell reports on the women and children left behind as the so called Islamic State’s self-declared caliphate crumbles. Sally Hayden explores how an outbreak of fake news and misinformation is making it harder to stop the...

Duration: 00:28:03

From Our Home Correspondent 19/11/17

Mishal Husain presents pieces on a Devon pub admired by Prince Harry, why the future for local papers matters, executive pay and a moment of truth for a woman with breast cancer.

Duration: 00:27:43

Versions Of Reality

Is this the end of the Mugabe era? Kate Adie introduces correspondents' stories from around the world. “Which version of reality would you like to read today?” Andrew Harding is asked as he’s offered a selection of newspapers in Zimbabwe. Gabriel Gatehouse has been reporting on conflict for more than a decade but the plight of the Rohingya in Myanmar has affected him like no other. Caroline Bayley finds a surprising splash of red in a grey Moscow suburb – a strawberry firm turning a...

Duration: 00:28:37

Widows And War Criminals

Kenyan widows fighting sexual cleansing and talking to war criminals in the Balkans. Kate Adie introduces correspondents' stories from around the world. For some among the Luo tribe in Western Kenya, tradition dictates that widows must have repeated, unprotected sex with a stranger to rid themselves of evil spirits. Theopi Skarlatos meets the women fighting back. Mark Urban talks to convicted war criminals from the former Yugoslavia – some accept their sentences and have moved on, others...

Duration: 00:28:28

Power Plays

The Prince’s purge: Mohammed Bin Salman’s moves to reform Saudi Arabia. Kate Adie introduces stories, wit, and analysis from correspondents around the world.Frank Gardner chronicles the meteoric rise of the Crown Prince reshaping Saudi Arabia.Kate Lamble meets the campaigners struggling to convince Muscovites that Alexei Navalny should be the next Russian President. They complain of political apathy and hostile media.Xavier Zapata mingles with the young Catalonians newly energised and...

Duration: 00:28:01

We Can’t See An End To It

Life in cash-strapped Venezuela and a return to war-ravaged Damascus. Kate Adie introduces correspondents' stories and insights from around the world. Katy Watson examines the staying power of Venezuela's ruling party. Despite ongoing shortages of food, medicine, and cash, Nicola Maduro's government has tightened its grip on the country. Simon Parker hears renewed talk of independence on the Faroe Islands, an autonomous region of Denmark, but struggles to decipher what independence would...

Duration: 00:27:55

Wanted Men

A president in exile? The Brussels' press pack is in pursuit of Carles Puigdemont. Kate Adie introduces stories, wit, and analysis from correspondents around the world. It’s been a busy week for Adam Fleming in Belgium, as he tried to track down the sacked Catalan leader and figure out what is really going on. Colin Freeman reported from Liberia at the height of the Ebola crisis and has been back to see what has changed. Shaking hands is once again permitted, he finds, and the nation’s...

Duration: 00:28:08

Something For The Pain

The Nigerian militants who rely on drugs to fight their fears and the displaced people taking them to forget the violence. Kate Adie introduces correspondents' stories. Sally Hayden reports from Madhugiri where the battle against Boko Haram is creating a growing problem with drug abuse. Tom Stevenson is in Diyarbakir, the Turkish city which has for decades, been at the heart of the conflict between Kurdish rebels and the state. Caroline Eden explores the Brodsky synagogue in Odessa and...

Duration: 00:27:52

A New Recipe

With a political crisis, a push for freedom and talk of vegetables, Kate Adie introduces correspondents' stories from across the world. Guy Hedgecoe is with the unionist Catalans, opposed to independence from Spain of their region. In Saudi Arabia, the Crown Prince has called for a return to moderate Islam in the Kingdom. Kirsty Lang sees some noticeable changes for women in the country. In the mountains of Nicaragua, Margaret Ward goes off grid but also sees the progress has made in using...

Duration: 00:27:53

Rules of the Game

Why women must walk fast and certainly not answer back in Egypt. Shaimaa Khalil remembers a childhood episode which impacts her even now when she visits her home city. James Coomarasamy is in the Russian countryside, where having links to President Putin can stave off the poverty affecting many other areas. Canada's healthcare system is often touted as one of the best, but Sian Griffiths finds that even here they're struggling to cope with an opioid crisis. Cricket isn't usually associated...

Duration: 00:28:04

From Our Home Correspondent 22/10/17

Mishal Husain presents more reflections on life in Britain today, including diesel car dilemmas, a mother remembers her army son and picking up the pieces after devastating floods

Duration: 00:27:48

This Time It's Different

Twisted metal, smashed concrete and anger on the streets of Mogadishu. Bridget Kendall introduces stories, analysis, and insight from correspondents around the world. After decades of war and years of terror attacks Somalia has seen a lot of violence, but this time it’s different says Alistair Leithead following the truck bomb which killed hundreds of people in the capital. As the Chinese Communist Party meets for its five-yearly congress, Carrie Gracie goes underground on the Beijing...

Duration: 00:28:03

A Close Shave

Continued confusion has taken its toll on Catalonia since the disputed referendum. Bridget Kendall introduces correspondents’ stories from around the world. On the streets and at the school gates the question of independence is dividing the people of Barcelona. It is also disrupting their lives finds Pascale Harter. Owen Bennett-Jones hears tales of abandoned babies in Pakistan; unwanted infants hurled into ice-cold rivers and others saved from disaster by caring strangers. Mike Wendling...

Duration: 00:27:54

A Convicted Warlord, His Ex-Wife And A Footballer

Election day was peaceful in Liberia, but are sinister forces at play? Kate Adie introduces analysis, wit, and story-telling from correspondents around the world.

Duration: 00:27:44

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