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Front Page Jerusalem is a weekly 30-minute news magazine show heard coast to coast on radio stations across America. The program is produced by American Evangelicals with a desire and vision to shed light on the issues surrounding the struggles of one people group. Like the President's weekly address, the show serves as a platform for Israeli leaders to address a fellow democracy and counter much of the unrestrained propaganda which so often finds it way into the media mainstream. Front Page Jerusalem is a fast-paced, high energy program that pulls the audience into the conversation while holding their attention for the duration. The show is a blend of concise reports from a team of top notch correspondents and inspirational interviews conducted by a bright and hopeful host. The Front Page team knows the right questions to ask while giving the majority of the time to the guests themselves. Americans will not only be able to hear the truth, but hear the hearts of those sharing their perspective.




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This program will be available today at 9PM.