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A common task has a complex answer, when it comes to defrosting the refrigerator at the FER Studio. Will it work? Is it correct? Only time shall tell, but the project seems...unlikely to succeed. In World Of Crazy: Being Creepy; Dog Train; Memes; Doggo; Condiments; Ultra Marathon Drawing Attention. Ball Talk: Jaguars; Lynch Skittles; Packers Scandal. Get your tix to the FER EXPERIENCE on 1/27/18 at Landmark Saloon, brought to you by NOT YOUR MOM'S ICED TEA!

Duration: 00:58:20

FER 1933: Duster

GUEST: TIM LEDWITH. A Duster becomes the center of Greg's focus, as he tries to determine a bizarre incident that he witnessed on a dark night in Portland. Was it more True Detective, or more Horror movie? Also, our FER EXPERIENCE day is Jan. 27th! Join us at Landmark Saloon with Not Your Mom's Iced Tea! Then Tim Ledwith joins us to discuss comedy, Judge Mathis and his new side job.

Duration: 00:59:51

FER 1932: Hotel Shame

Greg is back from Las Vegas, where he covered CES for Digital Trends! Along with tales of robots, Mech suits, broadcasting and a million other things, he also details his hotel shame and what he tried to hide. Then Sarah gives us an update for the last week of World of Crazy. We've also announced another FER EXPERIENCE day at Landmark Saloon, brought to you by Not Your Mom's Iced Tea!! Get tix now!

Duration: 01:04:20

FER Best of 2017: The Butterman: An Origin Story

No character has ever been more controversial on Funemployment Radio, than The Butterman. A story of the most hated bit, turning into one of the most beloved, The Butterman is a tale of creation, of redemption, of talent and complete stupidity. Listen through the first 25 minutes! It's worth it...

Duration: 01:09:43

FER Best of 2017: Ungrateful For Prosciutto/ Todd Glass

We start off this listener-selected Best of 2017 episode with Greg's shocking ungratefulness for Sarah's incredible generosity. Then we follow that up with one of our favorite interviews this year, with our pal Todd Glass!

Duration: 00:54:14

FER Best of 2017: Snitch Tickets/ Next Door Drama

Greg reveals his plans to potentially run for office, including the controversial debut of 'Snitch Tickets'.... Also, there is drama afoot on Next Door! Besides being a whole batch of busy bodies, it's also a source of tremendous, unintended entertainment. Thanks to all who listen, for selecting some of your favorite moments from 2017!

Duration: 00:45:07

FER Best of 2017: Got To Get The Job Done/G.L.O.P.

The compiled saga of the Bone in the Basement and the origin of one of the most addictive phrases ever, kicks off this best of episode. It's followed, by the origins of G.L.O.P, better known as the Gorgeous Ladies of Portland!

Duration: 00:58:30

FER 1931: Viva Las Gregas

Greg is heading down to CES next week with Digital Trends and we discuss his plans on how to score a window seat on the flight down. Should he create a 'medical condition'? Or will he have to fight off a child? All will be worked through. In World of Crazy: Secret Airport; Fast Pig. World of Crazy: Bills wings; Patriots crying; predictions.

Duration: 00:54:09

FER Interview: Shane Torres

Our longtime friend Shane Torres stopped by today! Shane is at Helium Comedy Club tonight and we talked about what it's like, now that he's a worldwide internet sensation and touring around the country. His Agent calls in, being roommates, Portland and much more are discussed. Shane is a great pal, go see him and support his endeavors!

Duration: 00:40:44

FER 1930: Sarah X Doppelganger

Like finding photographic evidence of a Bigfoot, years of rumors may be coming to fruition, with an actual image of a potential Alternate Sarah! Multiple people have confirmed seeing this person, now with an image, we examine the evidence. Who is she? Does she like Twin Peaks and Hot Dogs too? Also in WOC: Rats on a Plane; Tattoo Music; Whitening; Selficcino. Ball Talk: Longest Drought.

Duration: 00:41:59

FER 1929: I, Anonymous

The Portland Mercury I, Anonymous Show is live tonight at Curious Comedy, with Greg and Sarah both being panelists! Sarah is extremely nervous and excited, so they go through a test run of being "Titans of Comedy". In World of Crazy: Cadbury Eggs; Gas Pumping Oregon; Raw Water. Ball Talk: Cleveland sets a record! Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

Duration: 00:53:53

FER 1928: Punchable Face

The aftermath of the trip to The 'Couve is still leaving Greg reeling from the amount of absolute hate that one member of the esteemed community had for him. Unwavering and unrelenting. To combat this, he contemplates becoming a 'mint guy'. In WOC: Munchie Meal; Astoria; Pumping Gas.

Duration: 00:52:04

FER Interview: Matt Braunger

We had Portland's own Matt Braunger in for an interview to talk about his shows at Helium Comedy Club this weekend! We discuss traveling for Xmas, comedy specials and a whole lot more. Matt is awesome, get tix to see him!

Duration: 00:18:09

FER 1927: Nerd Herd

In our last show of 2017, Greg announces he is traveling to the wilds of Vancouver, WA, with his nerd herd, aka The Butterman Crew. For some reason, Greg's ideas of the world all take place between the 1980s and 1995. Also, Sarah fills everyone in on some New Year's Traditions from around the world. Thanks everyone for listening and thanks to Next Adventure!

Duration: 00:49:05

FER 1926: Auntie Meatball

A new marketing and branding opportunity awaits Sarah, as she has received the greatest name ever, from her Niece. Greg explores the opportunities and how to capitalize on what is sure to be an international sensation. Also, we play through some listener-submitted songs for Ball Talk. In WoC: Bad Barber; Mermaid; Tiny Clams; Taz Toupee. Ball Talk: Steelers Are Angry. We'll be at the I, Anonymous Show at Curious Comedy, presented by the Portland Mercury, on Wednesday, 1/3/18!

Duration: 00:56:50

FER 1925: Window Licker

A bar in Bremerton and a drunk man named Joey licking a window, were among the highlights of Sarah's trip home for the holidays! Also, an ice storm causes chaos, a van slips off of the road, Greg spends the Xmas Eve with the Dally's and much more in today's recap. Thanks so much everyone!!

Duration: 01:00:07

FER 1924: How To Win Christmas

While it is a frequent holiday party standard, the White Elephant Gift Exchange is something that Sarah has never participated in. Greg has been a frequent 'competitor' in these and has all the advice to help you "Win Christmas". In World of Crazy: Nick Nacks; Axe Throwing; Rage Party; Hair Gimp Work; Alien Love; Nude Dining. Ball Talk: Dump Truck Pool; Predictions. Thanks everyone, have a great Holiday!!

Duration: 01:02:07

FER 1923: Rabbit Hole

GUEST: DAN WEBER. Dear David is an internet phenomenon that Greg has finally read. This is the kind of rabbit hole that he frequently goes down before going to sleep, including Black-eyed Children, John Titor and UFOs. We are then joined by Dan Weber! Reading The Bible With Dan will be live at Helium Comedy Club on Wednesday, featuring the story of Samson, the man who apparently killed 1000 soldiers with a donkey bone.

Duration: 00:48:04

FER 1922: 122nd Avenue

A stroll through a very sketchy neighborhood in Portland by Sarah, has now received an almost movie like re-imagining, by Greg. Between 'Switchblade Guy', packs of wild dogs and a chop shop, it's sure to be a number one hit. In World of Crazy: Long Noodle; Christmas Pickle. Ball Talk: Brady Belichick.

Duration: 00:57:15

FER 1921: Olympian

Greg saw Star Wars (NO SPOILERS) and really liked it, Sarah found an Olympic jacket at a thrift store and now wants to pretend she is an Olympian, what sport would you play, free house but you have to move it, Star Wars salads, Greg's predictions, and more - have a great weekend friends! Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE for their support of Funemployment Radio!

Duration: 00:53:53

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