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Funky Kids Radio broadcast 24/7 to bring you the best in family music and entertainment from Australian and International artists. Yes, you will hear the Wiggles, but you will also hear They Might be Giants, Benjamin Britten, Ajak Kwai and The Mighty Buzzniks. And, to keep the adults of the house sane, a good dose of adult appropriate music too! In December 2012 Funky Kids Radio became a part of the KiDz HuB Media Network, providing opportunities for Funky KiDz On Air Talents to collaborate with other youth broadcasters in the United States and Around the World. KiDz HuB Media Network is a not for profit organisation created to equip kids, tweens and teens with communication skills. With these skills we provide a platform, through our network of radio stations for them to express themselves, to the world.




Funky Kids Radio (KiDz HuB)
Funky Kids Radio (KiDz HuB)

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