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72: Gamification, Professor Game Podcast, and Reading with Rob Alvarez

Rob Alvarez - “Every action you take has to help you build toward the objective, maybe not directly but even if it’s indirectly, you have to see a path. Whatever you are including, whatever you are introducing is helping your player feel some way so that you can achieve your business objective, or your fun objective, or your learning objective.” Rob Alvarez studies gamification design for learning experience at the IE Business School which is a graduate school over at Spain. He also host a...

Duration: 00:48:14

71: Resume, Cover Letter, and Getting a Job with Sonia Michaels

Sonia Michaels - “There are a lot of really qualified people out there and so when I have three people that have similar degrees, similar qualifications, and similar experience. You're going to hire the one that seems like they're going to be the best to work with because no one wants to work with a jerk.” Sonia Michaels is a senior lecturer at Digipen where she helps students create outstanding career search materials, develop their professional networking skills, and launch their...

Duration: 00:37:45

70: Edible Games, Baking Cakes, and Good Game Design with Jenn Sandercock

Jenn Sandercock - “It’s much better just to make, just to do. What you going to do is probably going to be wrong and need revisions. Don’t spend ages on a game design doc. Just make something, show it, iterate. ” Jenn Sandercock found the independent mobile games studio called Inquisiment with the goal of creating experiences that foster friendship, curiosity, and challenge. She is also in the process of creating a series of edible games which we definitely got to get into later in the...

Duration: 00:35:47

69: How to Cast Actors and Direct Voice Dialogue with DB Cooper

DB Cooper - "(Having to go through hierarchy) I really rather be able to sit around a proverbial campfire with everybody and say let's share ideas and I know that doesn't always work but that's when it works the best as if you got everybody's view in the open and the authority to make decisions." DB Cooper has been acting and directing for more than 30 years. You've heard her in Bioshock 2, Hearthstone, Firefall, and DC Universe Online. She casts and directs game dialogue, is a vocal...

Duration: 00:55:59

Bonus Episode 4: Release Date Change, Social Media, Lightning Round with Tony Chan

We have made it to the fourth month of Game Dev Loadout. Woot woot! So much have been accomplished and much more to come. Here is the rundown of what I've been doing and changes along the way. Keypoints: Resources: Blood, Sweat, and Pixels by Jason Schreier Thank you for listening! I will continue to bring you more value and make this the best game developer podcast out there.

Duration: 00:09:40

68: Marketing, Social Media, and Friendships with Daniel Doan

Daniel Doan - “I can of take failure in strides and I feel kind of happy when I fail because I know what not to do next time. I’m always failing and I think that’s why I also have a lot of successes.” Daniel Doan is the Co-Founder and Chief Gaming Officer at Black Shell Media with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He published over 65 titles on Steam, co-authored the ebook called “Guide to Game Development Success,” and now runs a publishing and marketing firm dedicated to...

Duration: 00:47:57

67: The Influence of Sound and Finding Great People with Michael Sweet

Michael Sweet - “The investments that you make with other people, they invest back in you too and they believe in you. Michael Sweet is an award winning composer and sound designer. Currently, he is the associate professor at Berklee College of Music where he led the development of their video game scoring curriculum. He also received the best audio award at GDC Independent Games Festival, and nominations for multiple game audio network guild awards. His work includes the Night Journey...

Duration: 00:48:02

66: Doing Monthly Game Jam with Henrique Olifiers of Bossa Studios

Henrique Olifiers - "When someone ask you during an interview or process. Have you made a game? Have you made a mod? Have you made anything? Can I see it? It doesn't matter the quality of what you have done. It doesn't have to be the best game ever. That's not about it. It's about initiative. It's about having gone through the hardship to put that together. That already puts you above 99% of the people who are competing with you for the same thing." Henrique Olifiers has been in the game...

Duration: 00:46:46

65: Honest Communication in Business Development with Jake DiGennaro - Game Dev Loadout | A Game Developer Podcast

Jake DiGennaro - "Don't say you going to do something that you can't deliver on. If you can't do something, don't say that you can." Jake DiGennaro is the senior business development manager at Virtuos Games. The leading video game content production company specializing in game development and Triple A 3D art production. He is tasked with coordinating critical projects for clients like Sony and Blizzard to optimize their pipeline, identify opportunities, and develop solutions. We discuss:...

Duration: 00:44:07

Bonus 3: Austin Game Conference, Wordpress, and FREE Giveaways

We have made it to the third month of Game Dev Loadout, WOOT WOOT! Thank you for sticking with me and supporting the show. For this bonus episode, I talk about:

Duration: 00:04:48

64: The Scary Thought of Being Homeless with Nicolae Berbece

Nicolae Berbece in 2012 found Those Awesome Guys which is a small independent video game studio formed out of people from around the world with the purpose of, you guessed it, creating awesome games. He works on the design, art, and management for their game, Move or Die. We discuss: Connect: Game Move or DieTwitter:@xelubestEmail:nick@thoseawesomeguys.comFacebookWebsite:ThoseAwesomeGuys Resources: DiscordDropboxExtra CreditsGame JamsGit HubGoogle DocsIndie Game The MovieGame...

Duration: 00:42:57

63: Research for Authenticity with Alexandra Lucas

Alexandra M. Lucas is a content writer for Microsoft's Cortana GCS Team and a game writer for Immersed Games. She writes dialogue, design characters, and develop quest arcs for educational MMO-RPG. She also is the podcast host at Cheat Codes Entertainment and does consultants at SoYouWantToMake.Games. We discuss: Connect: Codes PodcastHer book coming out in November: Digital Love: Romance & Sexuality in Video Games Resources: GDC ScholarshipSocial...

Duration: 00:51:39

62: Ensure Everyone Knows the Vision of the Game with Richard Rouse III

Richard Rouse III is a creative director, writer, designer, and consultant at his company Paranoid Productions currently working on the game “The Church in the Darkness.” His past projects include Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, and numerous other titles. He also wrote the popular book Game Design: Theory & Practice and is a frequent speaker on game design and interactive storytelling at conferences and universities.

Duration: 00:39:22

61: Don't Underestimate the Value of Pre-Production with Michael Csurics

Michael Csurics is the founder of the Brightskull Entertainment Group, a for-hire production services company providing dialogue and audio solutions to video game developers. Some of his works include Bioshock 2 and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. He also speaks at GDC, game audio network guild, and game voice actors coalition. You can learn more at

Duration: 00:46:52

60: How to Playtest Games with Deborah Hendersen

More Deborah Henderson is a cognitive psychologist who has worked in games for more than 6 years. She specializes in helping teams understand when they are delivering on their design vision, or what is blocking players from getting to that vision. Currently, she works at Microsoft Studios User Research. Key Points: Playtest the game before the prototype by using pen and paper. Do a risk analysis to figure out which feedback can be implemented. Be transparent...

Duration: 00:35:45

59: Marry the Effects to the Aesthetics and Emotions with Fred Hooper

Fred has been an artist in the video game industry making effects and real-time art for over fifteen years. He's the founder of Gentleman Fred FX creating effect assets for Unreal Marketplace. He has worked on several games the latest being 'Just Cause 3' where he made many explosions. And now, he's lead visual effects artist at Nvidia. Adding visual effects helps to enhance the experience but it has to make sense. You can't have a realistic explosion in a stylish game because it would...

Duration: 00:48:20

58: Don't Alienate Your Players with Nicolas Reinhart

Nick is the live producer for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes at EA. He helps to design the goals and strategy which includes significant character releases, monetization opportunities, and anticipating players' needs. Key Points: Spend a lot of time upfront in building the ways to mess with the game. Engage with players so they know that you will make changes. Don't alienate your players with a feature that makes no sense. Have a second set of eyes that double check your work.

Duration: 00:21:31

57: Tabletop Games are About the Social Experience with Geoffrey Engelstein

Geoff Engelstein is an award-winning tabletop game designer, whose titles include The Ares Project, Space Cadets, and The Dragon & Flagon. He is also a noted podcaster contributing to the Dice Tower and GameTek, and he hosts Ludology a weekly podcast on game design. Geoff has been an adjunct professor with the NYU Game Center, teaching Board Game design.

Duration: 00:21:05

Bonus 2: Podcast Format Change

What's up game devs. I got some bad news and some good news in this episode...

Duration: 00:04:41

56: How Games Impact People with Ches Hall from +7 Intelligence Podcast

Ches Hall is the host of the +7 Intelligence podcast where he interviews game designers, psychologists, and everyday players to discuss how games influence their life and work. On this episode, we talk about how games affected our lives. Games can have many positive effects like making us more productive, be social, or do exercise depending on what we are playing. If you want to learn more about this subject, I highly recommend you check out his podcast.

Duration: 00:21:20

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