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John Cook, Todd Bishop and guests talk about the latest tech news and trends.

John Cook, Todd Bishop and guests talk about the latest tech news and trends.
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John Cook, Todd Bishop and guests talk about the latest tech news and trends.






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Building better AI

Can studying human intelligence help us build smarter machines? Rafael Reif thinks so. He's the president of MIT and he spoke with us on this podcast about the university's efforts to expand our understanding of AI and build new technologies for the future of the field.


Amazon layoffs explained

In a rare move, Amazon laid off 500 people this week. They also became the third most valuable company in the world. Plus, electric bike sharing and dealing with Saeattle's explosive growth.


An optimistic future for cheap tech

What does the future look like when it comes to widespread, cheap technology? Thirteen-year Microsoft engineer, clean tech expert and science fiction author Ramez Naam thinks it's looking pretty good. We speak with Naam about his writing, the future of truly democratic technology and clean energy on this episode of the GeekWire Podcast.


A tech renaissance

This week, the Week In Geek comes to you from GeekWire HQ2 in Pittsburgh. Amazon is pushing further Prime integration with Whole Foods and we dive into the tech renaissance happening in Pittsburgh and how the city is preparing for challenges that come along with a tech boom.


Inside SpaceX's Falcon Heavy launch

SpaceX launched the most powerful rocket in operation this week, the Falcon Heavy. GeekWire's Alan Boyle was in Cape Canavral, Florida, for the launch and tells us about his experience and what it all means for the future of space travel. Follow all Alan's space and aerospace coverage at


A 'tricorder' in your home: Lee Hood on the future of health technology

Technologies have drastically changed health and healthcare in the past 20 years and Lee Hood is one of the innovators behind those changes. We speak to the genetics and biology pioneer about how he brought engineering into biology and explore his vision for the future of health, tricorders and all. This is the final episode of our first season of Health Tech -- subscribe to the Health Tech podcast in your favorite podcast player to get notifications about our second season.


Inside the Amazon Spheres

Amazon finally opened its Spheres building this week, a greenhouse-office hybrid that gives its employees a new, plant-filled workspace. The company also announced it is teaming up with JPMorgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway to create a new healthcare company. Plus, a plan to transform cities as technology radically changes transportation. Follow all our coverage and read more about the stories we talk about on this episode at


Is Apple canceling the iPhone X?

Rumors abounded this week that Apple is canceling the iPhone X, which isn't exactly true. Plus, a smart bicycle hub, new details on the Apple HomePod and the $500 flamethrower that one of our hosts just pre-ordered. Follow all our tech coverage at and subscribe to see our live behind-the-scenes videos at Follow this link to enter our latest Geared Up Giveaway, the in-car Alexa Muse device:


A $9 billion biotech deal

One of the most prominent immunotherapy companies, Juno Therapeutics, announced a deal to be acquired by Celgene. Plus, we dive into the tech renaissance in Pittsburgh and complain about Seattle's bike lanes. Read all our coverage at


The tech behind Amazon Go

Amazon Go, which opened Monday, is the convenience store version of A store with no checkout lines that automatically tracks everything you grab off the shelves. We go inside the tech that powers the store on this episode. Plus, top-line triple-A games are coming to the Xbox Game Pass and Apple finally sets a release date for the Home Pod. Read all our tech coverage at and subscribe to our live, behind-the-scenes videos at You can also enter...


Analysis: Amazon's HQ2 short list

Amazon announced 20 cities that have made the short list for its second headquarters. We analyze the list and each city's chances of winning the $5 billion project on this special episode of the Week In Geek. Read all our coverage of Amazon's HQ2 search at


Google's answer to the Echo Show

CES created all kinds of news, from the groundbreaking to the just plain whacky. We go over everything you need to know on this episode of Geared up, including: The Google Assistant devices squaring off against the Echo Show; A toilet with Alexa built in; and an autonomous delivery vehicle. See more of our tech coverage at and subscribe to our live behind-the-scenes videos at


Steve Ballmer on basketball and the American dream

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer hasn't exactly had a quiet retirement. His projects include being the owner of the LA Clippers, running his own philanthropy and founding USA Facts, a project that uses government data to inform how to improve the lives of American children. We talk to him about all those projects in this special interview. See more from the event and follow all our tech coverage at


Our ping-pong robot overlords

We check in with GeekWire reporter Kurt Schlosser live from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. His highlight so far? Beating a ping-pong robot. In other news, one of Seattle's biggest private tech companies, Avvo, was acquired this week and tech startup funding reaches levels higher than the dot com boom. Plus, we don't talk about Oprah. Follow all our coverage and read this week's stories at


Live from CES: Voice assistant mania

Andru is live at CES in Las Vegas and he tunes in for a special report on what's going on at the world's biggest tech show: Voice assistant mania, giant 8K TVs and an apocalyptic rainstorm. We're still giving away an Echo Spot to a Geared Up subscriber! Enter here:


Health Tech: Health's AI revolution

The health world faces a lot of challenges, and oftentimes it also knows the answer to those challenges -- it just needs some help putting the pieces together. That's where artificial intelligence comes in. On this episode of Health Tech, we dive into how health is using AI to solve some of its biggest problems. Follow all our health and technology coverage at


Meltdown and Spectre explained

There are two fatal flaws in computer processors that hold up much of the tech world: Meltdown and Spectre. On this episode, we explain what these flaws mean for tech systems and devices and how worried people should really be. Follow all our enterprise and cloud tech coverage and read more about this story at


Microsoft's giant health investment

Washington State is suing Motel 6 after the hotel chain shared customers' personal data with federal immigration authorities. Plus, Microsoft makes a big investment in an AI-fueled health test that could screen dozens of diseases at once. That and more on this episode of the Week In Geek. Follow all our coverage and read more about this week's stories at


The iPhone Battery Scandal

Apple is under fire after iPhone users discovered the company meddled with the device's performance as their batteries slowed down. Plus, a preview of all the tech and gadgets to watch for at CES and a chance to win a brand new Echo Spot. Follow this URL for details on how to enter the giveaway: Follow more tech coverage at and subscribe to our live behind-the-scenes videos on GearLive,


The Year In Geek

It's been a big year for the tech world. The industry endured repeated clashes with the Trump Administration and saw the rise of Amazon as the company made two of its biggest moves yet. We analyze the Year In Geek on this episode and also make some predictions about what's to come in 2018. Follow all our coverage and read more about this week's stories at Thank you to this week's sponsors: Winshuttle ( Hughes Marino ( Kinects...


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