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Where Technology Meets Sound Since 1913! Alan Cross and Michael Hainsworth bring you the latest in technology and music weekly from high atop the Flimm Building in downtown Toronto.




iPhone XL

The Secret History of the iPhone with Brian Merchant The post iPhone XL appeared first on Geeks and Beats Podcast.

Duration: 00:34:48

Sex, Lies, and Social Media

The technology of affairs, rock stars who cheat (and those who don't), origin of Love Song by The Cure The post Sex, Lies, and Social Media appeared first on Geeks and Beats Podcast.

Duration: 00:40:04

Smart-Ass Home

Battle of the Smart Speakers with Mobile Syrup's Patrick O'Rourke, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Siri HomeKit The post Smart-Ass Home appeared first on Geeks and Beats Podcast.

Duration: 00:33:32

Episode About Nothing

Pornhub's Alex Klein on what video analytics tell her about us, how it shapes sex trends, and how sex is sold. The post Episode About Nothing appeared first on Geeks and Beats Podcast.

Duration: 00:39:26

Breaking Beatties

The music history of the Horseshoe Tavern, Coldplay in VR, artists with vineyards, an app for the beer snob The post Breaking Beatties appeared first on Geeks and Beats Podcast.

Duration: 00:35:03

Wouldn’t it be Bitcoin

I Mother Earth singer on cutting out the record industry, Alan's first virtual reality experience and how to get into VR the right way, Beach Boys isolated vocals on "Wouldn't it be Nice" The post Wouldn’t it be Bitcoin appeared first on Geeks and Beats Podcast.

AI, Robot

Why AI isn't killing the DJ, Interview with Skimmee for Spotify, Cozmo AI robot review, why nVidia beats Intel in Machine Learning The post AI, Robot appeared first on Geeks and Beats Podcast.


Sex advice columnist Cynthia Loyst answers our questions about Sexbots and wonders about the maintenance program. The post Sexbots! appeared first on Geeks and Beats Podcast.

Duration: 00:27:28

Trump Tied

Interview with @TrumpsTies. Why the 60s isn't the protest decade, it's the 80s. Nixon-Kennedy debates meet Twitter. Why Bob Dylan 2.0 won't happen. The post Trump Tied appeared first on Geeks and Beats Podcast.

Duration: 00:32:34

Apprehension Engine

Death of Zombie film pioneer George Romero, the music behind the horror genre, The Apprehension Machine by Tony Duggan-Smith and Mark Korven, Horrorcore and Psychobilly music, the secrets of slasher flick foley artists The post Apprehension Engine appeared first on Geeks and Beats Podcast.

Duration: 00:34:11

Space: The Stylish Frontier

Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo author Nicholas de Monchaux explains why astronauts shouldn't lie about the size of their rockets. The secret laugh on Voyager's Golden Record. Commanding the USS Enterprise in VR. Lego Saturn V reviewed. The post Space: The Stylish Frontier appeared first on Geeks and Beats Podcast.

Duration: 00:35:28

Failure to Launch 5

The first episode back from hiatus, and THIS is it?!! The post Failure to Launch 5 appeared first on Geeks and Beats Podcast.

Duration: 00:02:49

Scooby Snacks

NYC says Ticketmaster scalps own tickets for big profits. Scooby Doo gets a reboot, Shaggy's hipster look is updated for 2016. David Bowie's will includes millions for a secret skunkworks organization. How music changes the taste of coffee. The post Scooby Snacks appeared first on Geeks and Beats Podcast.

Duration: 00:41:34


Virtual Sex Show: Everything you didn’t know about Virtual Reality sex and were too grossed-out to ask: The Daily Dot’s Mike Wehner joins us with his first-hand experience with this brave new world. Spotify lists the top ten tracks we’re using to get in the mood. And #1 is just 127 seconds long? And why bubble gum pop bands in Japan are jumping for joy over a carnal constitutional ruling. Plus: we prove why Millennials aren’t as passionate about music as their parents. The post S04E136...

Duration: 00:40:47


Space is not the final frontier — Star Trek is boldly going to music halls where no nerd has gone before. The 40 Plot Holes in Star Wars The Force Awakens by Huffington Post has awakened the Gondar in Hollywood Screenwriter Matt Granger. He joins us to talk about the age of “Idiot journalism.” The petitions are coming in fast and furious from David Bowie fans. Some want a constellation named after him. Others? Cold hard cash. But we’ll tell you about the petition that could bring Starman...

David Bowie

David Bowie was a tech visionary. How he beat Napster and Wall Street while building a web empire. The Best of CES. We’ll take a virtual tour of Michael’s bank account using HTC’s new headset, and Gadget Ninja Erin Lawrence scales down the side of G&B headquarters with the next generation television you can’t see when off. Plus — the lowest blow of them all in the US Presidential race. The GOP nomination process takes on a decidedly dark tone as one candidate is accused of liking...

Duration: 00:41:02


The countdown to the demise of the car compact disc player begins. Alanis King of Jalopnik joins us to look at the evolution of music in the auto industry. George Lucas steps in Bantha shit. We’ll tell you why the creator of Star Wars has no right to complain about being cut out of the latest film — and it has nothing to do with the 4 billion dollar payday. As Elvis Presley’s estate celebrates the king’s birthday, we’ll examine the seedy underbelly of his empire — and why The Beatles...

The Geeks Strike Back

The origins of Luke Skywalker’s landspeeder — and why the kid was ripped off selling his X-34 to pay Solo and the Wookie for his flight off that rock. Raising the spirits of fans of Spirit of the West. We’ll look at how the band is turning tragedy into hope as Stone Temple Pilots fans say goodbye to their frontman. And who still uses jukeboxes? We’ll look at a decidedly 21st Century solution to a 1940s gadget. Plus — the winner of the Philips Hue lighting starter kit and why a South Korean...

Duration: 00:41:32

Geek Gift Guide

The Definitive Holiday Gift Guide for Geeks 2015! We’ll run down some of the best things to put under the tree — and even give one away. Adele breaks records by only selling her record — not streaming it. We’ll crunch the numbers on why that was a brilliant financial move. Get ready to buy a new iPhone cable. The latest rumour reveals you’re going to spend big bucks to save Apple one millimetre. Plus — you won’t believe what the stats show to be the most dangerous driving tune around. The...

Duration: 00:41:22

My Definition

How the Internet is keeping you from bonding with your future spouse over music (even if it is “Swedish Funk”). From WWF to WTF: The 30th anniversary of one of the most influential albums — in Wrestling. And the winner of the Philips Beard Trimmer 9000. Plus! How Katy Perry was turned into a weapon of mass distraction. The post My Definition appeared first on Geeks and Beats Podcast.

Duration: 00:41:12

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