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《中國歌曲排行榜》自1993年北京音樂台成立時創辦,一直支持華語樂壇原創音樂。作為內地歷史最悠久的流行歌曲排行榜,《中歌榜》不單單在中國26家音樂電台播出,覆蓋人口4億;更在美國東、西部,加拿大、澳大利亞等地固定播出,當之無愧是中國原創歌壇最有影響力的排行榜。 Est. in 1993 from Beijing Music Radio FM97.4, this billboard like music chart has been a long-time supporter of Chinese music. As one of the most well-known music chart in China, this program is not only being broadcast in 26 different radio stations across China, but also is aired in America, Canada, Australia, coving over 400 million listeners across the globe. It is safe to say that this chart is the most influential original Chinese music chart.



This show will be available on Sun, Dec 23 at 7PM.