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A Noble Task

In 1 Timothy 3:1-7 Paul affirms that serving the Lord is a noble, admirable task. But are you willing to live a life worthy of that noble task? What are the qualities of a good leader serving the Lord? On Groundwork we discuss this second trustworthy saying from Paul to help us evaluate our own life goals and aspirations.

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Christ Came to Save Sinners

Think about the news stories you saw or read in the past 24 hours and it's pretty easy to conclude humanity is corrupt and the world is doomed, completely hopeless. You may even have wondered if a particular sin was so heinous and awful that it was beyond salvation. Is it possible to sin more than Christ can redeem? In mentoring the young pastor Timothy, the Apostle Paul adresses this question by affirming a basic gospel teaching meant to give hope to sinners, encourage believers, and...

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Rejoicing in New Life

Easter celebrates the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ and the promise of new life his resurrection brings. We see glimmers of this hope and promise of new life already in Isaiah. Join us as we remind ourselves of this promise made possible by Christ's victory over death and see just how far our celebration extends.

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The Paradox of Salvation

Life is full of natural consequences: cut your finger? Experience pain and bleeding. Get caught lying or cheating? Experience broken trust. Using worldly logic, salvation in Jesus Christ does not make sense. It defies natural consequences. It challenges our expectations. As we enter Holy Week and approach Easter, we need to discover again the paradox of salvation found in Jesus' journey to the cross and how the Servant of the Lord disrupts sin's natural consequences to bring us new life.

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The Beauty of God's Law

Like most leaders giving a farewell address,Moses reviews significant events of Israel's history, offers words of guidance, as well as words of encouragement and warning as he says goodbye to Israel in the book of Deuteronomy. But as he remembers the law for Israel, he reveals the beauty of God's law and how abiding by it can make our own lives beautiful, even attractive to those around us.

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