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Cell Phone Roulette – EP036

It's time to spin the Growin' Up Rock cell phone roulette wheel of rock n roll. Steve and Hollywood, pull out their personal cell phones and let the shuffle button dictate exactly what music is going to be played on the show this evening. Have no fear, they have made sure specific for this episode that their massive and diverse libraries have been segregated to only include killer rock n roll music, so we don't unwillingly play some of that Hall & Oates, or Flock Of Seagulls that Hollywood...


Klassik ’78 Interview w/ Joe – EP035

Klassik ‘78 is a sonic trip back to your bedroom circa 1978, with your Kiss records on the turntable cranked up , distorting the cheap speakers ever so slightly in order to shake the walls while your parental units were away. Steve and Sonny are back with another interview with Klassik ‘78 (Steve interviewed K78 mastermind Tom in EP 2 - Listen to it Here). This time around the guys interview Joe (Aka The Voice Of Paul Stanley) from Klassik ‘78. Joe talks about the recording of the new EP...


Enuff Z’ Nuff Conversation w/ Chip Z’ Nuff – EP034

Enuff Z' Nuff is a band from the late 80s formed in Chicago by current bass player and vocalist Chip Z' Nuff and former vocalist Donnie Vie, that in my opinion never got a fair shake. They may or may not have contributed to their own trials and tribulations through sex, drugs, alcohol, and bad decisions, but no matter the issues and who was to blame, the bottom line was they wrote freaking great songs. Enuff Z' Nuff had a great mixture of fantastic melodies, huge hooks, lush harmonies, and...


Sons Of Apollo Interview w/ Jeff Scott Soto – EP033

Super group Sons Of Apollo vocalist Jeff Scott Soto has embraced his artistry and explored many genres of music that make him happy. Being able to be creative in so many different genres of music has not only made Jeff a go to singer by many artist and producers, but it shows just how well rounded a musician Jeff Scott Soto has become. He might of gone on to be the permanent replacement singer for Steve Perry in Journey or perhaps even the new singer in Queen replacing the legendary...


Kiss Expo Konfessionals Pt.2 – EP032

It's time to finish up our coverage of the 2018 Atlanta Kiss Expo with this epic marathon episode of the Kiss Expo Konfessionals Pt. 2. This is the next best thing to actually being there, as we recorded live at the expo, sitting down with Kiss fans, special guest, and fellow podcasters to get their take on the expo and talk to them about their Kiss and Vinnie Vincent Obsession. Along the way we play some pretty killer music, which helps to put in perspective all the great stories from the...


Kiss Expo Konfessionals Pt.1 – EP031

The 2018 Atlanta Kiss Expo is over now, and what a glorious time we had. Catching up with old friends and making a whole lot of new ones. Growin' Up Rock was there for every moment of this Rock N Roll congregation coming together to "Shout It Out Loud" at the top of their lungs"They Love Kiss" and they will not apologize for "Rock N Rolling Everyday and Partying Every Night." Find out what happened when you got 900 to 1000 Kiss Fanatics in a hotel ballroom waiting to catch a glimpse of the...


Kiss Expo Konfessionals Bonus

The 2018 Atlanta Kiss Expo is over now, and what a glorious time we had. Catching up with old friends and making a whole lot of new ones. Growin' Up Rock was there for every moment of this Rock N Roll congregation coming together to "Shout It Out Loud" at the top of their lungs"They Love Kiss" and they will not apologize for "Rock N Rolling Everyday and Partying Every Night." Find out what happened when you got 900 to 1000 Kiss Fanatics in a hotel ballroom waiting to catch a glimpse of the...


Happy New Year – EP030

Happy New Year from all of us here at Growin' Up Rock. It’s a new day, a new week, and a new year and one thing is for sure, time keeps on slippin' into the future. Yep, sounds like a song. In this episode, Steven and Hollywood, wish everyone a Happy New Year, and talk about some killer tunes from Kiss, Halestorm, Van Halen, Warrant, Y&T, and Black Label Society that either come from an album with a date, month, or year in the title, or a song that includes a date, month, or year in the...


Atlanta Kiss Expo Bonus w/ PRISS

The Atlanta Kiss Expo is upon us, and we could not be more stoked. This marks the return of Vinnie Vincent among other very cool Kiss related guest and vendors. Growin' Up Rock will be set up and covering all the action which we will be sharing in upcoming episodes in February. Tonight Steven and Sonny spent a short time in this bonus episode to catch up with Andrea (Aka Jean Simone - The Goddess Of Thunder) from PRISS, the all girl Kiss tribute band that will be performing at the Kiss...


Bob Kulick Interview – EP029

Bob Kulick is an amazing guitar player and Grammy Award winning producer who has played and written with artist like Kiss, W.A.S.P., Diana Ross, Meatloaf, Patti Labelle, and Michael Bolton just to name a few. Steven & Sonny interview Bob to discuss his earliest musical memories. We also get into the recording of his newest record “Skeletons In The Closet”. (You can check out Hollywood’s album review right HERE) We discuss some of the many tribute records he has produced including the one...


Atlanta Kiss Expo Bonus Preview /w Julian Gill

The Atlanta Kiss Expo featuring the return of the Ankh Warrior Vinnie Vincent. Growin’ Up Rock will be there and set up to capture the stories from the people and the artist that will be attending this awesome event. In this bonus edition of Growin’ Up Rock, Kiss FAQ host, Author, and all around Kiss guru, Julian Gill pops in to discuss Vinnie, the upcoming Kiss Expo and his introduction to Kiss. Since Julian and Growin’ Up Rock will have tables at the Kiss Expo in Atlanta, we talk about...


Vinnie Vincent Family Tree – EP028

Vinnie Vincent is a mystery, he’s an enigma, in fact he’s a mystery wrapped up in an enigma. He is a talented songwriter, guitar player, producer and studio engineer, and even has some vocal abilities as you will hear from some of the demos. In order to unwrap this enigma, we needed to bring in the heavy artillery, so we went after our favorite Vinnie Vincent geek, our buddy and special guest Chris Czynszak from the Decibel Geek Podcast. Steve, Hollywood, and Chris are getting ready for...


The Babys Interview – EP027

The Babys co-founding members Tony Brock and Wally Stocker jumped on a Skype call for an interview with GUR host Steven Michael for an awesome and entertaining walk through their careers. The Babys are a British rock band that formed in 1975. They released five studio albums between ‘76 and ‘80 before reforming in 2013 to release a sixth studio album called “I’ll Have Some Of That.” Though the band had some success with Billboard chart climbers like “Isn’t It Time” and “Everytime I Think...


Our Favorites Of 2017 Part 2 – EP026

Sonny and I pick some of our favorites of 2017 for part 2 of this epic episode. Growing up, I used to depend on the “Best Of List” from Kerrang Magazine, Hit Parader, Circus, and Creem just so that I could discover new killer hard rock and metal bands, but now in 2017, we have Podcast, where people just like Sonny and I can get together and talk about and play some bands that had them cranking the car stereo up to eleven. Last week in the Part 1 episode of our favorites from 2017, we gave...


Our Favorite Of 2017 PT. 1

Sonny and I pick our favorite hard rock and metal album releases of 2017 As we come to the close of 2017, it’s time that we share some of our favorite killer rock n roll music released this year. There was so much great rock coming out, we needed to break this thing up into two separate episodes. Because we know that there will be plenty “Best Of” podcast and list out there at this time of year, we want you to know that our list consist of strictly crank up the stereo, shake the walls,...


Color By Numbers – EP024

Numbers and colors are all around us, so we decide to explore some song titles and bands that contain a number or color in the title. There are a shit ton of songs that either have a color or a number in the title. Hell for that matter, there are even a few band's with a color or a number as part of the band name. There is no way in hell we will ever get to all of them. Sounds like the birth of a recurring series!! In a “Hollywood” exclusive series opener, we are going to talk about band's...


Time Capsule V8 w/ Bob Hamel

A entertaining and fun Time Capsule listener story, with Bob Hamel. Bob has a great Growin’ Up Rock story to share with the listeners. As part of a California band called Soulcracker, Bob took part in one of the first reality based TV shows from VH1 in 2001 called “Band On The Run”. Soulcracker finished runner-up in the 4 band competition to a band called Flickerswitch. Bob shares his experience as part of that competition as well as some great stories about playing on the road and opening...


When The Lights Go Down – EP023

Sonny and I have been to a ton of concerts over the years between us. There have been great ones and some not so great, but the one thing we both agree on, is that one of the most hair raising, goosebumps giving moments of the entire night, is when those house lights go down, that intro tape rolls, and the band comes on the stage with a flash kickin’ ass launching into that first song of the night. In this episode, we search our failing memories to find a handful of those great concerts...


Under The Influence Of The Stones – EP022

When you think of iconic rock bands, you have to think of The Rolling Stones. Not a Stones Fan? Not everyone is, but understand that Jagger and Richards laid the blueprint for many, many rock stars to come in the late 70's, 80's, and 90's. Guys like Steven Tyler & Joe Perry, Slash & Axl, and numerous others were influenced in many ways through the music and swagger of The Rolling Stones. In what will be a recurring series of Growin’ Up Rock, Hollywood, and Steve will be discussing some of...


Trixter Interview w/Mark Gus Scott – EP021

Trixter was a young band from New Jersey that exploded onto the hard rock scene in 1990 with the hits, "Give It To Me Good" and "One In A Million," just before the bottom gave out from Rock to grunge around '92. Charismatic drummer Mark Gus Scott has been there from the beginning to see it all happen. We jumped on the phone with Mark for a long and entertaining conversation. We talked about the early days of Trixter, and some of the killer tours they have been a part of, including Kiss,...


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