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Careers Talk is a round up of everything happening on careers, with regular features such as a studio guest, Pick the Poster, Just the Job and a preview of coming Q&As.

Careers Talk is a round up of everything happening on careers, with regular features such as a studio guest, Pick the Poster, Just the Job and a preview of coming Q&As.
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London, United Kingdom


Careers Talk is a round up of everything happening on careers, with regular features such as a studio guest, Pick the Poster, Just the Job and a preview of coming Q&As.




Kings Place, 90 York Way London N1 9GU 0044 20 3353 2999


Careers Talk podcast: predictions for the graduate job market in 2012

From stepping up your social media and new CV trends to what's in store for the graduate employment statistics, we explore all the job seeking insights graduates need in 2012

Duration: 00:38:34

Careers Talk podcast: Are you ready for the graduate scheme season?

Graduate scheme applications are opening, and deadlines are fast approaching, so we talk to BT and the NHS to find out what they are looking for from candidates this year

Duration: 00:30:23

Careers Talk podcast: Breaking into engineering

With golden hellos and top salaries on offer, engineering companies are willing to go to great lengths to lure top graduate talent. But what does it take to impress these employers?

Duration: 00:29:25

Careers Talk podcast: maximising your career potential at university

If employers are questioning the value of a degree, and competition is tougher than ever, what can students do to enhance their employability while still at university?

Duration: 00:30:14

Careers Talk podcast: A graduate guide to job seeking abroad

With economies abroad not quite as sunny as they once were, what does that mean for the employment prospects of graduates wanting to leave home turf?

Duration: 00:28:58

Careers Talk podcast: Salary vs job satisfaction

Do you live to work or work to live? Are you driven by a passion or by paying your bills? We debate why graduates should think about salary vs job satisfaction

Duration: 00:25:12

Careers Talk podcast: How to break into the charity sector

We talk to a group of new recruits to hear all about the skills, experience, and indeed internships, needed to get a paid job in the not-for-profit sector

Duration: 00:29:53

Careers Talk podcast: What's next for the graduate job market?

Following the release of two major graduate job market surveys, we look at the stats, conditions and predictions affecting this year's cohort of job seekers

Duration: 00:23:07

Careers Talk podcast: Are recruiters asking too much?

Being asked to create videos, projects and campaigns or completing a series of challenges has become the norm in graduate recruitment. But is this a fair way of assessing candidates?

Duration: 00:28:17

Careers Talk podcast: How I broke into web development

A bevy of programmer types join us to share the secrets of their fledgling careers in digital and web development and talk coding, hack days and CV spreadsheets

Duration: 00:26:48

Careers Talk podcast: How I broke into journalism

There is plenty to learn from the journos that have spent decades on the news desk, but to find out what it takes to break into journalism now we get some tips from two newbie hacks

Duration: 00:24:40

Careers Talk podcast: What influences our career choices?

We ask what are the people, trends and TV shows that shape our career choices and can an understanding of these factors help us make better decisions about our working lives?

Duration: 00:25:36

Careers Talk podcast: James Caan on pitching yourself to employers

Ever been in an interview that felt like you were being grilled on Dragon's Den? Former Dragon James Caan spills his career secrets and reveals what successful candidates have in common

Careers Talk: Five steps for interview success

Eager to live up to the promise of your glittering CV? Try these top techniques and breeze your way from the anxious pre-interview wait in reception to the employed-loveliness of your new job

Duration: 00:21:56

Careers Talk: Moving on from your first job

Feeling ready to move on from your first job but unsure where and how? We talk promotions and next steps for anyone suffering from a spell of second-jobber syndrome

Careers Talk: How to get employers to come to you

In this week's show we explore reverse job seeking, headhunting and why, in today's market, the key to success is all about making yourself visible to employers

Careers Talk: An insider's guide to working in politics

We poll a panel of past and present political players to find out more about various roles and opportunities in the world of politics and government

Duration: 00:32:40

Careers Talk: Is it time graduates took to the trades?

Is a trades and manufacturing revival the solution to graduate unemployment? Author and journalist Simon Jenkins and plumber-come-musician Mike Stanley join us to explore the merits of manual work

Duration: 00:28:36