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Hannibal Buress: Handsome Rambler


Hannibal Buress is on the road, and he's taking you along for the ride. Each episode of Handsome Rambler is packed with Hannibal’s latest road stories and thoughts. Tune in for unfiltered observations on sports, sex, wrestling, relationships, philosophy, books, watches, other podcasts, bottled water reviews…anything can happen on Handsome Rambler.

Hannibal Buress is on the road, and he's taking you along for the ride. Each episode of Handsome Rambler is packed with Hannibal’s latest road stories and thoughts. Tune in for unfiltered observations on sports, sex, wrestling, relationships, philosophy, books, watches, other podcasts, bottled water reviews…anything can happen on Handsome Rambler.
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Hannibal Buress is on the road, and he's taking you along for the ride. Each episode of Handsome Rambler is packed with Hannibal’s latest road stories and thoughts. Tune in for unfiltered observations on sports, sex, wrestling, relationships, philosophy, books, watches, other podcasts, bottled water reviews…anything can happen on Handsome Rambler.




49. The Open Mike Eagle Episode

On this episode, we have the second appearance from our old college friend Open Mike Eagle. This episode was recorded in September after a Cubs loss to the Dodgers. You might've noticed that we have an erratic release schedule. We veer off into weird freestyle territory several times. It should be an interesting listen. Tony Trimm raps about snacks more than you think you needed but you do. Open Mike Eagle's album "Brick Body Kids Still DayDream" is awesome and available everywhere. 1:50 -...


48. The Serengeti Episode

Hey guys… Tony Trimm here. On this episode we interview my good friend (Dave) Serengeti who’s credited for giving me my stage name “Trimm.” He’s a prolific and genre-bending rapper/softball pitcher from Chicago that went to the same college as Hannibal and I. He also goes by the alias Kenny Dennis who made the iconic Chicago anthem “Dennehy” and has collaborated with Open Mike Eagle, Anders Holms, Sufjans Stevens and myself. We recorded this one back in July at my apartment and talk about...


47. The Run The Jewels Episode

Run the Jewels was in Chicago a few weeks ago for a holiday show. It was a fun interview. EL-P made weird beats with us and Killer Mike talked hella shit. They’re a great combo. We talked about them making “punch a wall” music and also submitted some beats for placement. This is our shortest episode so far. Bevel gave us money. Go to 3:00 - Show’s Already Sold Out 4:45 - German Disco Song 7:35 - Proper Delivery Tip? 10:00 - Smoking Ultimatum 12:00 - 4th Album? 13:05 -...


46. The K'Valentine Episode

On this episode we talked with fellow Chicagoan K’Valentine. I met her in Denver while she was opening for Talib Kweli. We talk about how she got started crashing green rooms. I added some unnecessary theremin to her songs. We had a good talk. Her album “Here for a reason” is available everywhere. Check it out. Bevel gave us money this episode. Go to for 10% off your first order @KVALENTINE1 on SoundCloud 4:15 - Sober Discipline 7:55 - Weed...


45. The Mitski Episode

On this episode we talked with Mitski. She was in town for Red Bull’s 30 days in Chicago. They put on a concert every night in November. We were supposed to release this episode to help promote the rest of the concerts a couple weeks ago but life happens. Sorry about that. Thanks for the money and the liquid energy during dark sleepy times. We had a fun chat with Mitski. She’s a vagabond musician. She’s lived all over. She likes autotune. It’s a good show! My energy levels are dipping on...


44. The Zack Fox Episode

On this episode we talk to Zack Fox. He used to go by bootymath but then he got his life together. He's collaborated with our good buddies Flying Lotus and Thundercat. He's a weird creative guy and we only got to scratch the surface of what type of nonsense he's capable of. On this episode you'll also get to hear an unexpected take on the movie Rocky by Tony. 3:30 - 48 Laws of Power 6:55 - Stuff Song/Bootymath 13:00 - Artist Origin 15:00 - Grammy Song/Rogan Warmup 19:00 - Conor 22:25 -...


43. The Jermaine Fowler Episode

We talked with Jermaine Fowler. He's a comedian and energetic person. I met this dude when he was 19 and now he has a baby. Life is crazy. I mean I guess he could've had a baby back then too but he didn't. You get what I mean. Don't be weird. I sent him 10,000 baby wipes because that type of stuff is really funny to me. Destroyed his whole storage situation. We get goofy and make some songs and talk about martial arts and Jermaine's twin brother. Check him out the season 2 premiere of...


42. The Tom Segura Episode

On this ep we talk with Tom Segura. He's a stand up comedian. We first met in Australia. We did a bunch of shows together with Moshe Kasher for two weeks and then went about our separate lives and I see him about once a year now but those two weeks were dope. We talk about podcasting, fatherhood, and theremining on this one. Enjoy! 5:10 - Australia 7:15 - Misguided Pride 10:10 - Shoutout Susan 14:50 - Podcast Abroad 17:30 - Water Champ 24:14 - Glass Bottle Breaks 27:25 - Kimmel Bit/Jordan...


41. The Roofeeo Episode

On this episode we talk with my old friend Jahphet Landis AKA Roofeeo. We met in 2008 when he was in a band called the Death Set and I was still called Hannibal Buress. He drums in the band TV on the Radio He also was the house DJ during my residency at Comedy at the Knitting Factory for a couple years and toured as my DJ for a while too. He brought his own musical toy to play with too. It's a goofy fun episode. Check him out at @ROOFEEO on IG and twitter 2:15 - Moving to LA/Water Song...


40. The Chris Rock Episode

We were doing shows at the legendary Chicago Theatre with Chris Rock so I asked him to do the podcast and he kindly obliged. 1:54 - Chicago Theatre/Earth Wind Fire 5:19 - The Actual Podcast 7:35 - First Meeting/Touring 10:20 - Dubai/Chicago 12:10 - The Set 14:00 - Bounce Back/Osmosis Jones 18:30 - Top Five Drafts/Tambourine 22:15 - Sam Kinison 27:51 - Call From Chris 29:35 - DJ Whiplash 36:10 - Hannibal Record 42:00 - Gerald Levert & ODB 45:00 - Frank Ocean @ FYF 46:40 - SNL/Good Jokes...


39. The Lucas Brothers Episode

On this episode we talk with the Lucas Brothers. They are twins and I've known them for 8 or 9 years and can't tell them apart. They are aware of this fact and I think they enjoy it. 2:50 - Drug Addict Role 4:20 - THC Pills/Full Legalization 7:50 - Mississippi Family 12:20 - Korean Biz Community 15:55 - Barber Shop Banter 19:45 - Punchin’ People in the Face 24:18 - Twin Connection 29:00 - Dancing/I Got Moves 36:40 - Comedy Thugs/Self Regulation 42:00 - Lucas Bros. Moving Co./Acting 46:16 -...


38. The Eryn Allen Kane Episode

On this episode we talk to the extremely talented vocalist Eryn Allen Kane. Is vocalist the right word? Or should I say singer? I’m not sure. I think I should’ve said singer and I just wanted to sound fancier and say vocalist. They likely mean the same thing. She’s a Detroit native residing in Chicago and has collaborated with the likes of Prince and Chance the Rapper, and former WWE superstar Razor Ramon. Ok I made up the Razor Ramon part but what if she had a track with Razor? That would...


37. The Leon Rogers Episode

On this episode we talk with Leon Rogers. Is that first sentence weirdly robotic. I don't know. I'm high and really overthinking this blurb. I would write more descriptive but I don't really feel like it. Leon is dope. Listen to the episode. Follow @LeonRogers on Twitter + Instagram 3:30 - 6AM Sharp 9:55 - Mountain Dew 13:30 - Aunt Dora Song 15:10 - Shittin’ on the Job 19:35 - Prank Videos 22:45 - Old Room/100 Shots 33:05 - Leon’s Comedy Origin 35:35 - Old vs Digital Era 41:20 - Lesson...


36. The King Bach Episode

What's up. On this episode we talked with King Bach about space real estate, atheism and it's relation to poop and social media strategy. 2:10 - Graphics/Barber 7:00 - Movie Turnaround 9:54 - Cabin Fever/Bach Filming 11:50 - Tony Pun/Vine Discussion 16:20 - Jokes for Tits/DC Ladies Shoutout 19:38 - Office of Bach 24:18 - We Be Trollin’ Song 26:55 - What’s poppin’?/Stand-up 35:05 - YT Fans/Crazy Interactions 40:56 - Twitch 45:20 - Biz Goal 47:40 - Dead House/Acting/Directing 58:15 - Student...


35. The Vic Mensa Episode

Even though I overslept last time, Vic Mensa was understanding and we scheduled another podcast with him in LA during FYF. I hadn’t done a podcast in a little while so I definitely talked more than him because I had some shit to get off my chest. It’s a fun ep. We introduced him to the theremin. He was amazed. We really didn’t talk about music until the very end. If you haven’t already be sure to download INNANETAPE. His new album “The Autobiography” is available here...


34. The Advice Episode

I overslept and we missed our guest so we answered questions from the listeners. 2:50 -Turo/Tesla 8:00 - Family Day 10:00 - Movies on Drugs 13:00 - Question Segue Song 17:30 - Dating Question 21:35 - Hair Question 23:11 - Dad Question 25:25 - Vacation Question 30:00 - Competitive Fighting 33:25 - Swinging Question 37:15 - Tony Doesn’t Like Raisins 40:20 - Eric Question/Social Media 49:00 - WWE Question/New Pedal


33. Flying Lotus -Animal Collective- John Mills Cockell live from Moogfest

In May we ventured down to Durham for Moogfest. It was pretty outstanding. We checked out some great workshops and saw some fun performances and closed out the weekend with a show of our own and a theremini We got the opportunity to talk with my good friend Flying Lotus right before his set. Music, synths, Kuso,blah blah blah. Then we also chatted with Animal Collective and John Mills Cockell from Syrinx. We talked a lot about music but we hit a sweet spot when the discussion got parrot...


32. Byron Bowers and 2 Theremins

This episode was recorded July 5th in Chicago. We had lots of musical toys around us. Byron Bowers joined us and we talked psychedelics and God. We also got into the Spider-Man premiere, Essence Fest, and a bunch of other shit. It was a good weird time. 4:10 - Catch Up Episode 9:00 - Theremin Talk 13:22 - Musician Byron 15:45 - Recent Travels/Mushrooms 24:40 - Desert Jackin’ Off/Swimming 30:55 - Acid Scuba 33:10 - Acid Japan 36:25 - Make Left Turn 42:50 - Spider-Man Appearance 51:10 -...


31. The Cool Kids Episode

On this episode me and Tony talk with the Cool Kids. They're from the Chi and were a seminal part of the new wave of Chicago hip hop. They set a blueprint for how to build a fanbase on the internet. They split a few years back and recently reunited. We actually recorded this one a few months ago and I had to listen for some edits and it was really fun. We talked about their rise and obstacles and also the conversation somehow veered to sex robot philosophy. We freestyled and made some...


30. The Tiffany Haddish Episode

We talked with my good friend Tiffany Haddish on this one. It was a fun time and she's a great person and a top notch storyteller. Brian Babylon sat in on this episode just in case I got bubble guts and had to sit out for a bit. The theremin comes into play. Check out Tiffany in the upcoming film Girl Trip, on the Carmichael show and her upcoming comedy special "She Ready". @tiffanyhaddish 3:00 - Witchcraft/Robbery 7:00 - Jesus from Venice 11:45 - Leave A Penny 13:26 - Success Water/Beats...


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