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#9 Victoria Moran - Epic Vegan Insights by an Original Vegan, Writer, Creator of a Vegan Documentary, Discussing Eating Disorders, Vegan Degrees of Separation from Moby

Victoria Moran douses us with insights on veganism, psychology, and working to change the world. She's an author, a documentary film producer, a speaker, a podcaster, a cook, and more! She gives us a brief history or veganism in the last 30+ years, and great insights on eating disorders, as well as educational tidbits on all things vegan.


#8 Jill Carnegie Doesn't Stop - Veganism and the City, Horses, Chickens, Organizing, Entrepreneurship, Sleeping 4 Hours a Night, VoNY, Numu, and More!

Jill Carnegie, grand grand grand niece of Andrew Carnegie, came to NYC at 18 years old. Without a college education, she became a linchpin in the vegan and animal rights communities in NYC as an activist, organizer, and entrepreneur.


#7 - Laura J Kline - 18 Hour Runs, Team USA Duathlons and Ultra Marathons, Furiosa, Tank Girl, Rosie the Riveter, Power and Freedom, and Plant Based Athletes

Laura J Kline has been vegan 12 years and has represented Team USA at World Championships 5 times. She didn't become an athlete until after she graduated college! Some highlights from her career are: 2012 Short Course Duathlon World Champion 2014 Duathlon National Champion Duathlon World Champion Gold Medalist in 2015 and 2010 2nd Female 2016 50k Road National Championship 3rd Female 2015 & 2016 50 Mile National Championship 2017 2nd Female at the Ultra Race of Champions 100k 2017...


#6 Michael Harren is NOT a Celebrity - Michael "The Slammer" Harren is an Artist Activist Runner Musician and Vegan Joker

In this episode, we talk about how to approach strangers wearing fur, and how NOT to approach strangers wearing fur. We talk about vegan heroes, rude piano teachers, happiness, vegan celebrities, cowboy cookies, new catchphrase “Michael who?”, and just in general what is the life of a vegan artist and activist in NYC. We talk about nicknames and being a city-wide, if not country-wide, vegan celebrity. Michael "The Slammer" Harren is an Artist Activist Runner Musician and Vegan Joker


#5 Ruby Roth - Artist Activist Vegan Children's Book Author - The Origin Story

Shazaaaaam!! Ruby Roth, well-known vegan children’s book author, delves deep into other areas of her life. Topics include Oprah, fear, Instagram, NPR, and writing. Our conversation begins with Tank Girl, a punk rock, kickass water activist. We touch on Ruby’s contentious live TV appearances and how she prepares for them. We discuss her vegan children’s book and why she wrote them. We meander through much other meaningful landscape in her life and career, and come upon her powerful origin...


#4 Allison Vicenzi – How to Crush a Vegan Challenge Like a Pro, Sustainable Women’s Blazers, and Making the Denim Industry Vegan

Allison Vicenzi rocks a one month vegan challenge, with only a couple accidental slip ups. Lotsa learning, lotsa new experiences. This convo takes place near the end of the challenge. She was psyched. I was psyched. It’s a win-win, psyched-psyched. In our interview convo we covered a lot of ground: Comparing two vegan restaurants in New York City, the people who eat there, and the kinds of conversations they have (Caravan of Dreams and By Chloe). Sustainable Fashion and how she hasn’t...


#3 Brad Johnson - Christian Vegan, Libertarian, Millennial, Rebel, Revolutionary

Brad and I discuss the bible, donuts, freedom, animal abuse and exploitation, farm sanctuaries, changing the world, and more! It's a power packed half hour episode. Proud of myself for sticking within the time constraint! Yeah! This is one of my fav episodes so far! Fo sho. Love talking to rebels.


#2 Sam Hartman – Human Crossfit Vegan Meme, Runner, Advocate, Metal Head, Photographer, Philosopher

A cool episode, an episode of cool... Sam Hartman and I talk about: activism, crossfit, what in the darn heck is abolitionism vs. welfareism, do we have a right to own pets or take care of companion animals? The Strong Hearts Vegan Power running team, going vegan slowly, ethics, and rating ourselves on a 1 - 5 scale on being happy healthy sexy strong and vegan, oh and so. much. more!


#1 Elaine K - Rock and Roll Vegan

Elaine conquers Brooklyn. We talk about yummy veggie rice paper wraps, activism, hiking, fighting, fun, famous vegans, and her musical career.


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